Current Simple Joys

New England Patriots REPPIN’!

[Confession #1: I typed that before the game even started…for optimism. Confession #2: I don’t give a single care for football. I just like cornbread, chili, halftime, and a reason to be excited. Confession #3: I was reading blogs throughout the game last night.]

For those of you who either don’t live in the United States or just don’t know why people are talking about bowls being so super, there was a very important football game on TV last night. Or should I say there were a series of weird commercials with some football woven throughout?

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Plus twenty more handfuls of popcorn, another wing, funfetti dip, and microwave pizza rolls. QUALITY DINNER.

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In addition to the simple joy of being in Boston when the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl, this past week has brought about an endless number of other blessings that have been making me smile until I look Asian.

Oh wait.

current simple joys

  • Biscuits with honey butter.

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My friend Arianna taught me yet another trick of the dining hall. When they have “shortcake” for dessert, they provide plain biscuits. She takes those biscuits, pops them in the microwave for a few seconds, and then spreads butter and honey on them. Genius, yes?

  • Spotify. (Below is a shorter version of my entire list of songs on Spotify, in case you were wondering what I’ve been grooving to. It’s a diverse list 🙂 )
  • Celebrating birthdays {and funfetti cake}.

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Happy birthday to Erica! And shoutout to Jonathan, who nailed that funfetti cake like no other.

  • Going to the chapel for Mass in the middle of a busy day of classes.
  • Weird combinations that end up tasting delicious.

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Cottage cheese, granola, peanut butter, and applesauce. I’m laughing out loud because I know my friends are probably making barf sounds at this.

  • The unlimited dining plan— I can just swipe into the dining hall for a snack.
  • Human anatomy (seriously). 
  • Checking things off your to-do list.
  • Awesome wins for BU Hockey.

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  • Coming inside after being assaulted by freezing winds.
  • A man on the sidewalk sounding extra cheerful when he said, “You’re welcome!” in reply to my rather dull “thank you.”
  • Sandwiches. 

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  • Warm laundry. And when the dorm dryer actually dries all your clothes.
  • Feeling spent yet accomplished after working out.
  • Just talking with friends.
  • Beanies.

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  • When the dining hall has spotty bananas, so that I can take them to my dorm and freeze them.
  • Clear, sunny days and Boston terriers.

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  • Yet another snow day.

That’s right— BU cancelled classes today due to more snow. It’s kind of a joy and kind of a hassle, because it’s nice to have a day off, but…when are we going to have a full week of school? I’m a nerd.

Oh well, that means more time to have dance parties in my dorm room! It’ll be fun active rest because I feel my legs getting sore already from today’s workout (as I type this on Sunday night) ahhhh.

Have a lovely Monday, friends!

So tell me:

Are you pleased with the Super Bowl outcome?

Three of your current simple joys! 

What is your favorite app for music?


21 thoughts on “Current Simple Joys

  1. Hahaha “a series of weird commercials with some football woven throughout” is a perfect way to describe the Super Bowl.
    3 simple joys for me currently: Mexican food with sour cream, a randomly warm day today so I could wear shorts, and my public policy class that I was unsure about at first, but arm really enjoying!

  2. You’re so cute!! love that beanie btw! looks like you are having a blast right now!! 🙂 …and did you say funfetti dip?!! Oh my word I’ve made that before!! Amazing, right?! Isn’t everything better with sprinkles?! YUM 🙂 Glad that you’re doing well!

  3. LOL!! This post totally made me smile and laugh:)
    And I’m with you on all three of those confessions!!!🙋🙈
    Three current blessings: power! (We have terrible luck when it comes to storms and losing power….woo hoo long island 😭😭😭), not having to shovel this mess!, and a fully stocked fridge!🙌
    Have a great one Alison😘💖

  4. A link-up for this would be amazing. Once I have my blog life together, this would be a perfect way to document gratitude + share and inspire others! I love to-do lists so much…I have mine evening all planned out with one. I’m sort of wishing we get a snowstorm at some point, and one that gets me a snow day from work – hopefully it doesn’t happen when I’m in Florida next week!

  5. I love beanies too! Obsessed! Current simple pleasures: a hot shower after a long run, coffee in bed every morning, and winter boots! 🙂

  6. So with you on the spotty bananas for freezing 🙂 My current simple pleasures include well-shoveled sidewalks (campus maintenance is awesome – we had nearly 20 inches of snow yesterday!), huge spoonfuls of nut butter, and when the heater in my dorm seems to know that I’m cold and kicks on at just the right moment. Have a lovely evening!

  7. Spotty bananas! Heck yeah. I go by the term “perfectly freckled” 😀 . And I’ve been particularly loving them in their simple glory alongside a mug of rooibos fennel tea. Current Simple joys: time spent at peace in nature, returning ravenous from classes to a hearty homecooked meal, and early morning coffee!

  8. Spotify is one of my simpe joys too 🙂 I have been listening to it on my weekly runs and had a Christmas playlist set up during the holidays. Another one of my simple joys would be 1) checking out library books (as many as I want) and 2) sweet potatoes (my addiction seems to have gotten worse!) 3) red wine. I took the month of January off from drinking and enjoyed a glass last night. I don’t drink a ton but I really enjoy a glass from time to time!

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