No Schedule = No Idea What to Do With Myself


I said it yesterday, but I’ll say it again: Thank you all for your kind words, prayers, and support on Thursday’s post regarding my eating disorder. I absolutely mean it from the bottom of my peanut-butter-loving heart that I love and appreciate each one of you.

Some exciting news is that I am currently on spring break! Some disappointing news is that my backyard still has snow up to my knees. #perpetualwinter2015. I made up that hashtag myself, as usual.

I came back home from college via train on Friday night after waiting in the freezing station for an extra two hours due to a delay. I was wearing sneakers and a lighter jacket because I wanted to pack light, but that totally worked against me in this situation. I was shivering so hard that I was practically twerking. Luckily, I had some friends waiting with me who were going home on the same train, so I didn’t freeze alone.

Plus, I had peanut butter in my backpack to comfort and refuel myself once I got on the train.

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Mom and dad also brought me some homemade mok pa (Thai fish casserole steamed in banana leaf) with brown rice for my midnight dinner when they picked me up from the station. Swoon. I housed that meal and it nourished every part of my being. I had it again on Saturday and Sunday. Thanks, ma!


What also hit the spot? My first overnight oats since winter break!!!

overnight oats

*angels singing*

Disoriented Without a Schedule

I had the intention of getting ahead with a lot of studying and homework this weekend (lame, I know) before my friend Rachel arrives tonight(!), but without a concrete schedule or routine, it’s so hard to be productive. Everything I do just takes five minutes longer.

For instance, I’ll sleep in and then wonder: To eat breakfast now or to work out now? Breakfast usually comes first.

Then I’ll spend time perusing blogs for an hour… or two…while watching Food Network. I might do some homework, but then I think about other things I could be doing during my spring break, so I end up reading five pages of my book before getting distracted. Everything just moves at snail pace, and I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MYSELF.

So these are the things I do in an effort to get myself together:

1) Search blogs breakfast recipes and bookmark all of them.

2) Use paraffin as a skincare treatment and freak out at the fact that I look like a Madame Tussaud wax figure.

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3) Clean up after my inevitable kitchen fails.

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The downside to making oatmeal in a jar.

4) Chat and catch up with my parents. ♥

5) Joke around with Rachel.

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6) Be the subject for Daliza’s film project.

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7) Take pictures of pretty Latin hymn music in church so I can sing it later.


8) Go out for sushi (thanks to Groupon of course) with the family!

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We went to Shiki in Stamford, CT, and it was just okay. They were heavy handed on the tempura flakes, mayo, and salt. Does it mean anything that the place was filled with children who were having hibachi birthday parties?

9) Make my “famous” tuna salad for the padres. With 2% Greek yogurt + olive oil instead of light mayo and added craisins.


10) And when all else fails, we bake! Leigha posted these Vegan Morning Glory Muffins on her blog yesterday, and I knew I wanted them. I hit up the grocery store, whipped ’em up, and bathed in the morning glory muffins at 5 PM.

morning glory muffins DSC_0771

I made a few mini ones as well. I had three slightly underbaked minis slathered in peanut butter straight out of the oven. Mmmhmmm.

The only thing is that I tried to save money by grating the baby carrots we had at home already, so that took forever. It was worth it though. I also added walnuts, used craisins instead of raisins, and honey instead of maple syrup.


So here I am typing this at 9:30 PM on Sunday night, and I have accomplished 2% of the homework I planned to do. At least I’m in the spirit of spring break, am I right?

Hope you all have a fabulous Monday!

So tell me:

Do you ever feel disoriented when you don’t have a schedule/routine?

One thing you did, one thing you ate, and one thing you wish you did this weekend!


