A Day of Technological Difficulties {and a Day of Eats}

Two songs described my day yesterday: Technologic by Daft Punk and Wobble Baby by V.I.C. (I can explain).

“Technologic” because it seemed like my day revolved around resolving technology issues.

1) Buying a new graphing calculator.

2) Bringing my laptop to the Apple Store to get it diagnosed (it froze and then wouldn’t start up again).

3) Figuring out a small problem with our TV.

#1 and #3 are all fixed now, but #2 was a little more frustrating. I took it to the Apple Store, and it turns out that my laptop’s hard drive is messed up, so I have to get a new one.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I lost all the information on my current hard drive, which is not terrible since I backed it up maybe a month or two ago, but I still lost a bunch of photos and my longggg, organized notes for tour guiding that I had worked on all winter break.


That’s where “Wobble Baby” comes in. There is a part in the song where he sings, “make ’em back it up, make ’em back it up.” So that was stuck in my head all day when I realized that I should back up my computer more often.

Despite my disappointment in not backing it up (my computer and my booty), it was still a great and productive day overall. My eats were delicious as a bonus!


Joining Jenn’s WIAW party!


I already showed you at the end of yesterday’s post, but my morning meal was this wonderful banana overnight oatmeal smoothie. The recipe is here!


Plus some pomegranate arils eaten straight up with a spoon.



Back to my staple foods: spinach salad dressed in olive oil, honey, and pepper + avocado toast + two sunny eggs.


I put the eggs on top of the avocado toast so that the yolk could run onto the toast like a delightful waterfall of liquid sunshine.


I apologize if you are not a supporter of #yolkporn.


We picked up this new Lemon Twist flavor of Sabra hummus, and it is rocking my world. I’m dipping ALL the veggies in it!

DSC_0726 DSC_0727

I also had some Korean pear slices that my mom cut up, but no photographical evidence lives.


Since I ate the equivalent of one head of broccoli with that hummus, I only had room for one of mom’s coconut curry chicken drumsticks with bamboo shoots. Taaaaaaasty!



I was also saving room for dessert 😀

Daliza came over (!) and we shared a couple mug cakes that I made — Kylie’s pumpkin mug muffins (makes two, so Pop ate one) and two of Amanda’s banana bread mug cakes (one for mom).


The perfect, quick treat for a frigid night indeed.

We ended it all with some more pomegranate!

I also finally let Daliza open my birthday gift for her that was delivered to her house two weeks ago. I didn’t let her open it until I got home from Florida because I wanted to be there for the live reaction!


It’s a personalized pillow with some famous Russell Crowe movie quotes! (Daliza essentially likes to think of herself as Mrs. Crowe.) Can you name some of those movies?

Halfway through the week, folks! I’m cheering for you!

So tell me:

Have you had any technological issues lately?

What is your favorite dip? 

Hummus and spinach artichoke dip are my favorites!

Which actor’s/actress’ quotes would you put on a pillow? 

Maybe Anne Hathaway (to be honest, just thinking of The Princess Diaries.)


15 thoughts on “A Day of Technological Difficulties {and a Day of Eats}

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your computer malfunctions. I’m sure it is so frustrating to see all that hard work gone. You never know… it might be a blessing in disguise. Oh, and #yolkporn is life 😉

  2. Ugh. Laptop problems are the -worst-. I’ve destroyed three Apple hard drives over the years, so I’ve gotten pretty good at backing my stuff up. Thankfully it’s been a while since they’ve gone wonky on me, so knock on wood!

    Aaaaand you’re making me want to dig into the pomegranate I have sitting on mum counter. IT’s crazy because I never used to care much about those things, but now? Ob.sessed.

  3. Oh no! Such a bummer about your computer 😦 That’s totally the kick I needed to finally back up my laptop.
    Ooh, I haven’t seen that lemon hummus yet! That sounds really interesting. My favorite hummus is tomato basil from Trader Joe’s, but I love spinach artichoke dip, too, and also Mexican black bean dip 🙂

  4. Ah what a frustrating experience, I’m so sorry!! Hopefully everything gets sorted out soon, and you can get back to normal. In the meantime, thanks for all the fantastic food inspiration! Aren’t those muffins great?

    Have a good day!

  5. Technology problems are THE WORST!!!!! maybe I’m way to dependent on it or they are just so darn fustrating and confusing and expensive but It almost always ends up with me having a meltdown of some sorts! Be thankful you don’t live with me 😉💆🙈 so good for you for keeping calm and finding humor in it all👏👏
    Favorite dip is Salsa or syrup or PB (if that counts)
    And that’s such a genius present!🙌 hmm I think i would put all of rose (from the golden girls) quotes on my pillow because she cracks me up!

  6. Dude I was literally just looking up places to buy a hard drive- My macbook battery needs replacing and im very scared!

    That smoothie looks so good and perfect for the hotness which is Australia right now. and poor tummy with that broccoli AND hummus.

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