I Like To Wear My Salads

It’s DECEMBER. (“Yes, Alison, we’re four days in. Good job!”) That’s wild though. It’s also Advent, and the King of the Universe is T-21 days away. Even wilder.

Despite it being December, Monday greeted us with high 50s! It was warm enough to work out outdoors in a T-shirt and shorts!

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And then Tuesday gave us a friendly punch in the face reality check with freezing temperatures, which required my heavy-duty, long mom jacket and gloves. Wednesday warranted a lighter rain coat, and now we just have to keep playing this game of “which jacket should I wear?” until the weather decides to stop being so fickle.

Regarding the title of this post… 

Embarrassing college moment #237 of this semester occurred a few days ago when my salad threw itself at me.

The story: My super hip and happenin’ friends taught me the two-bowl salad tossing trick where you shake your salad+dressing inside two bowls so that everything is tossed and distributed evenly. It really does work when you use big bowls, and I’ve been using it every time since they taught me.



But this one dining hall I was eating at on Tuesday has small bowls, which means I need to shake more vigorously in order to get all the toppings and dressing tossed around evenly. So here I am, sitting by myself at lunch, shaking this thing like it’s my job, when all of a sudden the top bowl slips off and the bottom bowl with all the salad/toppings/dressing plops all over my shirt and pants. Stuck that landing. 10.0 performance. Woohoo.

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Imagine this all over me.

I wish I took a picture of it in hindsight because it was quite a funny scene, but my mind was racing at the fact that Greek dressing was seeping through my jeans and earth’s bounty was in my lap…and all over the floor. I quickly used my bare hands to put the salad back into the bowl and used napkins to clean up the veggies off the floor. {I’m sad that it all had to go to waste!}

All the while, two random guys sitting at the table right next to me were looking at each other and clearly laughing at my situation. I looked over at them, but they couldn’t man up and laugh to my face. 😉

Instead of getting another salad, I just picked up my belongings, moved to other side of the dining hall to remove myself from the shame that those two guys witnessed, and got a sandwich. It was a darn good sandwich.

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Along with an already-prepared shrimp salad + sweet potato tots

My scent for the rest of the day was a tasteful combination of Greek dressing and 7-year-old Bath and Body Works sun-ripened berry spray that I had put on earlier.

One of these days I’m just gonna straight up drop all my plates as I balance breakfasts like this in my arms:

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Or maybe I’ll just be smart enough to put the peaches and eggs on one plate?

In other news, my last day of finals is less than two weeks from now which means two things:

1) Posts will be sparse due to studying. 😦

2) Oh my goodness this semester is almost over.


With the wonderful Amanda!

I hope you all have a fantastic Thursday! Be acutely aware of them salads.

So tell me:

Is your weather fickle as heck too?

A recent embarrassing story. Please?

What is one thing you looking forward to? 


19 thoughts on “I Like To Wear My Salads

  1. 😆 Oh that’s just brilliant. I would have instantly come over to hang out with you and your sandwich because I have a thing for the odd ones 😉 And I honestly can’t believe you’re having gorgeous weather like that over there 😯 It was -30 here last week, and while it’s warming up, I still wouldn’t be caught dead in a t-shirt.

    Good luck with your studies, girl! You’re going to do awesome.

  2. Eeeeek Ali!!! I can see myself in that situation: I would have screeched like a right old drama queen and then demanded those guys come and help me while staring at the destruction in horror. Uhm, yeah really. Wait, you carry three plates at once!? Nohhh :facepalm: .

  3. 😳🙈😂 Fun times in the dining hall! I would told those gentlemen “want some!?” Lol 😭
    I was in the store the other day sniffing shampoos and by accident it squeezed out and up my nose. Classic even better my mom was just hysterically laughing at me for a good 3 minutes💁🙈 im also lnown to randomly trip and spaz out at any given moment 😜

    Have a great day Alison and good luck studying! The end is almost near!!🙌

  4. I’m looking forward to the weekend! I’m spending it with my family. And in Germany we have the tradition on the 6th of December to place your boots in front of your door the night before, and at night Saint Nikolaus comes and puts goodies into them 🙂 cookies, fruit, nuts, maybe a small gift for children. I hope he’s coming this year too! (He only comes to the good people;-) )

  5. I’m so jealous of your warm weather. It was -40C with the windchill last weekend. It was so cold my phone shut down & thought it was overheating.

    Sorry about the salad incident. You sound like me. Always making a mess. And a scene. I’m really looking forward to going to a Christmas light show at the zoo tomorrow night! AhhhH!!!


  6. That has actually happened to me before but I was stupid and ended up going hungry for the afternoon. Also – I’m really looking forward to my nephews first birthday on Saturday! My sister is doing a winter theme complete with a hot chocolate bar! 🙂

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