Hashtagging the Weekend


I’ve seen a few bloggers recap their weekends using hashtags because they’re just so relevant to our popular culture. It can get annoying, I must admit (*Edited to add: hashtags in general, not the hashtag blog posts!)…BUT as a college student with minimal time as I study for finals, I’m going to be a conformist and tell you about life lately through hashtags.

Sometimes you just need some Jimmy Fallon/Justin Timberlake action.

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#SecretSanta #CatholicGirlProbz

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#Jammies #HowAsianAmIWithThatBeanie #SheilasFace

(Sheila’s on the right, but you could probably figure that out 😉 )

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#CatLover #SockLover #NailedThatGift

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#21 #OnlyOneWhoCanPullOffABirthdayTiara

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#NachoBusiness #Cheese #SoBad #SoGood

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#BostonWinterSunBathing #DoILookMajestic #Studying #ThatShirtThough

Have a great Monday, friends!

So tell me:

Three hashtags that describe your weekend!

Have you ever done Secret Santa? 


Weekly Moves and Grooves XVI {Listen To Your Body}

 Just popping in (very late) this evening to share…

weekly moves and grooves

Studying for finals swallowed me up this weekend. We are almost home free, fellas!


20 min. bodyweight workout from Jess + leg strength

I loved this two-part bodyweight workout from Blonde Ponytail! I did it in my dorm at 7 pm because I wasn’t about that dark and cold mile trek to the gym on Sunday night.


For the AMRAP, I did 9 or 10 rounds, I believe. I love how it moved quickly and incorporated simple yet effective functional movements. Like my favorite—burpees!

I also did three rounds of 10 pistol squats each leg + 20 Bulgarian split squat hops each leg. Those hops burnnnn.


5 min. row warmup + 400 Heavy Rep Workout from Hilary



This was fun and tough! I used a 20# dumbbell for the single arm high pulls, a 30# bar for the thrusters, and a 35# dumbbell for everything else (the gym here does not have kettlebells). Also, instead of jumping rope after each round, I did 10 pushup burpees. It was quick (under 30 min.) but effective! Just what a college student needs!


30 min. arc trainer + 8 min. ab tabata

I did steady state cardio and it felt like an eternity, but it was a nice way to loosen up after Monday’s workout.

For the ab tabata, I did 4 rounds of 20 sec. work, 10 sec. rest:




5 min. stairmaster warmup + leg workout

This workout was all over the place because I was kind of tired and my back was bothering me, so it was all about listening to my body.

I started with 8 weighted pistol squats each leg + 30 side jump lunges, then 10 regular pistols each leg + 30 side jump lunges, and then I stopped with the pistols there because my lower back wasn’t happy about it.

3 rounds of each set:

  • 12-15 Bulgarian split squats each leg (25#) + 20 jump lunges
  • 20 plie squats (35#) + 8 pulses in plie + 10 pulse squat jumps (pulse five times in squat position before jumping up)
  • 8-10 hamstring curls (90#) + 20 surfer jumps

And then I started this burpee/arm ladder workout with goblet squats instead of swings, but I stopped short because my body was just done. Yes, I could have pushed through, but I wanted to be kind to myself and just stretch.


arm workout

I warmed up with some pushups and shoulder mobility exercises before jumping into a “wing it” workout.

  • 4 sets: 8 lat pull downs + 12 arnold presses
  • 10 pushup burpees (random)

3 sets of each:

I finished with an 8 minute ab tabata with reverse crunch leg lifts, mountain climbers, and side plank hip raises L/R.



I will be posting a HECK of a lot more once finals are over because then I’ll be on winter break, during which I will have zero homework. Hallelujah!