Beautiful people of the earth, how are you?

Yes, I guess you could say I had a freaking-fantastic-wonderful-awesome time on retreat in Maine this weekend! Although we always experience a Jesus “high” during and right after retreat, the point of the retreat was to equip and instruct us on how to go out and proclaim our faith through our daily lives— through the highest of highs and lowest of lows. Our speaker for this retreat, Michael Lavigne (he has a blog!), called it “the art of living.” Dig it.

The weekend was packed with delicious food made by the most amazing kitchen team, lots of laughs, contemplation, community, and of course, deep conversations with Christ through prayer. I cannot put into words how much I enjoy retreat and love Jesus.

That being said, we’re back at school and work awaits. It’s going to be a loooong week, so if I don’t post again this week, please forgive me. Life is rolling faster than I can keep up sometimes!

Here are some scenes from the weekend:

Rachel’s birthday was on Friday, but since we left for retreat on Friday night, we celebrated on Thursday night at a lovely little Mexican restaurant. I ordered a beef taco and fish taco, and my soul was happy.

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FYI— bottom left pic is us trying to imitate the statues behind us. In case you were wondering what we’re doing.

Several wonderful people kept us {more than} well-nourished during retreat. French toast, chili, CHEESE BISCUITS OMG, trifles, pesto pasta, carrot soup… They put the dining halls to utter shame.

Carbs were my best friend this weekend and I am so okay with that.

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P.S. they also had peanut butter ♥ 

Last but not least, the people with whom I spent the weekend are truly a gift from God. My friends here, there, and everywhere (I’m talking to all you readers out there!) are constantly inspiring and humbling me. Thanks so much.

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From far away, it looks like we have mustaches on our shirts. They’re not mustaches.

Not gonna lie, I feel slightly anxious for the week ahead because of all the work and studying that needs to get done, but the retreat has certainly recharged me and prepared me to take on each day the Lord gives us.

Oh! I cannot forget to address the fact that this week is National Eating Disorders Awareness (NEDA) Week. Gah, now I definitely want to try to put up a post regarding that. Tonight I will actually be speaking at the BU Nutrition Club’s NEDA lecture and discussion, where I will be giving my personal account of my past eating disorder following a lecture by Jennifer Culbert, RD, LDN. Pray for us!



Hopefully, I will be back later this week to recap my talk that I will be giving tonight, as well as discuss more about eating disorder awareness. It’s something that I am passionate about, and my recovery journey is what led me to create this blog. So stay tuned!

You’re beautiful. Catch ya later, kids.

So tell me:

What are three things that made you smile this weekend? 


14 thoughts on “Recharged

  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend! Three things that made me smile this weekend: a balloon Minion appearing in my dorm hallway overnight, wandering around Trader Joe’s with some friends, and seeing a huge group of people in my house come together last night to support one of my friends having a tough time. Community is amazing. Have an excellent (busy) week!

  2. Seeing you smile in all of these great pictures make me so happy! Oh goodness, the retreat sounds amazing. There’s nothing like a weekend with Jesus to help you through a stressful week! You’ll definitely be in my prayers for your eventful week as well as the speech. Take care, gorgeous. xx

  3. What an awesome weekend!!!!! Id love to find a retreat just like that to go to!!! Even if just for the food 😉😜 ️️jk!!! Kinda🙈
    Just take each day as it comes pal! That’s all we can do. Sometimes even just an hour at a time! I get so overwhelmed as well!
    I’ll definately be praying for you today 🙏 youre gonna rock it! Let us know how it goes?!
    Love you girlie 💗💗💗

  4. I definitely know what you mean about the “Jesus high.” I remember experiencing the same sort of thing on so many of the retreats I went to. Glad to see you having such a good time, lady 🙂

    Three things that made me smile this weekend: vacation planning, dinner with the fam, and catching up with a friend over coffee 🙂

  5. What a fantastic weekend! Let us know how your speech goes tonight, you little trailblazer, you.

    I just ran 10km and now I have a Jesus high too!

    Three things that made me smile: spending time with my boyfran – he’s a dreamboat. Plus seeing some blogger friends & Bodypump’ing together… and I ate a bunch of delicious Arabic food. So, so good.

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