Blizzard Day Eats

It feels like I’m in high school again!

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Blizzard 2015 resulted in cancelled classes yesterday and today, so the students of Boston are reveling in the extra time to study watch Netflix and play outside. The wind and snow were going strong all day yesterday, and I’d say Boston got approximately two feet of snow.

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Some pictures of buried cars and parking meters are slightly misleading, because snowblowers caused the sidewalks to look insanely drowned in snow, but there still was a heck of a lot of fluffy white stuff!

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Our faces hurt from the cutting, cold wind, but it was fun to be outside after studying all day. The snow was the fluffiest and whitest I’ve ever seen!

Moves were also done inside! I did five rounds (spread out throughout the morning) of 20 air squats, 20 pushups, 1 minute plank, and 10 burpees, plus other random exercises as study breaks.

In my dorm building, we are fortunate enough to have a dining hall on the lower floor, so food was still conveniently accessible throughout the day. The same could not be said for people living in some of the other dorms, so we are lucky ducks!


Here’s what I ate yesterday as winter storm Juno displayed her wrath:


Perfectly delicious, filling, and yellow.

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whole wheat French toast with pb and banana + scrambled eggs + glass o’ milk


I may have squealed when I saw that meatloaf was available.

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meatloaf with mashed potatoes and carrots

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salad with a heap of hummus

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My next door neighbor, Rachel, received this Mega Omega trail mix in a care package from her mom, but she gave it to me because she didn’t want it. She knows me 🙂

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a handful of trail mix + frozen banana 


A hodgepodge of several tasty items— something salty, something sweet, something…chocolate?

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turkey souvlaki

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raisin bran + granola + milk

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some bites of my brother’s vegan brownie

Late Snack

For staying up late on snow day eve.

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peanut butter a la spoon + more frozen banana

We are seriously blessed to have food beyond Ramen and crackers.

Hope you all have a great Wednesday! Stay safe and warm if the snow is still covering your area!

So tell me:

Did you experience the blizzard?

Do you ever have cereal as a part of your dinner?

What is the best thing you ate yesterday?


22 thoughts on “Blizzard Day Eats

  1. I have to admit that I’m just a taaaaaad bit jealous of the snow you guys are getting over on the east side. It’s been uncharacteristically warm here for like… 3 weeks… and our snow is melting away. It even started raining last night 😯

    And you know I’m perfectly fine with eating cereal for dinner. Sometimes I’ll even have it alongside a salad to balance things out 😉

  2. She didn’t want her trail mix?! Hey, lucky you 🙂 And I love snacking on frozen bananas! I eat so many bananas since a) they’re cheap b) my roommate always brings them to me from the dining hall. I feel like I’ll be burned out on bananas by the end of college!

  3. Mmm maybe im just hungry but your food looks particularly yummy today!!! Meatloaf, PB, cereal, you were on point my friend 👌😉
    Best thing I ate yesterday was turkey chili with rice!
    And we sure did experience the blizzard but thank God for power, warm house, food, and for having the “men” shovel😜
    Have a great one Alison!

  4. One deep serious question coming at on earth do you consume frozen bananas when its that cold?!? It does look magical though 🙂 ; snow is unheard of on my lands!
    Best thing yesterday would be: I’m sure you must have come upon it floating in blog land..the glorious Wellesley chocolate fudge cake. Ohmybugger no words.

  5. Snow way!! (okay sorry sorry) I AM SO JEALOUS. Can I come play in the snow with you and make snow angels and spend the day eating really good food and staying warm? Either that or you can come to Texas and spend some time in the 75 degree weather we’re getting 🙂

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