Summer Bucket List


I was not expecting to be shivering on the first day of June, but I had goosebumps from the cold yesterday! It’ll be a rainy, gloomy week, so it’s time to break out the sweaters again. I started to have hope in warm weather after such a long, cold winter in Boston, but this week has proven that I cannot trust again just yet…

At least I can trust that Kylie’s banana pudding for breakfast will always be good. Especially after I over-sleep because I forgot to set my alarm. #Monday


At the end of my days recently, I make sure to have a substantial dessert/night snack, and last night’s concoction was full fat Greek yogurt with a microwaved WB Kitchen peanut ginger honey nut bar. Fan-freaking-tastic.

DSC_1350 DSC_1351 DSC_1353

Then some Pirate’s Booty because I wanted something salty after I ate all that sweet…and because it’s Pirate’s Booty.


Summer Bucket List

Despite the fact that the weather is not summery, I wanted to get into summer mode by making a bucket list. Sam made one last week, and it looks like she has an awesome summer ahead!

I’m usually terrible at checking off long term lists, but it doesn’t hurt to keep trying, right?

This summahhh I hope to:

  1. Go to the beach (with Colby hopefully!)
  2. Get a decent spot at a Tori Kelly concert
  3. Go on an easy hike with friends (mountains in New York are definitely NOT like the ones in Colorado)
  4. Watch a movie in the theater
  5. Watch The Parent Trap
  6. Meet up with Arman in New York City
  7. Improve my handstand and other yoga arm balances
  8. Come up with at least three new recipes
  9. Get my full splits back (semi-comfortably)
  10. Re-read The Story of a Soul
  11. Eat a Dairy Queen Blizzard
  12. Learn most of the muscles in the body (there is a diagram on the wall at my PT internship, and I’ve been studying it every day when I have free time)
  13. Go to a farmers’ market
  14. Find an occasion to which I could wear a maxi dress, and wear a maxi dress for said occasion
  15. Watch the sunrise
  16. Hold an L-sit for 10-15 seconds
  17. Do another vlog with Daliza
  18. Have a picnic with a friend
  19. Gain weight (for real)
  20. FaceTime with bloggers (please!?)

I think I’ll stop at 20, because that might already be more than I can handle. I think this is all doable though!

Two notes:

  1. I said I want to improve my handstand and L-sit, but I won’t push anything too far, for the sake of my resting period.
  2. There’s a completely separate bucket list for food I want to make this summer. Coming up next week. 🙂

I hope you all have a fabulous day! Make a summer bucket list if you haven’t, and then tackle one of those things this week!

So tell me:

Three things on your summer bucket list (whether you’ve made an official one or not)!

Do you always have a night snack? What are some of your favorites?

What are some good movies in theaters right now? 

Do you sometimes need something savory after eating something sweet?


21 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List

  1. Let’s FaceTime!! Oh my goodness, I would love to chat with you 🙂 And girl, when I saw #9 I did a little happy dance. DQ Blizzards (as you know 😉 ) are my fav.
    As for my summer bucket list, I really want to go to the beach, visit Chicago, and get into a healthy mindset for college.
    I always always always have a night snack. Some of my favorite snack combos include: Trader Joe’s kettle corn with some chocolate, ice cream with my oatmeal cookies, apple with peanut butter, and yogurt with pretzels.
    I went and saw “Avengers” last week. I enjoyed it very much. I really want to go see “Age of Adeline”. It seems like a well-done chick flick.. if that makes any sense!

  2. I want to FaceTime with you 🙂 I love this idea and think I will create one as well! Thanks gurrrrl. One thing on my bucket list is to go to a country concert this summer. I used to go to a few every summer but now it’s been years and I miss them!

  3. Yesssss!!! I cannot go to bed without a (hefty) snack right before bed!
    And I have an idea🙆🏼🙎🏼 we meet up and get blizzards/hike/watch the parent trap (aka my favorite movie!!) together?! Kill three birds with one stone (that’s a really masochistic phrase if you think about it😟😳🙈) Lol I’m so whacky
    Have a great day alison!

  4. What a bummer to have the summer start off on a cold note! Hopefully the sun manages to peak through the clouds sooner than later. GIRL- I love Pirate’s Booty. That was my go-to snack while away at college!

    WE ARE MAKING #20 HAPPEN! I AM DETERMINED! Also, I think you should fly out to Los Angeles and have brunch with me. Boom- perfect reason to wear a maxi dress! I cannot wait to see you truly thrive as you embark on all of these goals, especially #19. ❤

    As for a good movie, I recently saw Far From The Madding Crowd and LOVED it! If it is playing near you, please try and see it!

  5. First of all, HEY banana pudding. Second of all, your summer bucket list is on point. I wish so badly I could come to be beach with you and Colby!! Also, have you never seen The Parent Trap!? If not, then that is a MUST. Speaking of DQ blizzards, their new “Jurassic Park” themed blizzard flavor sounds absolutely incredible, just a heads up 😉

    As for your questions–night snack? ALWAYS. (you saw it go down @ Blend)
    3 things on my bucket list: Jam out 110% at the Taylor Swift concert next week, go to this orchard that makes homemade peach ice cream and eat my little heart out of said ice cream, & go visit my BFF in Austin for a few days to do touristy Austin things.
    Good movies out right now? I saw San Andreas last week–kind of intense, and Age of Adaline somewhat recently which I loved because I looove Blake Lively.
    & last but not least, sweet and savory=my life.

    • Ahh yes I wish you could come up too!! And I have seen The Parent Trap, but not in a long time. I’m craving that movie!
      Oh my gosh I totally think of all of you whenever I make my night snack. I aspire to make yogurt bowls like y’all.
      Sounds like an awesome bucket list, girl! I want to see Age of Adeline too! I miss youuuu xoxo

  6. Eat a Dairy Queen Blizzard is on my list, too! 🙂 I’ve wanted one for the longest time but we haven’t had a hot enough day yet. I haven’t had one in years and have been craving one for months! Need to get on that. Also, I want to have a picnic with my husband or a friend this summer! I have a few places that come to mind – I’m excited!

    Can’t wait to read your food bucket list! I want to see what makes the list 😀

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