I Need to Focus + Energy Balls Recipe


Pretty sure Amanda came up with thinking out loud before Ed Sheeran

1) I’m so glad you all enjoyed yesterday’s vlog! Your comments totally made my day. Thank you! The terms “cute” and “adorable” were big themes in the comments though…



This photo is the story of my life. #ForeverYeungYoung

2) Shoutout to my friend Fiona for reminding me to change my age in my side bio. In the meantime, I also edited my About page and Blogroll. Check it!

3) I made balls yesterday! (<— balls jokes won’t get old.) They’re stereotypical energy balls, and they count as a recipe towards my summer bucket list! It’s kind of a cop-out, since this recipe didn’t take much thought or effort, but I’ll count it for now until my creative juices start flowing.


Into a food processor:

  • 1+1/3 c. quick oats
  • 1.5 c. roughly chopped dried figs
  • 1/4 c. peanut butter (any nut butter will work!)
  • 2 scoops (1/3-1/2 c.) vanilla protein powder
  • 2 tbsp. chia seeds
  • 1/2 tsp. cinnamon
  • 1/4 tsp. nutmeg
  • 1/3 c. almond milk (just enough to get the mixture to bind)

Pulse until the ingredients are well combined and wet enough to bind. Wet your hands with water and roll into 1.5 tbsp-sized balls. Makes ~20!


Confession: I did not measure most of the ingredients. Those are just estimates. Luckily, recipes like these are very customizable and flexible!

4) I need to focus. I get way too distracted with technology and social media these days, and it eats up a lot of my time. I accomplish the tasks that need to be done, but I still find myself scrambling because I spent just a little too much time reading blogs or watching Youtube videos.

5) New goal (please keep me accountable): No casual perusing on social media/technology after I get home from my internship (anywhere from 5-6pm). If I go on to blog or do something with a specific goal, that’s cool, but otherwise I will spend my time reading or doing something productive around the house. This will hopefully help me get into bed earlier and feel more relaxed at night!

6) I also need to read more books— read things that are not pixelated. Basically, I need to be my own parent this summer: “No technology close to bedtime. Eat more to grow bigger. Do your reading.”

7) I liked this song when I heard it on the radio, but once I found out that it was a tribute to Paul Walker, I loved it.

Paul Walker was (and still is) my biggest celeb crush. What a beautiful man.



8) I am enjoying my physical therapy internship more and more every day. I’m learning bucketloads of information and practices on how to take care of the human body through movement. The best part is the people though. I love the interpersonal patient interactions and the one-on-one environment of this particular outpatient clinic. Can I just stay at my internship and not go to college?

…LOL. Dreaming.

9) If you ever make Gina’s cookie dough cereal (which you should, it’s delicious), make it with at least 1.5 tablespoons of nut butter. If not, two tablespoons. You won’t regret it.


10) Happy birthday to the humblest, gentlest, grooviest, most hardworking and pious man I know— Pop! I love you ♥


That’s it for today, friends! Hope you have a fantastic day. Eat more nut butter and unplug a little bit.

So tell me:

Who is your biggest celebrity crush?

Are you called cute often? Or another adjective?

Do you ever have trouble “unplugging”? 


24 thoughts on “I Need to Focus + Energy Balls Recipe

  1. That cereal make me want to make cereal or granola I must not give in!! 😛 great post reminds me how i actually need to sit down and blog!!!and happy birthday to your dad!! 🙂 xx

  2. I can’t listen to that song without getting a little teary eyed. Ugh. Why’d he have to go so young?! Paul Walker was one of my biggest celebrity crushes as well, so I’m definitely missing him kind of a lot. And I feel ya on the technology woes. I’m pretty sure that I developed a serious case of ADD as a result of social media and blogging…

  3. Paul Walker was such a great, amazing, gorgeous guy! Have you heard about his charity, Reach Out Worldwide? If you go to smile.amazon.com you can donate a portion of your sale to his charity (or any one that you support)! It’s pretty awesome..it’s the same site as amazon just helps someone out 🙂

  4. So weird that you talked about getting too distracted with technology because I just posted about that! Telepathy I’m telling you. I love Paul Walker ❤ Breaks my heart to think about.

  5. It was so sweet of you to add me to your blog roll! Thank you, love!
    I enjoyed your vlog immensely! You are stunning and beautiful ❤ I get called either "cute" or "adorable", also. I guess it comes with the shortness.
    Your ball recipe *snickering* looks really delicious! All of those ingredients are delicious so I am sure the combination is absolutely heavenly.
    My celebrity crush is Chris Evans/Captain America. Oh. my. word. SO dreamy and quite the gentleman 😉

  6. I have trouble “plugging”. Really. Funny enough though I most want to peruse online when I’m supposed to be knuckling down on some nitty gritty office work. All other times I usually prefer grabbing a real book and burying my nose 🙂 . BUT I totally LOL’d when I glimpsed at your title because I swear I was chanting to myself “focus girl, focus” all morning over figures! Happy Birthday to your Papa 🙂 . I have a ridiculous soft spot for Channing Tatum 😀 .

  7. Let’s hold eachother accountable for that social media Unplugging! Between your and haylies post today I feel like God is hunting/nudging/pushing me to make some changes!!!!

    And happy birthday to your super cool dad!

    Ps ballllllssssssss

  8. I need to get better about unplugging at certain points in the day…especially after work. I get in this bad habit of feeling I need to catch up on EVERYTHING Instragram, and then waste an hour of my night. Weekends can be bad on the tech front as well…so maybe it will be my goal this weekend to STAY AWAY.

  9. Alison, you are naturally hilarious. I cannot get enough of your blogs. DOH, I have not watched your video yet. I swear I will soon at some point. I fully support you on the social media goal. Hit me up if you need a good book to read!

    Since you mentioned Paul Walker, I got all emotional. He went to my school and has a warm spot in my heart. ❤

    Happy birthday to Poppa Grooves!

    Biggest celebrity crush: Conan O’Brien. Hubba hubba.

  10. That first picture made me laugh because once, after a softball game (I’m the pitcher), a girl from the other team came over and told me I was “so cute”. My reaction was pretty much the same as yours. 😉

  11. I made energy balls this morning, and my dad and I have not stopped making jokes since. As a person who lives for bad puns and jokes, energy balls are da bomb to make. Happy birthday to your dad! Tell him he rocks (especially because he helped create one of the coolest humans I know 🙂 )

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