Favorite Childhood Snacks

I would say that this is my first valid “hump day” of 2015 now that I’m in classes, but we had Monday off, so I’ve only been in class for one day, so it’s not really the middle of the work week.

Anyway, happy Wednesday to you!

The first day of classes went very well for me yesterday, especially since it started with this:

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eggs + whole wheat French toast with peanut butter and banana + glass o’ milk

My first class at 9:30 AM was a freshmen writing seminar specifically for students in the Sargent College of Health and Rehab Sciences. It involves reading some fascinating books and (obviously) writing and discussing about them, so I’m excited for it!

Immediately after that was my Intro to Linguistics lecture, which was also intriguing. Language has always been a topic of interest for me, and hopefully I can apply some of the things I learn in the course to my blogging, or at least notice language patterns in casual blogs like my own.

I went to daily Mass at the Catholic center before heading to lunch with friends, where we argued about bacon and Canada. (My side: Bacon is not my favorite; I prefer Canadian bacon.)

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salad with a million beets + sautéed chicken and mushrooms with rice + unpictured apple

My quads were mighty sore from Monday’s workout, so I took a rest day with lots of walking…and standing apparently.

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I was studying with Rachel, and I spent a good portion of my time reading while standing. She knows that my butt can only handle so much sitting.

Dinner was delicious— a roast beef, pepperjack cheese, lettuce, tomato, veggie, and hummus sandwich on whole wheat bread + vegetable and chicken sausage soup (only half because it was saltayyy).

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For dessert, Rachel and I visited Albert’s dorm room. Tapioca pudding, anyone?

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The three of us agreed that this was one of our favorite childhood snacks, so Albert picked up a four-pack and shared with us. Creamy, sweet goodness.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

It was nostalgia in a plastic cup. Come to think of it, I kind of miss some of my other favorite childhood snacks and treats now. Some of them included:

  • Pillsbury crescent rolls
  • Jell-O cups
  • Go-Gurt
  • “Uncrustables”
  • Chinese egg tarts
  • Costco very berry smoothies
  • Cheez-Its
  • Ritz Cheese and Crackers Snack Packs
  • Welch’s fruit snacks

childhood treats

Those red sticks to spread the mystery cheese… And then eating all the cheese, even if there were no crackers left.

I’m joining Jenn’s web-wide food party today!


So tell me:

What were some of your favorite childhood snacks and treats?

Do you like tapioca pudding? 


28 thoughts on “Favorite Childhood Snacks

  1. First of all, you are not the only one who can’t sit for too long. I study the same way. Hahah. My butt does not like sitting.
    Let’s see, my favorite childhood snacks were Cheez-It’s, blueberry frosted Poptarts, Recees Puffs cereal (dry), and my mom’s chocolate chip cookies. I have never tried tapioca pudding, so I actually don’t know if I like it or not.
    Happy Hump Day!

  2. Confession: I don’t think I’ve ever had tapioca pudding. It -looks- amazingly creamy and delicious, but there was always something about it that I didn’t associate with… err… food? 😆 I dunno. Chocolate or butterscotch pudding, on the other hand — totally all over that. And Teddy Grahams. And gummy candies. And chocolate chip cookies. And Poptarts. And Ritz. Aaaaaaand Dunkaroos! And probably so many more 🙂

  3. I love talking nostalgic snacks! I loved Sunkist fruit snacks, colored Goldfish, Oreos and milk (classic), Pop-Tarts (chocolate fudge… and brown sugar cinnamon… and strawberry), peanut butter and crackers/apples/spoons (some things never change), and big bowls of cereal (I had a thing for Oatmeal Crisp Raisin). And now I want all of those things 😉

  4. There aren’t many foods I’m picky about but… TAPIOCA PUDDING IS ONE OF THEM. (And raw onions)

    Good Lord, that lumpy texture makes me pukey.

    I ate a lot of the same childhood snacks as you. I’d like to add Dunkaroos, Gushers & Fruit by the Foot to that list.

  5. O those mysterious cheese and cracker snacks were my jam!!! Please don’t tell me what they are made of🙈
    I was a big fig newton, goldfish, Entenmann chocolate chip cookie, pudding, mini coffee cake fan!
    Diet of a champ huh?!
    And I love tapioca pudding!!
    Have a happy hump day lady!😘

  6. Your blog makes me miss college, looks like you’re having fun! I have never had tapioca pudding, I’m more of a chocolate girl haha. I nominated you for a Sisterhood of the World Bloggers award, check out my blog if you’d like to participate!

  7. I loved all the snacks the moms brought after I played soccer or basketball games like Ritz Bits, Gatorade, and fruit snacks 🙂

  8. I used to think tapioca pudding was punishment growing up….Then I had tapioca pearls in a bubble tea and fell in love! Growing up, I loved all things salty like shapes (you guys totally don’t have it and they are epic) and also pizza. Yes. I used to eat a whole pizza as a snack.

  9. I’m always the last person to sit when the bell rings because I can’t sit still for a long time either! We are on the same page with childhood snackage. Seriously, when can we meet in real life and become best friends?

  10. Ritz Cheese + Crackers were my FAVORITE childhood snack. My sister and I would fight over the last package in the box. We also ate the little ‘breadstick’ ones 🙂 Cheez-It’s were another good one. I would say that Dunka-Roo’s were a favorite but my mom never bought them for us 😦 I only enjoyed them on occasion at a friends house.

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