Weekly Moves and Grooves XII

Oh, hello.

I totally disappeared last week after I posted on Tuesday. That was completely unintended, but life threw some curve balls as it always does, so I did not get a chance to check in again. Sad face.

Luckily, I have a hefty life update post coming for ya tomorrow, so brace yourselves!

For today, I have this week’s workouts! It was all about quick, efficient workouts this week due to the craziness and shortage of time.

weekly moves and grooves


5 min. stair master warmup + leg workout

  • 3×10 squats @ 115# + 20 jump squats after each set
  • 2×10 squats @ 95# + 20 jump squats after each set

3 sets of each:

  • 10-12 hamstring curls (80#) + 30 side jump lunges
  • 15 curtsy lunges (40#) + 16 jump lunges
  • 20 sumo squats

My quads were dying for the next two days. I had never squatted more than 100# before, so this was definitely something spicy, especially with those jump squats in between.


5 minute jump rope warmup + 18 min. plank workout with double unders 

I took this workout outside by the river since the weather was lovely on Monday. I did Lori and Michelle’s 18 minute plank workout with 50 double unders between each set of exercises. Since my quads were crying from the depths of my muscle tissue, I took it slow and just enjoyed the sunset.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset



Because my legs were even more sore this day and because a bunch of special people came to visit Boston and it was fan-freaking-tastic, so I needed to soak up every minute with them! Details tomorrow 🙂


Lori and Michelle’s 5 x 50 workout a la dorm

Wednesdays are my long days in terms of classes, so I did this quick but incredibly sweaty workout in the dorm in between classes. (Sorry if I smelled like butt, classmates.)

I ♥ burpees.


3.5 mile run + yoga

It took some major morning pep talk to get myself to run in the morning, but I was happy I went (is that what all runners are supposed to say?). Slow and easy at a 9:09 pace.


Lori and Michelle’s bodyweight arm workout a la dorm (subbed burpees with proper T pushups for the burpee rows)

I’m obsessed with Lori and Michelle’s workouts. They’re quick, intense, and often do not require equipment. Perfect!

Also, do not let the bodyweight aspect of this workout fool you. The power of pushups is real.


5 min. row warmup + functional training workout from Julie

This workout is super fun because it moves quickly from one exercise to the next, but it’s also unexpectedly challenging. You think, 10 reps of 7 exercises for 10 rounds? Easy.

But no. At least for me. These kinds of circuit workouts are my faaaavorites though!

Alrighty then, I’m off to tackle the day! Lots of work to do including class registration for next semester (so much stress, holy cow), choir practice, Mass, studying, and blogging!

So tell me:

When was the last time a workout made you insanely sore?

What was your favorite workout this week?



4 thoughts on “Weekly Moves and Grooves XII

  1. What does your dorm roomie think of you working out in the dorm?

    I haven’t had a workout make me really sore in a while, which means I should switch up my routine, but i dont know with what. Im a pretty well rounded person.

    • I usually just work out in the dorm when she’s not here. I wouldn’t want to take up the very little space we have for my workout if she’s in the room. 🙂
      Sometimes I find that switching up the tempo of certain exercises (ex: 3 seconds down, 1 second up on a squat) makes a huge difference!

  2. I only do body weight workouts lately, I think they can be SO challenging! Especially push ups, or anything in plank really, for me at least. High reps and pulses always do the trick if the exercise may not be as challenge first 😉

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