Behind the Scenes #32: I’m Just Weird


It has been several weeks since I did a behind the scenes post (last time was my first week of college?!), so that’s what I’m doing right here and now. 🙂


Head over to Spoons’ blog for more random thoughts this Thursday!

1) I had dinner with brother Ben on Tuesday night! It was a spontaneous dinner appointment, but those are the best, right? Especially when those dinners involve small-plate-sharing and carrot cake.

picstitch copy 3

eggplant with yu xiang glaze, puffed rice, and peach + spiced beef shank with tomatoes, seared halloumi cheese, chiles, and garlic

P.S. Thanks for waiting for me to take photos, Ben.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Carrot cake with carrot marmalade, spiced frosting, and pecan brittle

I was all excited to take my brother out for dinner since I actually made a little bit o’ money this past weekend, but then I realized that I didn’t bring my wallet with me. The SHAME. I’ve promised to pay for the next two times we eat together.

2) Remember that planner I was so excited to use during college when I bought it this summer? Well, I think I’ve used it an average of once per week, and that’s really forcing myself. All my to-do’s and appointments are either in my iPhone calendar or on the white board in my dorm room, so the planner gets neglected. Oops.

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3) On the topic of school, can standing desks please be a thing sometime soon? Four hours straight of sitting in class is not cool. I’m not even worried about the whole “sitting is the new smoking” issue at this point. I just like to have circulation in my legs and to not fidget in my seat like a five-year-old. Just put one of these babies in the back of the lecture hall, and I’d be overjoyed:il_570xN.492795644_ejno


4) I’m over halfway through with my first semester of college, wut.

5) Halloween is this Friday! There shall be candy {Reese’s} consumed, costumes worn, and monsters mashed. I was discussing my plans with Daliza yesterday:

photo copy

Yeah, we WILL turn up, Daliza. And I don’t know if I should be a ninja for Halloween, because I don’t want to dress up as something I already am in real life, ya know?….

6) My roommate and I kind of love this idea from Gina to dress up as Richard Simmons though.


via la Fitnessista

Those shorts.

7) I’ve been trying out normal-people toppings on my pancakes and French toast like butter + honey, and I actually love it! Normally I put peanut butter on everything, but I’ve enjoyed mixing things up a bit. I even like to have eggs/omelets for breakfast now— who am I?!

picstitch copy 4

The butter in the dining halls is delicious— Cabot butter apparently. It’s strangely reminiscent of goat cheese… So maybe the fact that I love that on my pancakes still makes me weird.

8) I’ve become friends with the lady at the swipe-in entrance of the dining hall in the mornings, as well as the lady who makes the pancakes and French toast. They’re awesome.

9) The left side of my body is breaking or something. My left shoulder is grinding more than ever (remember when I brought that up way back when?), my left hip is always popping/feeling very tight, and yesterday my left knee started clicking when I was doing these kinds of sit-ups! I need a physical therapist (heh heh).

10) I hope you all have a wonderful day! Smile, sing your favorite song, and take a nap if you can. ♥

So tell me:

How do you feel about sitting for long periods of time?

What are your plans for Halloween?

What do you like to put on your pancakes/French toast/waffles?


16 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes #32: I’m Just Weird

  1. I always just Put butter or syrup on my pancakes or waffles!! It wasn’t until I started reading blogs that I rediscovered nut butters! While PB is amazing, sometimes butter and syrup is whats called for😊👍👍
    For Halloween I’m just gonna get together with a few friends and do some halloweenie (?) things!
    And I cannot sit still for long periods of time!!! Not to mention I have the bladder and attention span of an ant🙈🙈🙈
    Have a great one Alison!!! Make sure to get some pics of your awesome ninja self😉😘

  2. True story: a piece of toast with butter and honey was actually one of my favourite snacks growing up. So simple, so good. These days I always put maple syrup on my pancakes, though… because I’m very much Canadian and maple syrup is delicious 😀 Aaaaand no plans here for Halloween. In fact, I legit almost didn’t even realize that Halloween was tomorrow. It feels so much different when you’re no longer in school and the kids don’t come around!

    • Honey with butter is indeed a match made in heaven. It’s a shame it’s taken me this long to figure that out! I would definitely do maple syrup if that was available here, but I cannot complain with the choices we have already 🙂
      Ahh, do-nothing nights are the best (if you are in fact doing nothing). Make sure to have chocolate though!

  3. I am SO with you on the standing desks. My shorter classes are an hour and a half, and even that feels long to just sit there, never mind my three-hour class. I feel tired and fidgety if I sit too long, and much more alert when I’m standing.

  4. #3 – I TOTALLY agree with you. I hated sitting in lecture for hours on end during college (luckily I tried to get all my classes on two days/week – that way I wasn’t tied to campus and a desk every day of the week.) I get so antsy whenever I sit too long. I think it’s a great idea for colleges to have some stand-up desks in the back of classrooms. At least there would be the option for those wanting to stand…

  5. ‘8) I’ve become friends with the lady at the swipe-in entrance of the dining hall in the mornings, as well as the lady who makes the pancakes and French toast. They’re awesome.’

    You are so bloody smart. Making the right connections. Salted butter + honey sandwiches were on rotation a few months back…which reminds me.

  6. Can we swop brothers? For dinner out at least? I’m certain if it was my beloved bro in that situation he would have accidently on purpose left his wallet home!
    Eeek girl you need to see a chiro..I was kind of falling apart myself – a few sessions of getting cracked into place really has me feeling like a million bucks 😀 .

  7. Oh man I wish my school would get those standing desks! I get sooo antsy sitting through all my classes! I used to eat pancakes and french toast just butter and syrup, but now that I know the heaven of almond butter/peanut butter/bananas I’m never going back!

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