Instagram Accounts That Make Me Happy

Instagram is my kryptonite.

Apparently, I love it enough to write a speech about it. It’s my number one cause for procrastination, so I have to keep myself in check whenever I open up the app of beautiful doom. I tell myself, “Okay, only scroll for ten more pictures,” but my thumb doesn’t listen to me, and it just keeps scrolling for another twenty minutes.


Part of the reason for my incessant scrolling is because I follow over 600 accounts on Instagram. Just a few weeks ago, I was following over 700 accounts, but I’ve been cleaning up the feed a little bit. Recently, the question I’ve been asking myself is: “does this Instagram account make me happy or does it cause me to reflect?” If the answer to either is no, I unfollow.

I don’t expect people to follow me when I follow them, but if they do follow me, I hope some of my photos can make them happy too!

And with that, here are some of my absolute favorite Instagram accounts that make me smile, think, pray, and chase my dreams/rainbows/butterflies.

People and Animals

@bevcooks // This wonder woman shares photos of her smushy-lovable twin babies with the most hilarious captions ever. Bev also produces amazing food and endless humor on her blog.


@mimiikonn // Her fashion. Her hair. Her world. I found her a few years ago through her hair/style Youtube channel.


@breelovesbeauty // Another Youtube star who brings out the girly girl in me. I love her inspirational photos and captions that come straight from Scripture.


@humansofny // The famous photographer, Brandon, brings out the most inspirational, funny, and poignant stories from people he just meets in NYC.


@3bulldogges // They speak for themselves.


@speedyboyboy // His little tongue!



@kinoyoga // She’s just beautiful.


@laurasykora // Rockstar yogi mama who can do any pose ever.


@shauna_harrison // Underarmour Women creator and just an amazing, well-rounded athlete. Her #SweatADay videos are the best!


@achieving_balance // A down-to-earth, gorgeous young woman who loves living a wholesome lifestyle (and who lives in Sydney aka paradise). Her mini workout videos are also awesome.


@strength_and_focus // Another incredible yogi and all-things-fit mama. Just. Wow.


@davedurante // INSANE strength and gymnastics skills.



@caitsplate // I’m sure a lot of you know her through her blog, but I can seriously stalk her simple yet beautiful {healthy} food pictures all the darn day. She’s also in grad school at Boston College (our rival, but still…Boston)!


@tumblinbumblincrumblincookie // What a name, huh? Her pancakes match the fabulousness of her account name. And she’s only 15 years old!


@passportsandpancakes // Elegant, natural, perfect.


@realfoodbydad // Hooray for dads that cook and blog! He also puts everything in a waffle maker, which I really dig.



@youngadventuress // Confession: I just found her as I was typing up this blog post. But I can already tell I’m going to love this Instagram account.


@nasa // The universe is cool. (<–Understatement of the EON.)


 Is there an Instagram-aholics anonymous?

So tell me:

Instagram. Addicting or addicting?

What are some of your favorite accounts? 


5 thoughts on “Instagram Accounts That Make Me Happy

  1. I have a weakness for Instagram also. I just can’t help myself 😉 @animalzone is one of the cutest animal Instagrams, if you want to check it out!

  2. Addicting 🙋 addict🙋 addiction🙋 #intervention lol
    But I love how you approach following people (does it make me happy,etc)
    I recently unfollowed a bunch of people bc it’s too much of a distraction from what I should be focusing on. You feel me?!🙈
    Butttttttt im going to have to check some of these out😉
    Have a great one alison!!

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