Behind the Scenes #33: Feeling Productive Again

I haven’t thought out loud in forever (at least, in numbered list form), but today we are BACK.


1) I regret calling these kinds of posts “Behind the Scenes”. It was originally my attempt to come up with something other than “Thursday Thoughts” as a title, but I ended up joining Amanda’s thinking out loud linkup every time, so why didn’t I just call it “thinking out loud”?

I make life too complicated, that’s why.

2) Speaking of Amanda and her genius ideas, I made her pumpkin pie breakfast bake yesterday and it was a wintery pumpkin spice fiesta in my mouth!


The breakfast bake is under there. Blessed are those who do not see yet believe.

I dressed it up with plain Greek yogurt, sunflower seed butter, pomegranate arils, and banana slices. Just beautiful.

2) I contemplated running yesterday, but the cold weather just killed it for me. I’m weak. Instead, I opted to take my moves to our basement (which is still pretty cold) to do this yoga video that focuses on hip-opening. Hallelujah, did I need that!

3) As I approach the start of second semester, I’m feeling the urge to be super productive in these last few days before I leave. Perhaps it is a result of my anxiety for the workload ahead, but I’m “warming up” by making checklists with activities other than eat and go to Disney.

4) Julianna even inspired me to make a budget spreadsheet! Since I haven’t worked yet this year, I am off to a great start with zero income and all expenditure.

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 10.53.04 PM

Yay for adulthood! (Note the childish font and color code.)

5) You know what else I realized when I lost all my hard drive information? I no longer have my thousands of recipes that I bookmarked on Safari. All my years of recipe hoarding…poof!

That could be a good thing though, because maybe now I’ll start only bookmarking recipes I honestly WILL make. Doubt it though.



I pin all the recipes too.

6) Still going strong with the egg, feta, and spinach + avocado toast for lunch! I bought the feta cheese in Florida, so I feel responsible for helping to finish it. (We packed it in ice on the way up, plus the car was freezing as it sat in the train. The cheese is still fine, I’m alive.)


Also, this combo is just delicious. I ♥ fats.

7) I am currently rocking knitted socks and the fugliest sweater in the all the land, but I don’t care because I am superbly snug.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

8) We also had our first use of the fireplace this winter! I happily stationed myself right in front of the fire while I did some work.


I kept singing “chestnuuuuuts roasting on an open fire…” in my head. 11 months ’til Christmas!!!

9) I am thinking about how bittersweet it is to be going to back to college tomorrow. Bitter because…work, less sleep, less blogging, no family. But sweet because I get to see my amazing friends and learn more about this wonderful world!

My friend Sam told me that if you’re dreading going back to college, you’re probably not in the right place. Fortunately, I’m mostly looking forward to going back!

10) What should I make for breakfast today??? #WinterBreakBreakfastMission is almost at an end. PRESSURE. I’m thinking either this “cream cheese frosting for breakfast” or the classic cookie dough cereal.

Hope you all have a thankful Thursday! (what other positive adjectives start with “th”?)

So tell me:

How will you be productive today? 

Are you a recipe bookmarking fiend?

Do you care about wearing cute clothing around the house?

What are you eating for breakfast? 


17 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes #33: Feeling Productive Again

  1. This breakfast bake (or rather the toppings) look amazing 🙂 I wish I had some right now. I’ve had leftover chili for breakfast today, haha! Will have omelette now for late lunch/early dinner.
    I have to do maths exercises and calculate a ton. I hope it’s going to turn out to be productive! (does this sentence make sense? I mean, grammatically, lol)
    I hardly ever wear pretty things at home, rather your style 😉 comfy and waaaarm! Have a good start to college!

  2. I love that advice about college. 100% true! Now that I’m back on the east coast is the season of 1000 coats, I don’t care how much like a marshmallow I look. I didn’t realize 10F was a real thing for breakfast it has been dining hall oatmeal all the way. I wish I had a kitchen to try that pumpkin bake though!

  3. Omg Alison! I have one home breakfast left and then I am back to making cold muesli oats in my dorm! If you had one new breakfast recipe that I must try, what would it be? I am thinking about having the cream cheese one too… lol not sure! I have been having banana peanut butter egg white oats recently and I just love them ❤

  4. So jealous that you have a real fire place! I turn mine on almost daily, but… it’s a gas one and only requires the flip of a switch. Convenient, but definitely not the same. I miss the crackle and musky smell. Aaaaaand for some crazy reason, I’ve been feeling super productive today. Been on-and-off reading peoples ToL posts this morning, writing my post for tomorrow, whipping up recipes, shooting them, and… now I’m about to eat lunch. Woot!

  5. If I’m indoors and its winter, style goes out the window! Lol It’s all about comfort and warmth and family is stuck with me with me no matter what so im under no obligation to look presentable at home😉
    Have a great last day at in NY!!
    Those two breakfasts are top notch👍👍can’t lose either way!

  6. Okay, I need to highlight the obvious (to me) here- 53.50 for BOOKS? Dude that was like one page of my statistics book. I should have gone to college in America. I ate a smoothie with bananas and ice cream today. I also tried taking some photos and failed.

  7. My fireplace isn’t a real one but it does produce heat, so we do get warmer!
    I really need to work on my budget! haha. It’s so easy to spend a lot of money…especially on food and workout clothes. Your lunch of avocado toast + egg, feta cheese, and spinach looks and sounds delicious!

  8. Heck no I don’t care about what I wear around the house/my dorm room! I’ve been known to change into my pajamas right away when I get back to my dorm for the night, even if I somehow get back at like 6:00 haha 🙂

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