Weekly Moves and Grooves XI

Happy Sunday, lovely humans!

This weekend has just been nice. I worked on Friday and Saturday for a bit, did some homework, hung out with friends, exercised, and FaceTimed with my padres. Nothing super special in and of itself, but feeling uber blessed nonetheless!

Here is how I’ve been moving and grooving this week! P.S. Thanks for all the support and reassurance on my post about just RUNNING. I’ll talk more about how I enjoyed my run on Thursday below…

weekly moves and grooves


Random dorm exercises

I was sore for whatever reason on Sunday, so I just decided to move throughout the day by doing fun plyometrics and burpees in my room.


5 min. stair master warmup + leg workout

3 supersets of each:

  • 10-12 pistol squats each leg + 20 Bulgarian split squats
  • 12 hamstring curls + 30 side jump lunges
  • 12 single leg deadlifts each leg + 20 180-degree squats jumps
  • 20 donkey kicks each leg + plank/weighted situps


upper body weights + 8 minute ab tabata

The upper body portion included 3 sets of each:

  • lat pull downs + pushup to T
  • Arnold presses + tricep dips
  • vertical row + bicep curls
  • some other things that I cannot remember

The ab tabata was four rounds of 20 seconds work, 10 seconds of rest:

  • weighted Russian twists
  • modified V-ups
  • side plank hip raises right
  • side plank hip raises left




3.37 mile run! + yoga 

Duuuuuudes. I got up early to run on Thursday and I seriously felt like I was a different person on a different planet. I took it slow, enjoyed the fresh air, and admired the beautiful Boston scenery. There was something so peaceful and exhilarating about being out there with so many other early morning Boston runners, and I loved it.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

I used a filter, but the trees in Boston really are gorgeous.

I ended up doing 3.37 miles at an 8:55 pace, and I’m pretty happy about that. Speed ain’t no worry when I haven’t run in two or three months. Also, this is the farthest I’ve ever run, LOL. I’ve only done a 5K at most before.


I really wanted to make it to four miles, but the skin at the bottom of my feet were being pulled to the max, causing a water-filled blister to form that hurt like a bleeeeeep. #weak. But for real, I couldn’t even walk for the rest of the day. I need to wear thicker socks next time. Or get new running shoes, but that would mean that I’m becoming a runner and that’s scary as heck.

I ended my run with 10 decline pushups, 10 decline burpees, 1 min. low plank, and 1 min. high plank. Can’t neglect my favorites 🙂


Dorm pyramid workout 

I did something quick in my dorm to get moving before walking to work:

100 jumping jacks ➔ 90 high knees ➔ 80 mountain climbers ➔ 70 single leg bridge pulses (35 each leg) ➔ 60 jump lunges ➔ 50 bicycle crunches ➔ 40 plank jacks ➔ 30 squat jumps ➔ 20 pushups ➔ 10 burpees

Broke a decent sweat in 13 minutes!


3 min. row warmup + Triangle Workout + lots of walking

I did Lindsay’s triangle circuit workout, and it’s a doozy! There are 10 burpees between each set of 3 exercises for 5 rounds, so I did 150 burpees. ♥ ♥ ♥ It was tough.



Then I walked everywhere because I walk to the and from the gym. to and from work ,and then I walk around places during work. Never underestimate walking (especially with a full backpack)!

I just finished lunch after Sunday Mass with friends, and now I’m off to fold laundry, study, and hopefully work out later! Have a lovely Sunday!

So tell me:

What are you up to today?

What was your favorite workout this week?

What is the farthest you’ve ever run?


7 thoughts on “Weekly Moves and Grooves XI

  1. Girl! 8:55 pace? That is pretty dang speedy! I seriously admire you for all these workouts you do. I want to be like that, but then I’m just like no, the couch is pretty comfy 😉 That picture of the running trail is beautiful!!

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