I Was a Twerking Grandma This Weekend

…and I was loving every minute of it.

I grew a booty bigger than Nicki Minaj’s overnight (right, Arman?) just so I could be a grandma for Halloween. It took a lot of squatting and cinnamon rolls.

As much as I like that explanation, you might be more inclined to believe that my roommate had a few of those packaging bubble/balloon things and came up with the idea that I should put them inside my shorts underneath my dress to make it look like the earth revolved around my derrière.



She’s brilliant! I was on a determined mission to find a costume that required minimal effort and $0, and I must say that I’m pretty proud of what we came up with. Perhaps this also means that I own a lot of grandma-oriented things.

But yes, that was my Halloween. I had a pretty awesome time bumping into people with my tush and attempting to twerk at the Catholic center party. I literally danced my booty off (I took out the bubble packaging halfway through the party), ate way too many pita chips (I don’t think I had a single piece of candy— just cookies), and got to spend time with some of my best pals. Then I slept for 9 hours, which made me young and fresh again.

On Saturday night, I played some indoor sports with friends. I showed off my talent of not being able to dribble a soccer ball effectively, but my friends were nice and still let me play. My accomplishment was making two shots into the basketball hoop using the soccer ball, which is lighter and easier to manage than a real basketball, but at least my hand-eye coordination is somewhat existent.

Then I went to my first Boston University hockey game ever (and probably my second hockey game in general)! I didn’t get to stay for the whole game, but we were not doing so hot against Providence when I left. 😦


quality Asian friend time

It was also superhero night at this particular hockey game, so my friend Liz dressed up as Catwoman. Killed it.

The rest of my weekend consisted of studying, Sunday Mass, resting, and witnessing Boston’s first snow of the season! It was super wet and huge snow, so none of it stuck to the ground, but it was still an exciting event for the population.

I had much more than my fair share of sugar this weekend, but like I said before, none of it was in the form of candy. I just chose to get my sugar high on things like cookies and anything fruit crisp-y…a la mode of course!


‘Twas a marvelous weekend indeed, and you should go over to Katie’s blog if you want to see what other people are finding marvelous this Monday!


I hope you all have a rockin’ day!

So tell me:

Did you dress up for Halloween? What did you dress up as?

What was your favorite sweet treat of the weekend?


18 thoughts on “I Was a Twerking Grandma This Weekend

  1. 9 hours of sleep?! Jeez you lucky duck..how is that even possible? And I don’t mean time wise, just the body and mind allowing for such a stretch of rest – fabulous!
    This past weekend in the sweet treat department was…weird. The desserts I did have was over-shadowed by Amanda’s salted caramel cookie dough smoothie 😀 ..which I cannot go a day without now.

  2. Your costume is perfect 😀 Hmm I didn’t dress up this year because I flew home to surprise my dad on Halloween, but some of my friends at school were Cards Against Humanity (one was the topic card and the others were the options). I thought that was pretty clever!
    I had two excellent sweet treats this weekend: pumpkin streusel bars and Oreo-stuffed brownies. Perfection.

  3. WHY ARE YOU SO COOL? I was Harry Styles for Halloween. I even did the whole tattoos everywhere and unbuttoned shirt and weird hat and greasy looking hair. I’ve misplaced my camera memory card with all the pictures, so fingers crossed I can find it and expose my general weirdness to the world.

    On an off note, I seriously wish I could hang out with you. You are way too cool. We would have a great time. Also, I’ve applied to Boston College, and I’ve started my BU app. It’s insane to think we might go to the same college or be relatively close to each other. HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE?

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