Weekly Moves and Grooves XIX

Greetings from Maine!

That was kind of a lie. I typed this on Friday evening in Boston before leaving for Maine, where I am currently on the Catholic Center’s spring retreat!

Some of you might remember me talking about the retreat we attended in New Hampshire last semester— it was one of the best college experiences I’ve had so far. Maybe this retreat meets or even exceeds it?? I’ll let you know tomorrow 🙂

But as for right now, here’s how I’ve been moving and grooving this past week!

weekly moves and grooves


shoveling snow // rest day

Some friends and I faced the bitter winter wind to shovel out a bunch of snow for the staff at the Catholic Center. I thought my fingers and face were gonna fall off, but it was fun being with my friends and watching the sunset over what used to be the Charles River (now a frozen field of nothing).


5 min. stair master warmup + leg workout

  • 5 sets: 8 Bulgarian split squats (30-35#) + 16 jump lunges
  • 3 sets: 8 angled leg press (180#) + 10 plank jack burpees
  • 5 sets: 8-10 trap bar deadlifts (115-125#) + 15 single leg elevated bridges each leg

This one was short and sweet killer. My legs were already jello after the Bulgarian split squats. Those own me. Also, this was my first time using the trap bar, and I liked it! It feels like a more stable way to deadlift.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


8 minute ab tabata // active rest

I attempted to do a dorm workout in the morning, but my leg fatigue/soreness traveled throughout my body, so I just did some ab work and walked around for the rest of the day.


walking and basketball // rest

Since we were fasting for Ash Wednesday, my workout buddy, PJ, and I decided to just play some basketball for 30 minutes in the morning so we wouldn’t overexert ourselves and feel famished the rest of the day. A good call, I’d say.


AMRAP dorm workout + cardio and core workout 

To warm up: 100 jumping jacks and my favorite warm up video

And then this workout that I came up with:

20 minutes AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)

Then I did a cardio and abs circuit that looked very similar to this one from Julie.


5 min. stair master + 20 min. AMRAP workout

I did another 20 minute AMRAP, except this time at the gym! It was inspired by this workout from Tina.

20 min. AMRAP:

This was a good one for sure! Again, quick yet effective.

And I don’t know what I’m doing for the rest of the weekend, but I’m sure we’ll be moving and grooving well enough 🙂

Have a wonderful Sunday, friends!

So tell me:

What did you do this weekend?

Did you do a quick and effective workout this week?


3 thoughts on “Weekly Moves and Grooves XIX

  1. You were totally in my thoughts today as I WENT TO MY FIRST CROSSFIT! I loved it!! And I finally got my double unders and used a rowing machine for the first time 😀 I guess you could say it’s a big day!

    I hope you’re having an incredible time in Maine! That place has always been on my bucket list!

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