Reinforcing Lessons About Exercise

There is currently a fly buzzing around the kitchen, which makes me equal parts mad and sad. Mad because it wants to get at my banana bread mug cake. Sad because flies are gross.

Alright, I have some foodie talk this morning before we get into the meat of the post.

First of all, I ate classic overnight oats in a sunflower seed butter jar (with 2+ tbsp left in the jar) for breakfast yesterday! It might be one of my all-time favorite breakfasts. I enjoyed it in my backyard since it was such a gorgeous and mild morning. Very few things could have made it more perfect.


Secondly, I think pita bread needs to be on people’s grocery lists more often. That’s right, I’m asserting my opinion over your grocery list. *smiling purple devil emoji* For good reason though! Pita bread takes sandwiches to a new level. The fluffy, doughy factor is superb, AND you can fit more oddly shaped foods inside.


inside the pita: avocado, pork souvlaki, mint yogurt sauce, tomatoes, and sriracha added later

Let me know if you buy some pita bread now. If you do, I’ll look into marketing and advertising as a side job.

Speaking of jobs, I want to talk about some lessons that my physical therapy internship has taught me/reinforced. There is very little doubt in my mind that physical therapy is what I want to continue pursuing as a career, and it’s thanks to my summer internship experience and what it has taught me!

Besides everything I’ve learned about anatomy, diseases, and therapy techniques, I’ve sort of re-learned a lot of lessons about taking care of our bodies through movement.

Health Lessons Reinforced Through My Physical Therapy Internship

  • Do not dismiss seemingly easy exercises. Go back to the basics and re-check your form/range of motion. Try an exercise that you’ve never done before, even if it looks easy. You’d be very surprised how well certain exercises can work those smaller (yet still very important!) muscles.


like these…they kill those smaller glute muscles you never knew you had

  • Flexibility is essential. This doesn’t mean you have to be able to bend backwards until your head is through your legs, but flexibility is certainly important for your overall health and fitness. A full range of motion will help you in your fitness endeavors as well as in injury prevention.
    • P.S. Hold a stretch for at least 30 seconds. That is the minimum for lengthening to actually occur. You can hold it longer, but it won’t make any difference. 30 seconds is the magic number!
  • Almost every injury or anatomical issue can be aided by core strengthening. Planks, y’all. Your core protects your back, promotes good posture (which also protects your back), supports your legs, and helps with balance.



speaking of form…

  • Form is everything. I’m sure you all knew this already, but this is just to reiterate. Don’t go for another rep or for the advanced variation of an exercise if your form is off. Don’t do it. Don’t do it. Oh, unless…DON’T DO IT. I’m guilty of bad form, and I have indeed injured myself as a result.
    • Also, make sure to learn proper form before performing an exercise. I’m guilty of this as well, and guess what. I hurt myself because I didn’t know what I was doing.
  • Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. This is especially for people recovering from injury or getting back into an exercise routine after some time off. You might feel great when exercising, so it is easy to over-do it and agitate your body. You have to think about how your body might respond later. 
  • It’s all about progressThe looks on patients’ faces when they can walk without a limp or raise their arms completely overhead for the first time in months— it is the best part of the job. Exercise and movement is about YOUR progress. You will be filled with so much more joy if you just concern yourself with that rather than everyone else’s abilities.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

even if it’s literally one step at a time up a mountain

  • Be thankful for the ability to move. Exercise is nourishing for our bodies (in healthy amounts, of course). Whatever you do to move, keep safety first and rest when you need to. Exercise doesn’t have to be about getting big, getting skinny, or hitting PRs. It can just be about joy. It can just be about necessity for health. In any case, be thankful for movement and don’t disregard the “easy” stuff. Every form of exercise has its place.

With all that said, my PT internship has helped encourage me realize that there are so many ways I can move my body and improve its fitness without pushing it too hard. I can work on flexibility/mobility, balance, and strengthening those smaller muscles.

Kayyyy I’m done talking…typing…whatever. Hope you all have a grand ol’ day!

So tell me:

Do you like pita bread? What would you put inside?

What is one way you’ve progressed with your exercise/fitness recently? Resting more counts 🙂 

{Disclaimer: All information I learned is from two physical therapists with their doctorate in physical therapy. One is also a certified personal trainer.}


18 thoughts on “Reinforcing Lessons About Exercise

  1. I love your tips – I definitely experienced first hand how an increase in core strength can help remedy a lot of other sports related injuries. I found my hamstrings and hip flexors to be a lot looser once I incorporated more core work into my weekly routine. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I like this a lot. Also I was literally thinking this morning as I lay in bed that I want to start stretching more because I am losing my flexibility from not going to yoga a lot. Then this was the first post I read and you told me to stretch. ITS A SIGN. Hehe ❤

  3. Pitas are sooo good! Why have I forgotten about them?! If you don’t go the PT route advertising is definitely your thang bc all I want right now is a chicken souvlaki on doughy pita🙈😍

    And this was so informative 🙏🏻 lots of good info especially about Flexibility!!
    Currently my mom is going through some health problems so she has to go to PT every week and it’s incredibly eye opening and makes me appreciate being able to move freely. Gotta take care of this here body!! Keep up the great work Alison!!

  4. I finally made Amanda’s banana bread mug cake today!! I had to think of you because you make her recipes so often 😉 I know now why you love this exact recipe so much!!
    It’s great to hear that you’ve learned a lot meaningful this duetting your internship and that you are sure about what cater to pursue. That’s very valuable knowledge!

  5. These are the types of post that really make me happy and remind me of the importance of moving our bodies for the sake of health and enjoyment- not burning calories or trying to look a certain way. I am totally guilty of trying to rep out certain exercises with improper form just to get then done, and this post is a great reminder for me to step back and focus on the movement patterns instead of the time :).

  6. I love pita bread but only if it’s whole wheat! I’m not a white bread person at all! I’ve found that I’ve made progress in my exercise by changing my mindset completely and allowing myself to enjoy it and not force it. I used to force myself to run and now I’d much rather do yoga or Pilates !

  7. I’m so glad your PT internship has confirmed what you were already thinking of as a possible career! That’s so nice to know for sure that you enjoy it before you get too far down that road 🙂 And RT about pita bread!

  8. I’m so bad at forgetting to do ‘small exercises’. As I type this, I’m doing one my chiro recommended. I can’t remember what it’s called – maybe you can help me!
    Anyways, sitting down, one leg extended, foot turned out to 2 o’clock and lifting the leg up & down. It’s supposed to help balance out my adductor/abductors. Or something like that.

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