Confessions of a College Homebody

We have just a little over a week left in March! 2016 is basically around the corner.

I kid, but WOW, time is moving and grooving, am I right? To prove that, I can tell you that last week was a blur, which explains why I didn’t blog. That makes me sad.

But here we are on this fine Monday, ready to tackle a new week! I can’t promise I’ll be posting more than last week, but I can promise that I have some blog posts in the noggin that will make it to you very soon. For today though, I want to talk to you about how I’m a homebody.

I like to think that I am an adventurous and fun person, but there are many times when I just want to be in my room by myself, catching up on blogs, listening to music (when it’s not Lent), and just decompressing (both figuratively and literally; lying down after standing all day is heavenly for the spine).



I love going out and trying new things, but I’ve come to terms that I tend to want to stay at home. Another term for a college student like me could be “loser”…and that could be accurate. But in my world, there are times for young and wild adventure (like the Great NYC Food Tour and that time I encountered an alligator in the wild) and there are times for retirement-status rest and relaxation. My weekends often call for the latter, and I’m okay with that.

There’s an underlying reason as to why I was a grandma for Halloween, I guess.

So what did I even do this weekend?


Worked out, showered, went to class, ate a fantastic Fish Friday lunch…

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

tuna salad, veggie, honey mustard sandwich + maple orange tempeh and brussels sprouts

…took a nap, went to work…

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

proud of this lemon pepper honey dill salmon that I made at work

…came home, ate oatmeal a la dorm for dinner (because the dining hall had already closed)…

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

…and then watched CrossFit videos for the rest of the night.


Ate oatmeal a la dorm for breakfast, help set up a Students for Life conference, stayed for a couple of the talks…

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

…left the conference to change into BU gear and prepare for my campus tour, ate lunch…

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

huge salad + “Asian salisbury steak” with “soba noodles” (yes, those all needed quotation marks, but it was delicious nonetheless!)

…gave my first campus tour ever (!!!)…

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

…went back to the room to eat a snack, went back to the conference for a few hours, ate dinner, studied, did summer job searching, blogged…

…and I resisted Rachel with all my might, who was trying so desperately to get me to go out. But I told her that I wasted my time doing nothing on Friday night, so I needed to do work. She is right to suspect that I don’t remember the last time I went out on a weekend night during school, but I’m not complaining!


Worked out, showered, ate breakfast…

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

…did some homework, went to Mass, ate lunch, studied some more, walked around a bit, ate dinner, more job searching, FaceTimed with the parents, blogged…

…and here we are. I think I want a snack.

If you’re still reading this, you’re the coolest. On the surface, my weekend definitely wasn’t some wild adventure out on the town, but I still think it was filled with fun and exciting events! The Students for Life conference was awesome and inspiring, my first campus tour went very well, I walked outside in the sunshine (praise Jesus, winter is breaking), and found some possible job opportunities for the summer.

But don’t worry, I do have a social life and other weekend plans in the future. I’m not going to pass up the student activities here on campus!

Also, random inclusion: I whipped out this miracle substance for my weird spine pain, and it WORKS.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

It has that wonderful hot-cold, minty sensation that soothes your aches and pains. Ahhhhh. If you’ve never tried Tiger Balm, I highly recommend it for sore muscles, sprains, and maybe even aromatherapy (stuff smells so good IMO).

So there you have it, friends. Confessions of a college homebody.

Hope you all have a beautiful Monday! Let’s all get out of our comfort zone today, deal? 🙂

So tell me:

Do you tend to be a homebody or an adventurer?

One exciting thing you did this weekend.

One mundane thing you did this weekend.

Have you ever used Tiger Balm?


19 thoughts on “Confessions of a College Homebody

  1. Honestly, this post made me so happy… this is exactly what my weekend looks like a lot of the time! I sometimes feel guilty or lame for not “going out” but it’s just not my idea of fun… when i go out its like to the movies once in a while… I love my relaxing weekends! 🙂

  2. Homebodies are awesome characters you know 😉 a way I pass for one too, but I’m always up for an outdoor adventure. Nature has my heart. That however looks like a mighty delicious weekend and no, it does not sound boring in the least 🙂 . No reason to oblige to anything other than what you’re in the mood for after all.
    This weekend: trail riding taken up a notch; horses can be a handful when they’re having loads of fun 😀 .

  3. Homebody for sure. And I own it! I get out when I need to, but I’m definitely the time that needs the alone/down time at home to recharge for the next week. I should start to get out more for some walks, but I’m perfectly content with my weeks (and nights) this far into ‘spring’. Exciting thing – our team WOD at CrossFit on Saturday! Each person had to do one of the Girls, so it was a lot of fun (we split it up between Fran, Diane, Grace and Isabel!). I also finished Dance Moms on Netflix – total guilty pleasure) and Gilmore Girls! Mundane thing of the weekend – washed dishes, went through “stuff” and clothes to donate, and did laundry.

  4. Homebodies unite!!!👯I do like adventure too but I’m perfectly ok sitting at home on Saturday night with my pjs on chillaxing:)
    I think you strike an excellant balance between adventurer and responsible college student 👍👍
    Have a great week Alison!!! Sending all my love and hugs to you!

  5. This is so me. I hang out with people all day sometimes, and then I just want my weekend nights to myself to chill entirely. Lame? Maybe. But I love it. I also love it when people choose to join me in my lameness. Hanging out and being homebodies together can be fun, too 🙂

  6. Lol Alison. Only I would know that tiger balm. You know why 😉

    I can relate to being a homebody some weekends of college- The first ten frat parties and downtown mug nights were amazing but after doing it multiple times…It got redundant. It also made them more exciting to go to!

  7. I’m a total grandma too!! I get teased by my friends all the time, and my roommate still can’t fathom going to bed at 9:30. I love having a relaxing night in, and just reading or watching some netflix. When I saw the title of this post I knew I’d relate 🙂

  8. I am with you on the speediness of time. SLOW DOWN. Everything goes by much too quickly and I hear it only goes faster as we continue to age. Aghhhh. I am completely with you in the sense that I need to decompress. I like to think that I am a pretty social human being, but if I do not get any time to relax and be in solitude, I become quite cranky. I think it is vital for both you and I to put some of our mental health priorities first and ensure that you are doing what you need in order to maintain a healthy life. It sounds like you have a pretty firm grasp of that, and I am inspired by it!

  9. It is comforting knowing that there are other homebodies! My roommate has tried to get me to go to frat parties but I would rather read online or watch Netflix. People think that I am not social, but I am. I love people, but I don’t waste my time on people or events that aren’t wonderful or worthy of my time. Also, how did you cook your eggs? I know it sounds silly, but I can only have a microwave in my dorm. I’m hoping you have found a magic way to cook eggs in the microwave haha! Boston University seems wonderful! Good luck to you on your future endeavors. Also, God bless. You are on the right track.

    the college homebody

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