New Hair, New Finds, New Best Friend


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1) Remember when my brother and I plunged a few hundred feet head first into a canyon in Colorado? And I promised a Go-Pro video of our faces? Well, I posted said video on Youtube but have since forgotten to share it with you!

You can see me praying and making the sign of the cross before the ride starts at 1:16. (P.S. brace yourself for the scream.)

2) When I was at my PT internship the other day, one of physical therapists said, “Wow, you really cut your hair off.” Then the patient said, “Boys like long hair.” She then confirmed this with the physical therapist, a man.


Well I like my new short hair, dangit!

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

3) I still love my PT internship though. In fact, one of the PTs gave me all the digital versions of his textbooks, and one of them is about exercise form called Becoming a Supple Leopard. If becoming a supple leopard is not a fitness goal, I don’t know what is.



4) I came across this travel blog the other day called The Everywhereist. Have you heard of it? If you’ve read this article on PopSugar called “I Went Paleo and Now I Hate Everything,” that’s the blogger, Geraldine. She is absolutely hilariousThere is no blogger that makes me laugh out loud as much as she does.

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 8.32.16 AM

Like I said, Geraldine runs a travel blog, but in the interest of us healthy living peeps, here’s her latest post called, “If the Exercise Class Descriptions From My Gym Were Honest.” Grab some tissues, you’ll probably cry of laughter.

5) Last week I told you guys that I wanted to cut down on social media when I came home from work. In all honesty, that has not happened. I realized that I can’t just say I’ll do something; I have to actually cut something out (taking Hayley’s advice!). Thus, I’m going to try logging out of my blog reader. I’m not as hardcore as Hayley, since I’m not deleting it, but I just need to spend less time reading the 100+ blogs that I follow. Hopefully this helps and gives me more time to read books! And sleep.

6) I saw more high school friends last night!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

The “Core Four” getting ice cream, just like old times. You know you’re great friends when you can still laugh until you almost pee after a year apart from each other. Also, that’s blueberry cheesecake ice cream I ate. YEAH.

7) Guess who I’m seeing tomorrow!? His name rhymes with Garmin and his blog is the opposite of The Little Woman’s World. (Spoiler: this guy!)

Who knows what kind of trouble we’ll get into. It’s been so fun getting to know bloggers more in person, outside of blog/social media comments. I was serious when I said I want to FaceTime with you guys!

8) I have a new best friend. He’s loyal, quiet yet unassuming, he makes my house smell really good, and he cooks me dinner while I’m at work.


His name is CrockPot. Not a sexy name, but names don’t matter.

DSC_1431 DSC_1432

Before work, I threw in some chicken breasts, spicy Italian sausage, a large visalia onion, marinara sauce, and some water. Then Mr. CrockPot worked his magic low and slow for about 6 hours. After work, my house smelled like an Italian restaurant and the chicken shredded with ease.

If no boy will take me out to dinner because of my short hair, at least I have the CrockPot to make me dinner.

10) I might have to take a flight to LA just to go to this place: Spread PB, A Peanut Butter Bar. It’s a peanut butter BAR. Go drool over their menu (and if you’re allergic to pb, pretend it’s almond butter).


Hope you all have a fantastic day! Rock your hair, no matter what anyone says.

So tell me:

Do the guys in your life prefer long hair?

Have you come across any new blogs that you love?

What is your favorite kitchen appliance?

One thing you’re excited for!


21 thoughts on “New Hair, New Finds, New Best Friend

  1. Yay for less technology. You go girl. It’s not easy to back away from it but sleep and reading at night feels so much nicer than being on the computer, that’s fasho. Also after you told me about your dinner yesterday in the slow cooker I texted my mom saying I knew what I wanted for my birthday… 😛

  2. Whaaaat? I think your new hair looks great! And the thing about guys liking long hair? Totally not true. It depends on the guy, and it’s so varied. And besides, someone who likes you solely for your hair probably isn’t the kind of person you want in your life anyways. Have the best time with, Arman! I adore that kid, and you too, so that’s definitely a meeting I’d love to crash 😛

  3. This post is seriously making me laugh out loud! First off that video clip! Holy crapola😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳 I would have died. Literally and figuratively
    Second , sounds like you have a couple of cracker jacks working with you! Supple leopard?!😂 what the ?!…..
    And lastly just almost peed my pants reading that blog post about exercise!!
    Thank you I needed that!😘
    Ps the crock pot dinner looks ahmazing🙌 any leftovers?🙋🏼💃🏻

  4. I think short hair is amazing! Also probably because I have never had long hair. So not biased. Anyways I am interested to see your transition to become a supple leopard, perhaps that is the fitness secret that all of us were searching for…
    I applaud you on decreasing your social media exposure, I tell myself that everyday yet the more I try to restrict my use the more I end up spending time online or on instagram, specially being a new blogger, I have that excited ‘I need to be doing blogger stuff’ mentality :)!

  5. I love your new hair! It’s so freeing to chop it off when it’s long. Crock pots are pretty wonderful – they make delicious food and they make the house smell sooo good!

  6. Did you cut your hair for boys to like you? NO. You cut it because YOU wanted a change. That’s all that matters. Ugh- it irks me when people utter dumb remarks such as that. I like your new short hair too though! I think it fits you so well. 🙂 Both my dad and my brother have always told me I should never cut my hair, but in all honesty, that just makes me want to chop it off even more!

    If you fly to LA, I’m coming with you to that Peanut Butter Bar. ❤

  7. I think it totally depends on the guy. 🙂 I think your hair still looks REALLY gorgeous. :))) I would love to Facetime some time Alison! 🙂 I think that’s cool that you and Arman are meeting up. Take pictures!!!

  8. I always do a ‘medium’ cut but I start with a shorter cut because it’s so much easier! It feels light and washing it/drying it is faster.

    Spread is cool, but there’s a toast bar I want to go to that’s around here: Dough Exchange!

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