To think that I used to be bored at some points in my life cracks me up. At times now, I WISH I had time to be bored! But not really, because that’s no fun. 🙂

I hope you all have been doing well, since I know you’re all busy bees too. Since I haven’t checked in with life lately, I am sharing some current happenings with you all, inspired by Amanda’s “currently” posts!

Current book: Better by Atule Gawande for my intro to health professions writing class.

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Current music: My own voice (I gave up music for Lent). I’m basically like Tori Kelly…with undertones like those of a pre-pubescent teenage boy.

Current guilty pleasure: Watching Jamie Oliver’s FoodTube channel and listening to those melodic British and Italian voices.

Current beverage: Wahhhhter. All the day. I can’t wait for smoothies at home during spring break!!!


It calls to me.

Current food: Apple chips with peanut butter. I mean, I have a lot of things with peanut butter, but this is my go-to right now.

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 And just because I haven’t shared my recent eats lately, here are a couple collages. Lots of sandwiches, eggs, and peanut butter per usual.

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That bottom right picture is peach cobbler from the dining hall (WOW so good)….with cottage cheese. Sorry if that made you gag, but here’s what happened: I got the cottage cheese first, expecting to just put some usual fruit and granola on it, but then I found the peach cobbler, which of course I could not pass up. So I reasoned, “Well, the fruit is still there, the carbs are still there… I’ll go for it.” So I put the peach cobbler on my cottage cheese.

I must admit that the combo was a little funky fresh at first, but it was still pretty good! I probably wouldn’t do it again though.

Current obsession: Wearing fuzzy tights underneath jeans. Why did I not do this earlier?! My mom bought me a couple pairs of super comfy, fleece-lined tights a while back, and I only recently decided to start wearing them underneath my jeans. My legs are so much happier when I walk out in the frigid Boston wind now. I’m sorry for previously judging people who wear long underwear.



Current wish: That I could read more blogs and not have 300 unread blogs in my reader ahhhh.

Current need: To form more synapses in my brain more quickly so that I can remember everything for my linguistics exam tomorrow and anatomy lab exam on Wednesday.

Current triumph: Not yet tripping on the uneven sidewalks of Boston University (despite almost faceplanting multiple times).

Current bane of my existence: Winter. It’s been long enough.

Current indulgence: This dinner that my roommate treated me to as a late Christmas present. She took me to an on-campus, sit-down restaurant called Late Night Kitchen, which is in the basement of one of our student centers. I was very impressed! Maybe it’s because I was starving, but my pesto grilled chicken sandwich with crispy french fries were ON POINT. (In the words of my roommate, they were “A1.”)

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Current procrastination: Right now— I’m blogging to procrastinate my studying 🙂

Current blessing: School. Sometimes I feel like I’m drowning in work, but when I take a step back from the stress, I realize that a) it’s a blessing to be at such an amazing college, b) I’m learning some awesome things, c) there are so many resources and people to help me. What’s there to complain about!?

Current excitement: My next door dorm neighbor/bff Rachel is coming to New York with me for spring break! I’m in charge of taking her around NYC, which means I’m in charge of taking her to eateries and restaurants, which means I’m overwhelmed but so super excited!

Current mood: 


Current link: I WANT THIS OMELETTE. It’s mesmerizingly fluffy.

And there you have it, friends! I may or may not be coming back tomorrow with a recap of my NEDA week talk from last Monday. I’m definitely bummed that I wasn’t able to get a post up regarding NEDA week when it was, well, actually NEDA week, but better late than never, right?

I hope you have a fantastic Monday!

So tell me your current…

…guilty pleasure


…bane of existence




20 thoughts on “Currently…

  1. I have a ton of unread blogs too. I haven’t posted in a month either. I’ve been so bad about it and plan to catch up this week! 🙂 Also, winter is the current bane of my existence too. I’m ready to get out with baby Charlotte and walk!

  2. The boredom thing boggles my mind as well. I remember feeling bored even back when I was still in school, but now? I’d kill for some spare time to feel bored in! Ahhh well… that just means there’s plenty of exciting things to be happy about. And I love what you said about school being a blessing. It’s easy to hate it when you’re drowning in work, but yeah… it really is an amazing thing to be able to learn and work towards a future that you want. Happy studying!

  3. I missed you girl but completely understand. I feel like when it rains/snows it pours and right now it’s a down right blizzard 😭
    Anywho Current procrastination is hw (hence the comment 😉 )
    and I’m so with you on the tights underneath pants!! Kinda constricting but man it works and when I get home and the pants come off….aaaaaaaa👼👼👼🙌 Have a great one pal😘

  4. I TOTALLY feel you on the business but still so blessed to have so many things in life! I have hundreds of unread posts and I might have to click mark all as read.. if my OCD will let me, ha! I really want to hear about your talk! I finally published my post, with the prompting to get it done seeing that it was NEDA week. Also, your roommate is da cutest!

  5. You have to sing for me.
    I love those “currently” posts – glad you did it 🙂 . I’m on [The chronicles of Fearie] The Summer King – good stuff so far. Current food: All the chocolate! That time of the month means – my regular chocolate love times a million.

  6. Girll.. I AM WITH YOU. I miss being bored. I don’t get a moment to relax anymore. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but my goodness is it stressful. I wish you the best of luck for your midterms if they are coming up!!

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