Cut Down the Time-Wasting

Officially done with classes this semester, y’all!

Last night my friends and I celebrated at the Catholic center (I know, I’m there 99% of the time) with a fun Christmas party. There were cookies, ugly sweaters, and gingerbread “houses.” ‘Twas a perfect way to end the semester before we dug into studying for finals!

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All the freshmen at the party. Check out my friend Albert in the middle with all us ladies. Player.

Before I enjoyed a multitude of cookies and snacks at the party, I ate some other delicious and more nutritious things earlier in the day. Breakfast was a classic pb-banana-honey oatmeal with scrambled eggs.

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I also ate an interesting yet tasty lunch with my friend, Lauren. We tried this vegan quinoa/mushroom Shepherd’s pie with cranberry mint sauce, and I was a fan! It was definitely no comfort food, but it was a cool alternative since “Veggie Galaxy” was at the dining hall as the guest chef of the day.

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Story time: I dropped my first plate of this all over the floor of the dining hall as we were walking back to our table because I’m clumsy and ridiculous. The picture above is take two. I like how my food just tends to fling everywhere.

Dinner also hit the spot, most likely because it involved copious amounts of dairy (for which I expressed my love yesterday) in the form of cheese. I had a whole wheat, chicken, cheese, and veggie quesadilla, as well as a little mac and cheese because it was baked and fresh out of the oven…

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Mmm mmm good.

Cutting Down the Time-Wasting

Now that finals are in less than a week, I need to FOCUS. I’m pretty good at managing my time, but there are also days where I’ll be doing work and then I’ll get “a little” distracted multiple times throughout the day. Before I know it, I’ve accumulated 1-2 hours of nothingness.

I’m all for slowing down and treating yourself in little ways every single day, but it’s easy to let little distractions snowball into major procrastination. Thus, as we approach finals week, here are some things to which I want to commit so that I can maximize productivity!

1) The ‘gram has got to go (at least during the day).

Instagram is my number one pitfall of doom. Tapping on the little icon on my phone to “just check a few posts” turns into a good 30 minutes of scrolling since I follow so many people. Once I start, I can’t stop.

2) Work out, but don’t over-think it.

I often spend way too much time deciding on what kind of workout I want to do some days. I scroll through workouts that I’ve saved on my phone, I consider making up my own workout, and I try to think of logistics as to when I’ll go to the gym. Sometimes I feel like I need to do “the right” workout, so I spend so much time thinking about what will be the most effective/intense/not intense.

I’m not necessarily proud of this fact that I over-think working out, so I want to work on just choosing a workout and being grateful for any sort of movement and exercise that I can get during the day.

3) Don’t listen to music while I study.

I’ve been in denial, but I know that I do not focus as well when I’m listening to music as I work.

4) Set time intervals for studying.

I’m a daydreamer when I am sitting and studying by myself for too long. If I set a timer for 30-60 minute intervals of focused studying and then 10-15 minutes of break time (NOT on my phone though), I can help myself stay engaged yet sane.

5) Go to places where I know I will not be distracted.

Sometimes I just want to study in my room, but I know I get distracted there because of friends coming in to talk and my bed being so close… So I want to make the effort to go to certain study places where I know I am most productive. That will allow me to walk more too!

Alright, I am kind of late for psychology review, so I’ll catch ya later. Best of luck to all my fellow college students on their finals!

Have a fantastic day!

So tell me:

What are some things you do that help cut down time-wasting?

What is your biggest productivity-sucker?

Instagram and music for me!

Do you have an ugly Christmas sweater? 


13 thoughts on “Cut Down the Time-Wasting

  1. All your decisions on time management look really good…..just execute them, one at a time…..we are so proud of you! Mah Mah with Yeh Yeh

  2. Good plan – funny how you have to really change your routine once the final week of classes comes and then the infamous finals week. Definitely something I don’t miss anymore, but I think you have a good plan. Going to the library ALWAYS helped since it felt like the only thing I could do was study in there. And yes. Keep moving, but keep it simply. Love the intervals…currently doing this at work right now? Haha. Read 5 posts, then back to work.

  3. These were really helpful and I’m definately in the same boat. Instagram owns me so I’m trying to only look at it in the morning and at night if I have time.
    And I cannot study at home for some reason. I get about 5 min in before I start thinking about cleaning or making some food or going to the bathroom🙈 Basically anything but study! Lol
    Good luck girlie and hope you have a great day😘💗

  4. Instagram=my biggest time waster! I scroll through for far too long too. I also spend too much time thinking about workouts and health but I rarely follow through with any of the workouts I plan and just end up doing the same cardio or weight lifting workout. When I was in college I could NOT listen to music while studying. I just got far too distracted and couldn’t concentrate. I think these are great ways to cut down on time!

  5. Alison, these tips are brilliant, I’m not even kidding! Especially that timer NOR in your phone one, lol. I often procrastinate with instagram and reading blogs and recipes, but also watching youtube videos (cooking /baking channels mostly). And since I cook for myself, it helps to have meals prepared to cut down cooking time. I do like to take my time for eating though. “That’s healthy” lol 🙂 good luck with the exams girl! You’ll rock!

  6. I went to an ugly sweater party in ‘Merica and wore my normal sweater and won a prize for best costume. WTF.

    Instagram is the biggest time suck- I would recommend the library but if you’re anything like the students here, they legit camp out front from opening time to shot gun the good spots!

    • HAHA that’s amazing. Maybe they based it on the fact that you were one of the only ones NOT wearing an ugly sweater, thus making you the weird one.
      Or maybe you just need less ugly sweaters.
      I’ve actually never studied in the library this year. I prefer a place with nice windows and a healthy dose of background noise!

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