Things I Miss From Home

The pre-vacation jitters are hitting!

In other words, I’m typing up this blog post with very little desire to get a head start on studying that I’ll need to do during the long weekend. I’ll get to that in a jiffy, not to worry.

The fact that I only had two classes yesterday and I only have two classes today contributes to my excitement for Thanksgiving break, but we’re all spending good times together here at Boston University before going home to celebrate with our families. The food is still on point here too.

I like breakfast, I guess.

Also, my friend Albert and I went on a mini adventure yesterday. We were planning on volunteering at a church in downtown Boston for a special Thanksgiving dinner service, but it turned out that they did not actually need our assistance/we needed to register ahead of time and we did not do so. Sooooo our efforts turned into an adventure of taking the T back and forth, walking around like lost tourists, and then coming back to campus hungry for dinner. It’s the thought that counts, right?

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

This chicken parm sandwich on a whole wheat bun made us happy though!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Walking around downtown Boston, seeing all the shops, and smelling delicious foods from the restaurants really made me miss New York. I am incredibly grateful for everything Boston has provided me, and I am definitely considering this my second home now, but I can’t help missing lots of things that are just home. 

Things I Miss From Home

It was memory lane to the max when I went through my media library looking for these photos. Got me swellin’ up with emotionzzzzzz.


 zucchini bread





Banana soft serve


Smoothies in a bowl


Greek yogurt


Almond butter


Green smoothies


Cookie dough cereal


Avocado toast


Smoked salmon




Any sort of salmon


Mom’s cooking (she just sent me this photo last night and has some left for Ben and me when we get home!)


Brussels sprouts roasted in coconut oil (scary flashback to when I made vlog of me making them by myself on Superbowl Sunday…)

People and Things Besides Food


My family being all together at home (ironic because this photo was taken in Boston)


DSLR camera. VSCO Cam has become my best friend these past few months, but I miss that big clicker of a machine.


Dance company…


…and dancing



photo 5

Leisurely walks

Also, in an odd way, I miss hearing my mom’s Thai TV screaming in the background, seeing my dad on the computer, and driving.

This song is the definition of my feelings right now:

Praying that you all have safe, convenient travels and joyous reunions with your loved ones in these coming days!

So tell me:

What is one food that reminds you of home?

One weird thing that reminds you of home?

What did you eat for breakfast yesterday? 


17 thoughts on “Things I Miss From Home

  1. Oh my goshhh! I just got home for Thanksgiving break last night and I am now sitting here reading this – with MY OVERNIGHT OATS THAT I HAVE MISSED SO MUCH – nodding emphatically to everything you wrote because I am missing it all too! Literally all of that same food I have been so deprived of #collegeproblems! I am SO glad to be home!! ❤ Love your blog!

  2. Have the most amazing time at home, hun! I’ve never had to go away for school since my school of choice was here in my home city, but I can imagine that homesickness would hit hard. Heck, I start missing home after Ive been travelling for a while. But that just makes the times you come back home even more special, eh? 😀

  3. Looks like you got a lot to look forward to when you get home ….all the food🙌🙌🙌🙌…and some other stuff😜😂

    My moms “gravy” (Old school Italian for sauce) is like the epitomy of my house and coming home and my childhood!
    Whenever I’m away from home and am showering I always think about being home and how much I miss showing in a familiar sanity environment😊

    Have a great one Alison!

  4. i was totally in the same boat last year with missing all the foods! soon enough you’ll be stuffing your face with glorious home-cooked deliciousness 🙂

    hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving!

  5. Boiled potatoes remind me of home the most 😀 my parents have them like everyday. They definitely fit in this German cliché!
    Also, footsteps and creaking stairs remind me of home…not as creepy as it may sound.
    Yesterday I had a big bowl of overnight oats for breakfast, with a raspberry vanilla touch. Sorry!

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