Things I Learned Last Week


I know I checked in with Weekly Moves and Grooves yesterday, but I missed sharing life happenings with you all and hearing about your lives too. Last week was jam-packed with studying and activities, so blogging just couldn’t happen.

But now I’m here and ready to share some of the crazy-fun-weird things I learned last week!

Studying with a friend really does do wonders.

I usually like studying by myself, but the night before our anatomy exam, my friend Cassandra and I reviewed all the material by testing each other and using a white board to draw bones, tissues, and muscles. It definitely made me feel more confident during the test!

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Breakfast for dinner in the dining halls should be a weekly occurrence.

Carbs and dairy and carbs. The essentials.

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Two snow days in a row doesn’t mean a thing anymore.

We had another blizzard last Monday, which resulted in cancelled classes on Tuesday as well. That would be a total of five snow days this semester! What is school?

Some professors are holding classes on a couple Saturdays to make up lectures and labs, which is good from the academic standpoint as well as the *ahem* tuition standpoint.

Oh we had a blizzard yesterday too. It’s time to migrate, like, last month.

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Officially taller than me.

Boston wears snow beautifully though.

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A snow day does not mean more free time.

Holy smokes, last week was BUSY. The snow days were used to catch up on work, and then the work/appointments/meetings kept coming, which is why I didn’t get to blog.

Busy, but good busy (for the most part). 🙂

Grilled cheese + tomato soup is one of the greatest food combinations.

I already knew this, but I learned that I should have it more often, especially during the winter.

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This grilled cheese was swiss, tomato, and caramelized onions on wheat. Mmmm.

My friends talk about my blog when I’m not around.

Rachel told me, “I was telling Cassandra that if I were Alison, I would be making my dessert look pretty and taking a picture of it.” I am both flattered and embarrassed.

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I will go the distance for brussels sprouts.

I don’t usually like tempeh, but the dining hall was serving orange maple tempeh with brussels sprouts and zucchini, so I got it just for the brussels sprouts.

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The tempeh was bland, but the brussels were worth it.

I am a certified Boston University tour guide!

Come to Boston University so that “I can show you the worldddd…shining, shimmering, splendid!” (<— Aladdin, anyone?)

A little bit o’ love can mean so much to someone.

Some people at the Catholic Center got together to put together Valentines for people who are homeless in Boston. The joy of the recipients is always a reminder of what love is all about— giving. #cheeeeeese

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How to dissect a cat.

For anatomy. My lab partner and I named our cat Larry (is it terrible that we named him?).

I have a new favorite way to eat cottage cheese!

Remember my usual concoction of cottage cheese with strawberry yogurt, banana and peanut butter last semester? I guess I wanted a new combo along with this new semester. Now I’m loving it with frozen blueberries, peaches, and granola!

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Cheetah Girls 2 is still fabulous.

Rachel and I had a little “Galentine’s” night in with popcorn and classic Cheetah Girls 2. We knew all the words to the songs and loved every minute.

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I have a banana problem.

I feel the need to stock up on bananas whenever I leave the dining hall, so now I have enough bananas in my dorm room to make a pyramid out of them.

Chill pill. I’m on it.

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Luckily, there are no fruit flies in the winter!

I’m evil for liking raisins.

A loving Valentine’s snapchat from Rachel (who does not approve of raisins at all):

raisin lover

Hope you all have a rockin’ Monday! Happy President’s Day to my fellow Americans! My parents are coming to visit Ben and me for our day off 🙂

So tell me:

One thing you learned last week!

How did you spend your Valentine’s Day?

What is your favorite childhood movie?

Please tell me you like raisins.


17 thoughts on “Things I Learned Last Week

  1. Last week, I also learned that sometimes studying with people is the way to go. I typically study alone because I feel more productive (so sometimes it’s a good move), but studying with friends makes it so much more fun.
    I spent Valentine’s Day writing a paper – but I spent Valentine’s evening in Chinatown doing karaoke with friends, so we’ll just focus on that.
    My favorite childhood movie is The Parent Trap (with Lindsay Lohan!), and YES I like raisins a lot 😀

  2. Cheetah girls!!!😂 o man goodtimes!

    Ok so I learned that im not meant for cold weather and that I need to stay away from all sick people (currently in bed feeling like 💩😩)
    My favorite childhood movies are parent trap, now and then,father of the bride, and trouble with Angels 🙂 What’s yours?!
    Anywho, stay warm girlie and sending all my cold but snuggly hugs to you😘💗

  3. Whooo bugger will you look at all that snow!! You’re right though – Boston wears it well.
    We’re starting to get chilly on this end of the world..hello Fall 🙂 . Ohh you’ve already switched up the combination of your “favourite thing” and I’m yet to try it with the strawberry yogurt :p !
    Childhood movies that I love dearly to this day: Spirit and Bambi.

  4. We didn’t have class off for President’s day, but classes ended up getting canceled at 2:00 anyway because of SNOW!!

    I did Galentine’s Day with some girlfriends (okay, and a couple guy party-crashers).
    And I love raisins 🙂

  5. Gah so much goodness in one post! Firstly, I am glad to see bananas without a trace of green 😉 but OMG all the snow! I wish I was there right now and not in the boiling Australian heat! And can you give me a tour around BU? (….and pay for flights? ;D) And I love raisins! Although we mostly call them sultanas in Australia, which reminds me that we also called grilled cheese ‘toasties’ or ‘jaffles’ and you can actually buy a jaffle maker that makes it for you. A common filling is baked beans and cheese, very old school Aussie 😉

  6. Ew I still can’t get over that cat.

    Also you need to try this- It used to be my go to snack for about a year- 1/2 cup cottage cheese, 1/4 cup greek yogurt, 1/4 cup raw oats, 1/4 cup blueberries, maple syrup/sweetener mix and top with peanut butter or add crushed nuts- actually like cookie dough. Do it.

    Also. I would totally have ordered a dish just for one minor component of it 😉

  7. I cannot believe how much snow you guys have been hit with. Remember when Canada used to have snow? I don’t. I’ve been running outdoors in shorts/capris & a hoodie for weeks! 🙂
    (I don’t mean to rub it in. Yes I do.)

    My friends talk about my blog too!!!

    Yes, I like raisins. I don’t go out of my way to eat them, but I love ’em in baked goods or cinnamon raisin toast.

    I wasn’t feeling so great on Vday- I spent part of the day visiting my dad in the hospital, then I laid in my BF’s bed reading books/sleeping until the next morning.

    Fav childhood movie: OH MAN, where to start. The Labyrinth, Ghostbusters, Home Alone 2… these are all before your time. Hahhaha

  8. I want to reply to everything! Haha. This was such a fun little post + look into your life. I’m craving just ONE blizzard to come to Duluth, MN so my work is forced to give us a snow day. Sounds so glorious! Snow days in college were always my ‘good busy’ days as well…you just want to try and catch up! And your breakfast for dinner just elevated my desire to bake and drink coffee/tea this weekend. #dangerous I think I’m craving comfort food!

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