27 thoughts on “No Schedule = No Idea What to Do With Myself

  1. I have the hardest time when I am not on a schedule also! Even when I have things to do, I don’t know what to do with myself. I feel out of sorts. You are definitely not alone on this one! Even though school can be a drag, I do like the rigidity of it.. Hmm.. the best thing I ate this weekend was a Heath Blizzard from Dairy Queen. 🙂

  2. Totally not lame to intent on getting ahead on school! I do the exact same. I just it just means your into what you’re studying – a good thing 🙂 Haha you’re completely right that everything just takes five minutes longer without a set schedule. I get so thrown off when I have a day of no work/school. It looks like you found plenty to do though! Enjoy break! Happy to come across you’re blog.

  3. So I was late to your Thursday’s post, and I can’t remember if I actually commented or not (seriously, what the..!?)But you have to know that I loved it. I’m proud and inspired by you girl.. You are beautiful 🙂 .
    Aahhh free days, how I love and hate it! Love the essence of doing as I please, yet who am I kidding – productive its not. But then again..that’s the beauty of it 😉 .

  4. Totally feeling all sorts of disoriented right now. The time change has me waking up an hour later, so I kind of don’t know if I’m supposed to start my routine from the beginning or where it would be at that hour mark 😆 Problemz. But I’ll take it if it means an extra hour of daylight. Spring is comingggggg *happy dance*

  5. I’m lol’ing (?) so hard! This is me to a tee!🙈😂😂😂 when I’m home in general I can’t get anything done!
    Hope you have a great and relaxing week Alison!!!
    Ps I think i think I think I see a patch of grass outside #perpetualwinter😉


    BOO to non-springy weather. We actually haven’t had much of a winter in the west. Not complaining ONE BIT!

    Yeah, I’m actually feelin’ pretty sleepy today. I was up at 5am and I’m crashing haaarrrrd. 😦 I cannot wait for bed tonight!!

  7. I totally do. Happens on weekends with pretty much zero plans. And then I try to do everything…and then stress myself out. Need to get better at that whole “relaxing on weekends” thing, instead of all things productive. This time change is messing with me a little bit – benefitting me at work though! Because when it used to be 1:42, it is now 2:42, and I’m much closer to being HOME!
    This weekend: DID = went out for a much needed lunch date with my bestie. ATE = we both orders eggs/bacon/toast and shared apple pie at 3 in the afternoon. It was perfect. WISH = I wouldn’t have had a mental breakdown yesterday about not getting all the things done. I wish I would have just relaxed. #longestcommentever

  8. Girl, I feel ya on the weekend laziness! I felt super unproductive, but I guess that’s okay once in awhile.

    Woohooooo on the muffins!! It seriously makes me so happy when people make my recipes 😀 I used baby carrots too and omg it sucked so bad to grate them, lol! Anyway, I hope you’re enjoying your spring break. I’m on spring break for my college class but not for high school – which means I can’t go anywhere during normal spring break because I’m not missing a week of calc 2!

  9. I hate to say it but I thrive on routine! I am having to now develop a new routine since I am back at University for the first time since early November. Boy, it’s hard. But yet I know, come holidays in 2 months time, I will be wondering what to do with myself! Ahhhh that Hor Mok looks amazing! I love that type of food!

  10. I feel you with that disorganized schedule! I don’t have classes atm either, and I literally don’t really know what to do with myself. It is like you’ve described it… I read a book, get distracted, read blogs, watch youtube videos, scroll through instagram… Ok, I do cook breakfast for myself, and lunch for me and my parents, and on weekends I visit my boyfriend (thank God for friends, haha!). It’s a good idea though to search for specific recipe to cook/bake. I’m going to do that too! (have you seen Amanda’s latest recipe yet? YUM!)

  11. You know you’re a HLB when you have a jar of peanut butter within hand’s reach at all moments of the day. LOL your friend Rachel is hilarious, but then again, I probably would have fallen for it as well. Whoops.

    One thing I did: saw the Cinderella movie (so good!)
    One thing I ate: chocolate cake!
    One thing I wish I did this weekend: sleep in more

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