Recent College vs. Home Eats

Look who’s here!

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It’s my dear friend Rachel from college! If you’ve been following me through my Boston University adventures, you’ve probably seen this pretty face show up multiple times. She’s here in New York for spring break to be as touristy as a tourist can get, and I’m her guide. Except I don’t know the geography of NYC, so we’ll see how that all works out. Thank God for the grid system, eh?

We were overwhelming ourselves last night with the possible things to do in NYC, which is practically endless. With some advice from my roommate over FaceTime, we narrowed it down to a few bunch of places we definitely want to see (some of these are new to me too!):

So, basically, dessert. I realized last night while planning this that I am so lucky to have all these incredible sights, attractions, and places to eat so close to me. I don’t often take advantage of it when I’m home, but now that I have a guest, I’m excited to be a tourist in my own “hometown” (I don’t live in NYC, just close enough).

And speaking of all that food, here are some of my recent eats! I always must say that we are spoiled with the quality, variety, and healthy options of food at BU, but it’s definitely always a treat to come home to the kitchen and mama’s cooking.

I also don’t eat as much when I’m at home, but that’s only because I’m not walking around nearly as much as I do when I’m on campus, so I’m just not as hungry. That being said, I am still blessed to be eating well at home (and you bet I’ll be eating a lot these next couple of days in the city…!).

Recent College Eats:

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whole wheat apple pancake with banana and peanut butter + scrambled eggs + glass o’ milk

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two eggs scrambled with vegetables + oatmeal with coconut, blueberries, and banana

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apple chips (with and without peanut butter)

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lots of green apples (so much better than the red ones in the dining halls)

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baked fish with rice + salad

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salad with sweet potatoes, tuna salad, some sort of bean dip, and feta

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the biggest portion of baked fish I’ve ever received + broccoli and root veggies

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vegan pumpkin bread (with a smidgen of chocolate ice cream that I thought would be vanilla ice cream)

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blueberry cobbler a la mode

Recent Home Eats:


Kylie’s “banana pudding for breakfast


LOADED Greek yogurt bowl with chia seeds, cinnamon, nutmeg, stevia, half a banana, a morning glory muffin, granola, and a large pool of almond butter 


carrots and Sabra roasted pine nut hummus


we found Nuttzo Organic Smooth Power Fuel at Costco!!!


mini morning glory muffin drenched in Nuttzo

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chicken tamale (that dad brought home from a church event) + two scrambled eggs with spinach and tomatoes


salad with homemade honey mustard dressing + seedy toast with sunny eggs and sriracha

DSC_0785 DSC_0786

amazing welcome feast for Rachel a la madre: salmon steamed in banana leaves, Thai basil chicken, Lao baked egg whites (so interesting!), pan roasted brussels sprouts, and sticky rice


vanilla bean ice cream with banana slices and cinnamon

Stay tuned for NYC eats coming at ya later this week. It will be epic, I’m sure.

Hope you all have a terrific Tuesday!

So tell me:

Are you ever a tourist in your own hometown?

Which of the places listed above would you want to visit in NYC?

What is the best meal you’ve eaten in the past week?


17 thoughts on “Recent College vs. Home Eats

  1. Wow all those eats look so good. I am now hungry. And I just had dinner, thanks 😉 I would love to visit all those places but especially Central park for a run! 🙂 I’ve explored pretty much every inch of my city (auckland, New zealand) and now I’m exploring my new city, sydney, Australia! So much fun! I’m excited to hear more about your trip! 🙂

  2. I’d go to ALL of those places in NYC! I’ve heard so much about Serendepity’s frozen hot chocolate. I’ve also heard about this famous mac ‘n’ cheese place called S’mac with all these crazy flavors of mac ‘n’ cheese and you can even design your own! I’d want to go there, too 🙂

  3. Whenever I go into the city im a total tourist!!! 🙈😂 It’s as if I just landed on earth from Mars!! Lol
    Omgggg you must tell me how you like serendipity!!! Definately a tourist trap but the frozen hot cocoa and forbidden Broadway sundae=no words😍😍😍😍
    Have a great time ladies and can’t wait to see your adventures😘

  4. I must admit, I do love being a tourist in my own city/country! Glasgow is such a beautiful amazing place to live and there is so much of Scotland that I still have to explore, even though I have lived here all my life! Enjoy exploring NYC, I am looking forward to your pics. And now I am away to view your link to those eggs, they look incredible!

  5. Ugh all of your food just looks so delicious I just can’t even deal with it! Come feed me! I’m not going to lie… I’d go straight to the Chobani shop. I’ve read about it online and it looks great! And the best meal I’ve eaten this past week? On Sunday night I went out to a place called Grilld with my boyfriend and had a moroccan lamb burger (I love this place – all the meat is grass fed, buns are whole grain, etc. but you don’t have to pay a fortune!), and then afterwards I had Ben and Jerry’s Choc chip cookie dough in a waffle cone. Oh yeah, weekends done right.

  6. That nutzo looks good. Do you like nuttzo better than other nut butters? AND yes, I would love to visit the Chobani Soho and maybe the Yogurt place. I was in NYC for the first time last year, and it was SO COOL. So much energy, people, and culture.

  7. I agree with you: college has a plethora of choices, however I do miss my food from home. Sometimes, I just want my mom’s pasta or a plain old peanut butter and jelly sandwich! Your food always looks so so good. I have a feeling we would be good roommates because we practically eat all of the food (minus fish- but hey, more for you!) And whoa there, don’t hate on my red apples! 😉

    Okay- now I really want some vanilla bean ice cream with banana slices and cinnamon. I need to find this.

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