Sandwiches Taste Better Outdoors + Weekly Moves and Grooves

It’s TRUE.

When Jen from Peanut Butter Runner said, “sandwiches taste better on the beach,” I started hoping that I could experience a better-tasting sandwich based on the location at which I ate it.

Even though I didn’t go to the beach yesterday, I did eat lunch outside under the hot sun. The cars passing by sounded like waves washing ashore (Boston University Beach reference!), so it was close enough.

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whole wheat pita with avocado, hummus, pork souvlaki, mint, and sriracha

Lo and behold, my sandwich tasted ten times better than any sandwich I’ve eaten indoors this summer. Any psychologists out there wanna get a PhD in this matter? I can be one of your experimental subjects.

Another reason it could have tasted that much better is the fact that I had an unexpected day off my internship. I was only there for an hour before the PTs sent me home, since they forgot to tell me that they had a 2 hour meeting in the middle of the day.

Since it was such a nice day, I decided to walk around and explore the town. My internship is in a cute, quaint town half an hour away from my house, so I was excited to have a spontaneous date with myself. 😀

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I felt like the Barefoot Contessa walking into a boutique cookware shop and an organic, local market. I also wish I was a better food photographer so I could have an excuse to get ALL THE PRETTY THINGS.

I went home and napped for almost two hours. Excuse me?

I mean, I’ve usually been getting fewer than 8 hours of sleep per night, so maybe my body just wanted to catch up. But I was knocked out during this nap. I know because I don’t remember turning off my alarm after the first 45 minutes. I always feel slightly guilty when I indulge in such a long nap, but I know I need to honor my body and focus on rest this summer!

On that note, let’s move on to another edition of…

weekly moves and grooves

Saturday: 30 minutes pilates

Sunday: gymnastics warmup + 1 mile walk

Monday: 2 mile walk

Tuesday: 8 minute abs + messing around with dance choreography (missing dance like CRAZY this summer)

Wednesday: 20 min lower body barre + 2 mile walk

Thursday: donkey kicks and bridges + handstands

Friday: maybe a complete rest day, maybe some yoga, whatever feels right!


Happy Friday, folks!!! Take a nap if you need it 🙂

So tell me:

Do you think food tastes better in a certain location/situation? Besides food tasting better when you’re hungry 😉

Do you like napping when possible?

How did you move this week?


13 thoughts on “Sandwiches Taste Better Outdoors + Weekly Moves and Grooves

  1. Sandwiches are ALWAYS better at the beach, and nothing beats food cooked/grilled and eaten outside. I do like napping, but I usually find it hard to fall asleep that night if I nap for too long. Not capable of power naps, more like short slumbers : ) Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. so true!!!! Sandwiches taste so much better at the beach or eating outside (as long as it’s not raining #wompwomp #captainobvious🙈😂

    Man I wish I could nap! But good for you for listening to your bod👍🏼👍🏼

    Hope you have a great weekend Alison!
    Ps you are making me want souvlaki so bad😫 and I haven’t had it or a craving for it in like …ever?! What the lol

  3. You never fail to make me smile, Alison! I have yet to have a sandwich outside, so I think I will put that on my summer bucket list 🙂 And I totally get you when you say that you felt like the Barefoot Contessa… “how bad can that be?” 😉

  4. I love that you took yourself out on a date. That’s so wonderful and the way you described it made me smile the whole way through the post. 🙂

    To me, food always taste better when I am sitting on the floor. Do I eat food while sitting on the floor? Hardly ever because it would result in some strange looks from people. But when it happens I do enjoy it.

    I try to refrain from naps, but I secretly LOVE taking them. I just always worry I won’t be able to sleep that night.

    Moving: LOTS of walking at Disney World! 🙂

  5. You’re so right that sandwiches taste better outside! Especially things like PB&J that remind me of a hike or the beach…maybe it’s the nostalgia part for me? Either way, I’m going to have to make a point of eating lunch outside a little more often 🙂

  6. You are an AMAZING food photographer Alison. 🙂 I actually LOVE LOVE love your photos, and I aspire to be like you.

    Moving this week was a zumba class, some weight lifting, a bit of running, biking, and a posture workout which is what I needed. 😀

  7. I’m really confused, i thought you were supposed to back off exercise, yet you are still exercising?? and I’m also confused about things like quest bars- it’s like low calorie food, so why would you eat it if you are attempting to recover? is it good for you mentally? i understand you may not want to eat junk food all the time and eat healthy, but quest bars are FULL of chemicals and not what is generally considered wholesome and healthy…..well aside from the low calorie count that is. I’m just genuinely curious! best of luck to you in your recovery!

    • Hi there! I appreciate your concern about my exercise and Quesf bar consumption. I’m exercising lightly because I genuinely enjoy some movement in my day. I did not have any plans to completely stop exercise, as I said in my post about reflecting on my exercise. I’ve definitely decreased my load and intensity by a lot though!

      As for the Quest bar, I did not purchase those myself. I received those in a swag bag from the blogger retreat that I attended in May, and I’ve slowly been making my way through the bars (two whole boxes) in the past two months. I never have and would not buy Quest bars in the future myself. I try to have as substantial a snack as I can before going to sleep, but if I’m too full for a hefty dessert or yogurt bowl, a Quest bar is better than nothing, I think!

      Thanks again for the comment! Hope this cleared up some of your confusion 🙂

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