I think it’s that time of year when I need to start carrying around an emergency frisbee, because hallelujah, the weather is gorgeous.


Seriously— God is SO good! We are in the season of Easter and finally the season of beautiful spring weather! I’ve literally been bouncing around like a spring lamb because I’m so freaking happy that the sun is out and warm.

I am currently typing this outside in shorts and a T-shirt, overlooking the Charles River. Although, I should probably leave soon because I haven’t gotten used to putting on sunscreen yet. #sunscreensafetyfirst

bu beach bu beach 2

promise I’m not trying to be inspirational with the chapter title

Besides the beauty of the sunshine and warmth, I have encountered a heck of a lot of beauty these past few days. Some not-as-serious things to start…



{courtesy of my girl Alejandra<— must say it with flare or else you’re not saying it right}

Here you see my friends and I off to a funk dance party, hence Albert’s fro. If a funk dance party doesn’t scream MOVES AND GROOVESI have no idea what does. Some of my moves and grooves may not have been beautiful, but dancing with some of my favorite people under disco lights on a Friday night was definitely beautiful in my opinion.

Seeing my brother and dad.

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My dad came up for my brother’s induction into a civil engineering honor society on Sunday, so we got to spend the morning together at the ceremony, Mass, and lunch! Much love to these men in my life.

Eating with friends.

Rachel and I adore our frozen bananas.

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I also adore this Teddie peanut butter ($3.99 at Whole Foods!!), which is evidenced by the fact that only half the jar is left. I bought it on Friday. Judge me, I’m used to it.

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Also (I wish I took a picture of it), when I was having dinner with my friends Albert, PJ, and Rachel in the dining hall, they asked me to “make a salad for the table.” IN THE DINING HALL. So I filled a bowl to the brim with veggies, got chicken from another station, cut up the chicken, shook everything together with the two-bowl method, and voila— a salad for the table. I should get minimum wage.

Morning outdoor workouts.

So many people are out movin’ and groovin’, which makes me elated! Jesus has risen from the grave and humans have risen from hibernation.

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Inspiring women who show me what beauty is.

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{courtesy of Sarah!}

The women of the Catholic Center met for a group talk about body image and the media on Sunday night (as we chowed down on pizza and cookies, heck yeah). Having struggled with negative body image and disordered eating myself, this group talk really struck a chord in me.

Some major takeaways from the evening about beauty:

  • In order to instill the fact in our society that truly everyone is beautiful, we need community, support, and solidarity.
  • Our words about our own bodies can have such a large impact on how others perceive their own bodies as well.
  • It often takes more humility to accept a compliment (just saying “thank you”) than to turn the compliment against yourself (“oh, but look at how bad my arms look”).
  • You are beautiful in the fact that you are a living, breathing human being. (<— Distinctly remember my friend Christina saying this!)

Beauty is not just in the eye of the beholder. Beauty is what you are and that is fact. End o’ story.

Go on and have a beautiful Tuesday. Put on your sunscreen and make sure you have an emergency frisbee.

So tell me:

Two beautiful things about your weekend.

Favorite thing to do outside when the weather is nice?

How many days will it take me to finish that jar of peanut butter?


20 thoughts on “Beauty.

  1. Ahahah how is it going with peanut butter? Anyway, I LOVED this post: triumph of spring also here, in Italy! I love how you talk about things you love to do, you seem so sweet And pacific 🙂 this weekend I saw my friends, and I spent many hours with the guy I secretly love, so… It was perfect. I also wrote something more on my blog about recovery, opening myself and my story to every single person. So.. My weekend was quite emotionally full! I love spring, I love when the sun finally comes out again. Kisses!

  2. Beautiful things this weekend included celebrating a friend’s fashion exhibition and letting go of my schedule to enjoy (suuuper) late night with lovely people.
    When the weather is nice (like now!), I love all things outside, but going for short runs and taking long walks are two of my favorites.
    Hmmm you’ve had it since Friday and it’s half gone? Maybe till this Friday? Haha but definitely no judgment here – I have 4 jars in my dorm room 😀

  3. On this end of the world, I’m welcoming the arriving chill in the air..and the odd scorching day in-between totally throws us out for a loop hahaa! Ask me again in the middle of winter (which is hardly close to extreme granted).. Or better don’t! I’d like to not realize myself an ingrate 😉 .
    No judgement from me beautiful lady. On the other hand I applaud and encourage strong PB love.. And oh goody, “Teddie”?! That would make it all the more lovable yes 😀 !

  4. 2 beautiful things about my weekend: Listening to a sermon with my mom and getting 8+ hours of sleep!

    Favorite thing to do out side when the weather is nice: Go for walks with my grandma

    How long will it take you to finish the peanut butter? Hmm.. Maybe three to four more days? 😉

    God bless <33333

  5. Spring has sprung!!!! Hallelujah 🙌 I was just discussing with my mom why we don’t live in a place where it’s like this year round and how much of a happier camper we would all be if we did! She’s staying out but are you up to living in San Diego with me👯😉
    When the weather starts getting nice I was want to be outdoors alllll day. Doesn’t matter if I’m reading or eating or taking a walk or bike ride, I just want to soak it all up!
    Have a great one Alison!!! And congrats to your brother. See all Asians are smart😝jk lol

  6. I am so glad it is nice in Boston.. finally! Here in the midwest it is getting warmer. The warm weather definitely lifts my spirits. I also loved hearing about what your church group did together. Thank you for sharing and spreading such wisdom. Oh! And when I go off to college, you better believe I will have at least 3 different kinds of nut butters stocked in my fridge. I learn from the best 😉

  7. Yay for Spring!! …and my mum buys that peanut butter!! 🙂 She loves it!! I’m addicted to PB2 haha! Looks like lots of fun things!! 🙂

  8. BTW…good call on the Teddy Peanut Butter. Love the fact that this little private company makes good all natural PB. You can source it cheaper at Market Basket tho…like 30-40% cheaper…also a local company, not owned by some off shore investment firm like every other supermarket in New England.

  9. Loved this post – it’s so important to find the beauty in random things! Especially in inspiring women in your life. I had dinner with my boyfriends grandma last night and couldn’t stop thinking about how beautiful of a person she is because of all of her experiences and how genuine she was.

  10. Hooray for warmer weather! Baby Charlotte and I have been out for a walk every day this week 🙂 She just loves it (babbles and coos the majority of our time) and I love not having to go to the gym to walk on the treadmill.

    PS – I go through peanut butter jars FARRRR too quickly. I’m trying to get a grip with how much I consume on a daily basis. EEK!

  11. 2 things I love this weekend. Snow that is here, but it’s not cold enough for it to stick, so it’s just moisturizing the ground! I also love big gigantic apples and cleaning house. Oops. That was three things. Last of all, I can’t wait for worship tomorrow. I love going to church, and coming home to a restful Sunday. ❤ Thanks for all the sunshiny pics Alison!

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