Day in the Life of a Second Semester Freshman

Hooray for day in the life posts! These are my absolute favorite posts to read, and luckily, they’re just as fun to write. Here’s what went down in the life (and noggin) of Alison yesterday:

6:15 AM— First alarm // “No.”

6:20 AM— Second alarm // *grooooooan* // check phone

6:25 AM— Out of bed, bathroom, change

6:35 AM— Eat a banana and some trail mix, pray, finish getting my stuff together for the gym

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

{recycled photo}

6:55 AM— Trek it over to FitRec across campus

7:15 AM— Move and groove // Dirty Burpee Workout

7:50 AM— Walk back to the dorm // “So sweaty under this sweatshirt and heavy jacket, but it’s too cold to take them off ahhhh.”

8:10 AM— Shower and gather up my stuff for the day

8:40 AM— Breakfast, plus some reading and essay planning

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oatmeal with honey, shredded coconut, peanut butter, and banana + scrambled eggs doused in black pepper after this photo was taken

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9:30 AM— Discuss, listen, and learn in class // “I always need to pee every half hour after I work out.”

12:30 PM— Drop off a bag of donations for a clothing drive

1:00 PM— Lunch and blog reading

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

salad with Greek dressing + roast beef, provolone cheese, and honey mustard sandwich on wheat

1:30 PM— Stop by my dorm room to exchange books in my backpack and start typing this post

1:50 PM— Go to the children’s library in the School of Education and to read picture books (they are sources for my writing course called Aesthetic Constructions of Childhood, aka a writing course about picture books 🙂 )

3:00 PM— Organic chemistry discussion class

4:00 PM— Walk to a place with a nice view to do homework // “Who knew picture books would consume two and a half hours of a single day?”

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset dayinlife5

4:50 PM— Snack on some Snap Pea Crisps and take a #basic sunset picture

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


6:45 PM— Dinner! // “One of the best dining hall dinners I’ve had in a while!”

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

turkey souvlaki pita + curry chicken

7:15 PM— Walk over to the Catholic Center to hear a talk about exorcism and deliverance // “This is so intense and now I want to bless ALL the things with Holy Water.” // But really, it was more fascinating and informational than freaky, promise.

9:00 PM— Back at the dorm for the night // Eat frozen banana and peanut butter

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

9:15 PM— Emails, housekeeping stuff, finish up some homework, type this

10:40 PM— Get ready for bed because tomorrow (today) is another long day!

Hope you all have a fabulous day! You are awesome. BE NOT AFRAID.


Joining Jenn’s jolly linkup!

So tell me:

Three random things you did yesterday…

Two things you ate…

And one way you moved and grooved!


40 thoughts on “Day in the Life of a Second Semester Freshman

  1. Organic chemistry!! Wow! You sound like a busy bee 🙂 today I ate POPCORN and delicious tomatoes topped with meatballs! (Not together 🙂 ) so good!!

  2. Yesterday I volunteered at the YMCA, planned some blog posts for the upcoming week, and went grocery shopping. Super exciting stuff. Hahah. I had avocado toast with dinner and a taco salad for lunch, so it was a very tasty day, food-wise.

  3. Ahh, I love reading about your life, Allison. I should do a day in the life post soon, too. What camera do you use to take all your photos? And let’s take a minute to appreciate the gooey roast beef and provolone cheese sandwhich with honey mustard–please come dorm with me next year because I have never been exposed to such creative ideas. I say creative. because I’d never think of something like that–as an Asian family we keep it simple: stir fry everything. I’ve also never tried provolone cheese(but boy oh boy when I do eat cheese it has to be SMOTHERED) or maybe I accidentally did, and did not know it! Hope your illustration class is chillaxed. 🙂

    Love you, allison!

  4. So… I’d love to have a course on analyzing picture books. I miss those suckers!

    3 randoms: spent lots of time learning about cancer and heart disease 😯 , met my mom for lunch, and probably spent way too much time watching random YouTube videos.
    2 things eaten: brownie batter oats and a heaping plate of roasted potatoes.
    1 m&g: a run/walk as part of my C25K program.

    Happy Wednesday!

  5. Yesterday I studied for midterms, did a FitnessBlender HIIT workout, and went to my econ professor’s office hours. School stuff, mostly – so it was a busy day, like yours! And I ate delicious roasted potatoes and Justin’s honey peanut butter (not together 🙂 ).

  6. Hmm…I feel like you don’t really like peanut butter? 😉 I love your banana, oatmeal, coconut, and PB combo! I can’t stand dining hall eggs because for some reason, I like my eggs not soft or runny AT ALL…so I always go for an omelet instead.

  7. I like these kinds of posts! So itneresting and fun reading about others daily patterns,
    Yesterday I had overnight oats for breakfast in bed, been to a class, and studied as everyday (I have my English final exam next Wednesday!!)
    I had curry soup 3 days in a row (talking about meal prep…), omelette like every Tuesday, and carroatmeal (oats with shredded carrots, lol)
    And I’m on that 50 push-ups in 50 days challenge, in week 3!! I started with 15 push-ups, and after 2,5 weeks I was at 25. It’s really challenging but also fun and I’m so excited to get stronger and stronger 😀

  8. This is so intense I want to bless allthingspumpkin with holy water 😂
    Let’s see I went to class (woo hoo) and took my littlecousin to dance class 🙂
    And I ate fig newtons and leftover lentil soup with rice for dinner ( not altogether together!)
    Have a good one pal😘

  9. I remember dining hall days – that dinner did look fantastic! I used to steal so many bananas and pieces of fruit from the dining hall I had like mini produce section in my dorm

  10. I love “day in the life’s” ! Umm I think I may need to pee every half hour. Period. hahaa :p .
    I’d much rather fill you in on what I’m munching on right now as a result of a random craving: a cold doughy indian tortilla smeared with butter and some pineapple & orange marmelade. Delis!
    Yesterday I .. Attended arabic language class, got soaked in a sudden downpour, aaand went to bed spectacularly early 🙂 .

  11. Two things I ate today.. coconut pb spread and oatmeal.3 random things I did yesterday..spin class, doctor appointment, and got my hair cut.. just stumbled upon your blog and love it!! 🙂

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