Simple Phrases That Make All the Difference

Greetings from New York!

I had to refrain from making that greeting ALL CAPS because I’m beyond excited right now! As soon as my eyes fluttered open this morning, I noticed that:

a) I wasn’t in my dorm and I felt a little discombobulated.

b) I smelled something delicious cooking (Madre at work ♥ )

c) It’s snowing!!!

I ran downstairs like an excited 5-year-old on Christmas to say good morning to my mom. I am now watching The Price is Right while eating overnight oats. The finer things in life.


It looks like there is a blizzard outside, but that’s only because I had to lighten this picture, like, 10 times.

We arrived home from Boston via car at around 1:30 AM this morning (hence me sleeping in and this post going up super late). The Thanksgiving traffic coming out of Boston added a hefty two hours to our commute, so we were drained and ready for bed by the time we got home.

unnamed-3 copy 4

But being me, I was hungry and I wanted a snack, so I reached for something I had missed dearly


Almond butter!

And then I made sure to prepare the overnight oats that I am currently eating because it has been way too long since I had my fave. I was literally quasi-yelling, “Oh my gosh YAAAAASSS,” while  was making them. Thankful to be home indeed.

Simple Phrases That Make All the Difference

Speaking of being thankful, tomorrow is the day for such thankfulness for us Americans, huh? I was reflecting on how I wanted to bring together my thoughts of thanksgiving in a blog post, but I was stuck for a while because I didn’t really want to start the inexhaustible list of things for which I am grateful.

Instead, I noticed that one thing I’ve been hearing and saying more often than ever recently is, “You’re beautiful,” or, “You’re awesome,” or, “You’re wonderful.”

Many times I’ll be passing by a friend on the sidewalk and saying hello with a warm hug, and then we would exchange at least one of these simple phrases. They don’t deserve a prize for unique compliment of the year by any means, but when you think about what beautiful, awesome, and wonderful mean, you can’t help but smile.

via my friend Rachel’s Instagram

If I want to be sappy and honest, hearing and saying these words so often has made me more thankful for the companionships in my life. I get that some people might say, “You’re awesome,” as a quick, colloquial compliment when you don’t know what else to say, and maybe that’s the case for other people and I’m just being a mushy blob of feels right now. But my friends at Boston University definitely give me a sense of genuineness every time they say one of those phrases. I certainly mean it if I say them to you!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Breakfast date with my freshmen friends. That would be a wheat waffle with pb, banana, and honey. Mhmm.

Words are powerful. I guess that’s why I like to blog (even though my words are a bunch of crazy foodie talk half the time). We can throw words out there without thinking about what we are actually saying, or we can use our gift of language and communication to tell others how much we love them. We do both of these things at the appropriate times (hopefully), but when it comes to the latter, there is something so special about a simple, friendly phrase.

When I hear or say, “You’re beautiful,” I don’t think about aesthetic beauty (although, I have some good-lookin’ friends, don’t get me wrong). I think of how beautiful their spirits are— how they are humble, faithful, and charitable.

When I hear or say, “You’re awesome,” I think about how strong and resilient people are. Everyone has their trials that we may or may not be able to see, but people still have the ability to smile, do well, and help others.

When I hear or say, “You’re wonderful,” I think about how we are all children of God. That’s wonderful enough in and of itself.

So I tell you now in this season of Thanksgiving: You’re beautiful. You’re awesome. You’re wonderful.

And lastly, thank you.

I hope you all have a joyous, safe, and blessed Thanksgiving!

So tell me:

What is one simple phrase that resonates with you?

What are you doing today?

Half of my day is gone thanks to sleeping in, but I’m planning on going to the nail salon, doing some homework (ew, I know), and maybe seeing friends!



19 thoughts on “Simple Phrases That Make All the Difference

  1. YOU are amazing, awesome, AND beautiful!!! just in case you didn’t know 😉
    I appreciate simple phrases like this so much. Im definitely the type to pay attention to ( over analyze lol) what people say, so to hear some of these things really makes my heart happy:-)
    and im staying in today and rocking the pj pants all day and helping with some of the prep work for tomorrow!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!!!!!!!! All my love coming your way!
    Hope you all have a wonderful day!

  2. Of COURSE almond butter would be a priority!! I completely agree with you on that one. I’ll admit that I tend to be one of those cynical people who thinks the words “beautiful” and “awesome” are overused in our language, and don’t always carry a great deal of meaning to them, but at the same time, it’s still nice to hear them. Plus, I am definitely “guilty” of using them on a regular basis when I can’t think of other creative adjectives to use! I like how you pointed out that words are powerful, because that is an excellent point–sometimes we can forget how strong of an impact our words can have on other people, for better or for worse. I hope you have a blessed and (somewhat) relaxing Thanksgiving break, and can spend some time catching up on sleep and eating delicious food 🙂 I am so glad that you’ve had a great college experience so far, and it sounds as though you have made some wonderful friends and are learning more about yourself every day. I can’t wait to see where the future takes you!

  3. I’ve been obsessed with your blog (and your inspiring spirit for Catholicism) ever since I found it a few weeks ago! I’ve read as far back as your graduation speech (congrats btw!) and it’s cool to simultaneously read where you’ve been and where you are now. Just thought I’d drop a comment and say hey!

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  4. That is why I absolutely love the word “beautiful” signifies so much – not just contained to outwardly, like “pretty” or “stunning”. All good words though mind you. In fact, “beautiful” – when said with sincerity -automatically swathes me in a sort of warm glow from inside because it speaks about ones
    personality shining through. P.S I can feel your bouncy 5 year old excitement to be home coming through 😀 .

  5. Confession: I sang ‘Welcome to New York’ by Taylor Swift the whole time I read this post. Guilty as charged. I’m obsessed. I think you’re beautiful. Since I’ve never met you in person, I can say that I think your soul is beautiful. The very essence of who you are is gorgeous. The fact that I’ve never seen you in person, yet you can make me smile via the internet is incredible. And you love almond butter. I think you’re a great person. Sort of cliche, but I’m SO thankful for lovely people like you. Keep shining xx

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