I Am the Real Dairy Queen

I still haven’t tried a DQ Blizzard yet, but I am not hesitating to say that I am the real Dairy Queen. I’ve talked about dairy before on the blog, but I have re-noticed how much I love the liquid gold that is cow’s milk.



My mom tells me stories about how I had no problem drinking milk when I was a baby, so I like to think I was royally born the Dairy Queen.

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 9.06.10 PM

OMG THIS WAS TAKEN EXACTLY 19 YEARS AGO. Not intentional, but that’s cool.

These cheeks were brought to you by milk. Sticking my tongue out was my way of communicating this: “Two options, mama. Milk now or blood-curdling baby cries commence.”

Well friends, my lactose love continues to this day, as evidenced by the amount of dairy I consumed yesterday…and every day…but especially yesterday!

Milk in an oatmeal cookie dough smoothieGreek yogurt for dipping (this much + more).


The last of our garlic herb cheddar cheese on toast.


Mozzarella cheese for caprese. This was my dinner appetizer, and you know what? I like having appetizers for dinner at home! Seems fancy 🙂


Milk to wash down my peanut butter-topped pumpkin muffin.


I’m not a Virgo, by the way. No one in my family is, for that matter…Why do we have that mug?

I was thinking about not having the milk because I wasn’t sure if I should cram so much more calcium into my body within a 14-hour period (seriously had nothing to do with calories), but as soon as I took a bite of that gooey, peanut buttery muffin, I thought to myself: Screw it. I need milk.

And then I scraped the last bit of Greek yogurt out of the container that my dad had just finished. He left a whole spoonful’s worth of yogurt in there! I will never understand why people don’t scrape their yogurt/peanut butter containers clean.


My friend PJ has seen me scrape several PB jars clean in the dining hall. Not a pretty sight for you, but a pretty darn wonderful experience for me.

I’ve tried searching possible dangers of consuming too much calcium, but so far I’ve only seen that it can be dangerous when you take too much calcium in the form of supplements when you’re older. I’m sure some RDs out there know some precautions of eating too much dairy, but for now, ignorance is bliss.

So tell me:

Do you love dairy? I am sincerely sorry if you cannot have dairy 😦

What is your favorite form of dairy? I honestly can’t choose one. The DQ loves all her dairy subjects equally.

Is there anything I should know about high dairy consumption? 


35 thoughts on “I Am the Real Dairy Queen

  1. I love your ‘real’ posts!! What a cute bubba 😀 gosh, I am hooked on dairy also.! ..creamy and luscious milk (or ice cream!) with warm oooey gooey cookies 😋

  2. I love dairy! My favorite forms of it are Greek yogurt, ice cream, cheese (cottage cheese, goat cheese, and mozzarella cheese!)

  3. I eat quite a bit of dairy too, and honestly I have yet to see a huge disadvantage to it being in my diet. I think it really depends on the individual with whether or not they can consider it to be a good or bad thing depending on their own body and how it reacts. I’m not a huge ice cream lover but the cheese and Greek yogurt I’m all for. I didn’t like cheese before coming to Paris but it’s 110 times better than the packaged american crap. The only thing I really can say about high dairy consumption can lead to a mucus build up which I actually have noticed with my host sister who eats ALOT of dairy, and when I say alot I mean it.

  4. I am totally not a dairy kind of girl… occasionally I will treat myself to ice cream and it’s funny, because my favorite is the mint oreo DQ blizzard : )

  5. This rules. I love dairy too and for a long time I would avoid it saying I was lactose intolerant. To be honest, I think I am a little bit intolerant because I get stomach issues when I have it multiple times throughout the day, but not as intolerant as I used to claim just to have an excuse to say no cheese. Now I basically just eat it and then if I get a stomach ache move on and don’t have dairy the rest of the day lol. And you know my favorite form…ice cream 😀

  6. Yes girl preach the dairy life! Cheese, yogurt, and ice cream are all consumed on the daily for moi. I was also a bit too obsessed with momma’s milk as a baby, chubby pictures of one year old me will definitely agree ;). I think that cup was meant for me because I AM a virgo! Reminds me of the time my dad bought me a Sagittarius mug because he had no idea what horoscopes were and he thought it looked cute.

  7. Now that is an honorable title if I ever saw one. You know what I say? Own it! You aren’t intolerent by any means so no need to stress about it. I think the saddest thing would be to try curtailing or intentionally lowering your intake when there’s no reason to – taking into consideration the fact that you love the stuff 🙂 . Hmmm I can’t say I’m even close to a princess but I like dairy in general enough for it to feature on a fairly daily basis..yogurt the most; full fat creamy please! And guess who finally got around to trying [soft eating] dried figs and plain yogurt 😀 ?! I’m hooked.

  8. I AM ALLL ABOUT DAIRY!!!!🙋🏼🙋🏼🙋🏼🙈☺️ Seriously I eat so much Greek yogurt and always but two cartons of milk when I food shopping
    Fun fact! When I was a a baby and toddler the only way I would eat my food was if I put it in my milk😝😨 I’m talking pasta, chicken, you name it and it was in my glass! Thankfully I’ve stopped that but I still love me some dairy
    Btw you were officially the cutest baby to ever roam this planet☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️😂

  9. I looove dairy! I find it so sad that most health food bloggers only use almond milk nowadays. But chow down greek yogurt…where’s the point in that?
    I love quark, it’s like greek yogurt but better 😉 also milk foam for my cappuccino. And cheeese!
    I only know that too much dairy may cause acne/unclean skin. I don’t have the clearest skin to be honest but never gave a thought about skipping dairy to find out if it was the reason. I can’t do that!
    Oh and I aaalways scrape jars/containers of everything! I think it’s because I’m so frugal…want to get even the last bit I paid for, haha 😀 I can’t stand watching/hearing people licking their plates though. My boyfriend does that, eeew! (I do that on occasion myself but only when nobody’s watching, hah)

    • I’ve never tried quark before, but I’ve heard amazing things about it! I HAVE actually noticed a few more blemishes on my skin lately, but I was hoping that was from hormones acting up (never thought I’d see acne as a good sign!). But yeah, I’ll still eat dairy.
      HAHA I only lick my plate clean if no one is watching too 😉

  10. I wish my body could love dairy, but alas, the lactose intolerance runs strong in my family. The day I found out Greek yogurt upset my stomach was close to the saddest day ever in my foodie life. Thankfully…there is a dairy alternative to pretty much everything! I still miss yogurt (because think of all the protein) and ‘real’ ice cream.

  11. I remember 8 went through this phase when I drank like 3 cups of milk a day and had two slices of cheese in all my sandwiches. My mother was convinced I was going to hit a growth spurt, haha (if only). ^-^

  12. I just stumbled on your blog as I am collecting recovery blogs, and I love it! But I am sad you’ve never had a blizzard. I am literally a member of the fan club. Please get one fast. Try the sea salt caramel, or the classic m&m. You won’t regret it!

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