Virtual Breakfast Date {Finals Week}

Let’s have breakfast this morning, yes?

I don’t have a photo of my actual breakfast that I’m eating this morning (the photo below is what I ate last Wednesday), but it involves the basics— carbs, peanut butter, banana, and eggs.

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And Wednesdays are bacon days in the dining hall 🙂

virtual breakfast date

…I would tell you that my brain was battered, deep fried and salted yesterday. Okay that is entirely too dramatic, but what I’m saying is that my organic chem and anatomy finals left my brain a little burnt.



As I was taking my chem final especially, I felt like I was getting sicker. It might have just been allergies, but in my mind, my stress levels were increasing and my immune system was failing me.

…I would tell you that a song called Pikachu came up on iTunes radio the other day, and it was terrible. BUT Pikachu is my childhood, so I appreciated it.


…I would tell you that it finally feels like summer in Boston. I even ate dinner outside in shorts and a T-shirt last night!

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…I would tell you that the summer weather screams for ice cream.

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the president of BU hosted free ice cream hours on Monday, holla

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free ice cream at admissions ambassador party

Free ice cream tastes ~that~ much better.

…I would tell you that the dining hall has had some hits recently. Sweet potato and avocado in the same week, heck yes.

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…I would tell you about something that upset me yesterday. At the outdoor workout pad that I often go to, a guy came over with his friends, and he started doing pull-ups…while smoking a cigarette. It didn’t bother me so much that he was smoking, but it bothered me that he was smoking around several people who were working out and obviously respirating a lot. Cigarette smoke isn’t really the breath of fresh air most of us want when we’re huffing and puffing.

….I would tell you that my college friends are starting to say goodbye for the summer and it’s breaking my heart into pieces. However, I’m certainly looking forward to seeing my friends and family back in New York!

…I would tell you that my friend is playing Backstreet Boys right now and I’m JAMMING OUT.



I want it that wayyyyy.”

 Thanks so much for letting me chat your ears off. I hope you have a lovely rest of your day! I have some errands to run and studying to do for my last final on Friday. Catch ya later!

So tell me:

What are you eating for breakfast?

If we were having breakfast together, you would tell me…

Quick— tell me a classic throwback song! 


22 thoughts on “Virtual Breakfast Date {Finals Week}

  1. Do you remember 5ive? I think they were kind of big towards the end of the 90’s? Because I have no idea why they popped into my head the other day, but when I looked up their music on YouTube, I couldn’t help but cringe at how bad it was… especially when I remember that I actually used to rock out to it 😆 Oh so many cringe-worthy times…

  2. I Would tell you that your brain sounds far more appetizing than mine! My brain is just fried!!! Burnt! Lol
    Pikachu+backstreet boys= my childhood! Remember those darn trading cards?! Man I don’t even want to think about how much money I (my parents) shelled out for those!!
    Lastly, I would also take steal a bite of your breakfast bc you’re making me hungry lol😉🙈

  3. girl, i know i sound like a broken record… HOW DO YOU SURVIVE WITHOUT COFFEE?!
    haha. in all seriousness i would love to have a breakfast date with you (where you would witness the magical powers of coffee that turn me into a functioning human being) — all the eggs and nutbutter, please!
    breakfast for me this morning was toast & cheesy eggs with a smoothie that tasted like summer. it had frozen banana, raspberries, and pineapple, fresh blueberries, greek yogurt, amazing grass, OJ, & milk– it turned out beautifully purple and oh so tasty!

    • I don’t know how I survive without coffee! Sometimes I’m *THIS* close to caving and getting coffee, but then I think: a) I’ve come this far without coffee, b) I don’t know how to prepare coffee.
      But yes, one day we will have a real breakfast date!! Oh my gosh I want a smoothie so badly right now.

  4. If I was having breakfast with you I would tell you how much you inspire me. I would tell you that when I read your posts I crave peanut butter and bananas. I would tell you that you are going to ROCK your finals!

  5. This morning I ate yogurt and nuts and raisins and almond butter. Basically it was a yogurt bowl. It was yummy. Planning on making a SPECIAL breakfast for mom on or before Mother’s day. 😀

    If we were having breakfast together, you would tell me…
    I would tell you that it’s turned spring in Colorado, but it’s been raining in Colorado for the past 3 or 4 days which is unheard of (for Colorado). 😉

  6. I would’ve been bothered by the smoker, too! It never makes sense to me when I see someone lighting up after a workout. I feel like it’s such a contradiction. Also, Backstreet Boys > NSYNC (IMO) 😉

  7. I ❤ all your ice cream. I finally caved and bought an ice cream maker so I think I know what my hobby will be this summer 😉 Also, totally understand the struggle of trying to take a picture of your food while it's awkwardly balancing on your legs. lol. I only had one final (albeit it WAS calc 2..) and that fried my brain enough. I can't imagine having finals for all my classes! Hope they all went great!

  8. Neat black and white shot of Boston, all too familiar. I need to make a trip down this summer living in southern NH I have zero excuses. Oh finals, girl I hear you. However taking orgo and anatomy simultaneously sounds awful. I took anatomy last year and will be taking orgo this summer. Your breakfast sounds great, and all about eggs+bacon. My breakfast is usually eggs+sausage+veggies+carbs. tastyy. Good luck with that final final 😉

  9. The cigarette smoke would’ve bothered me, too! It’s the worst when I’m running and breathing in deeply and just inhale a huge puff of smoke from someone else’s cigarette. YUCK.

    And if we were having breakfast (or at the time I’m posting this, maybe some late night ice cream? :)) I’d say CONGRATS on being done with all of your finals!! Doesn’t it feel amazing? I kind of am unsure of what to do with my brain at this point because I haven’t NOT studied in so long hahaha 🙂 Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

  10. How can you NOT jam to BSB? I always suggest them, or NSYNC, at CrossFit and it is rare when a coach actually decides to play it. It is always the best when someone gives in! PS, I think every finals week when I was in college, I would start to feel sick. It just showed how much stress I was in! Most days, I don’t miss those weeks…

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