At Peace + Giveaway Winner!

Thank you a million times over, y’all. All your comments in yesterday’s post means everything to me. Your words of wisdom, support, and encouragement are so motivating, especially in the many times when I feel like none of this is really worth it.

YOU are awesome— in the most literal and genuine sense of the word.

I was nervous about posting yesterday, but after receiving such wonderful support and encouragement, I am actually quite at peace now. I will do this resting thing right.

I’m also feeling better…and stronger(!?) physically. I’m eating more and resting more, and my muscles actually feel stronger right now, since I am coming out of a week of lots of fitness in Colorado. This just goes to show how much rest and fuel you really need to grow. More than you think!!! Now I need to keep that up and get some padding on myself as well 😉

Mentally, I feel liberated. I don’t have to worry about doing a workout if I’m sleepy or about bracing myself for an intense workout that I know will wipe me out. By just moving my body gently and doing exercises and stretches that feel nourishing to my muscles, tendons, and ligaments (hey, physical therapist in me coming out), my mind feels refreshed and relaxed.

Spiritually, I also feel liberated. Throughout this past year, I knew that fitness had some sort of harness on me that was keeping me from being selfless and humble at times. I had put fitness at the front of my mind so often that it would distract me from God. I tried to fight the distraction, but my continuation of intense exercise, when I knew it wasn’t the best thing for me at the time, still made me feel very unsettled.

So thank you again for your love and prayers. Know that I am keeping you all in my prayers as well! If you ever have anything special you’d like me to pray for, please email me!


Enlightened + Blend Swag Giveaway Winner

And now for the giveaway winner!

Drumroll please…image



Katie! Congratulations! Shoot me an email so I can send it to you ASAP 🙂

I hope you all have a fun and relaxing weekend. You’re the bestest.


5 thoughts on “At Peace + Giveaway Winner!

  1. I missed your post the first time so I went back and read it. My goodness you are such a source of inspiration! It sounds like you’re doing exactly what you need to do for YOU! You can feel God whispering to your heart and you’re going to do amazing things 🙂

  2. Congrats, Katie! I hope you enjoy all the yumminess coming your way 😉 Alison, when I was reading your last article, I felt your strength flow through the words. It was incredibly brave of you to share that with us and to take that leap forward for your health. What really stuck out to me was “3. Gain weight (fat, not muscle) 4. Pray”. This has been something I have been struggling with. I have to come to realize that in order to recover I have to gain. Through that, I need to pray. Your article was a light to me. Thank you ❤

  3. YOU are awesome. These words you have typed here give me so much strength and I am encouraged by the hope you have here. Keep the desire to fully recover at the forefront of your mind and I know you will succeed in anything you choose to achieve.

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