Weekly Moves and Grooves IX

Hello, lovely people!

The sun has decided to come out from behind the clouds this weekend! It was a dreary, rainy week here in Boston, so we are overjoyed that there’s some light in our life (despite midterms and essays).

First and foremost, I want to announce the winner of the Arctic Zero giveaway!

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 10.58.52 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 10.59.32 PM


Phoebe! Congrats! Shoot me an email at dailymovesandgrooves [at] gmail [dot] com !

(Remember how typing out emails like that ^^^ prevents spam? I feel like I need to say that each time so people don’t think I’m weirder than I already am.)

Business is done now, so let’s move on to this past week’s workouts!

weekly moves and grooves


5 min. stairmaster warmup + leg workout

3 supersets of each:

  • 10-12 pistol squats each leg + 20 jump lunges
  • 10-12 hamstring curls (80#) + 12 squat curtsy lunge jumps (the second exercise in this video)
  • 10 squats (100#) + 20 alternating sumo/narrow squat jumps

100 lbs. is actually the heaviest weight I’ve ever squatted! I don’t typically go to the gym with other people, so I’ve always been afraid of putting too heavy of a load on the bar, not being able to come up, and making a fool out of myself when I have to drop the bar. I should get a squat buddy.

Also, those alternating squat jumps burn so much more than regular squat jumps!


pushups in the dorm + 15 minutes abs

My abs became pretty sore the next day!


burpees in the rain + 20 min AMRAP workout from Lori and Michelle

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

The physical therapy grad students were having a fitness fair in the middle of campus, and there was a BURPEE CONTEST. Obviously it was calling my name, so I took the challenge of doing as many {half} burpees as possible in 30 seconds…in the rain. They didn’t require the pushup, so it didn’t feel like a true burpee, but I ended up doing 19! They told me I won the whole thing because they were packing up and it started to torrentially pour. I won raffle tickets. It was fun!

dorm workout


After I quasi-napped in my dorm, I did a quick bodyweight workout that left me a lot more sweaty than I expected! Like, dripping off mah face and all over our carpeted floors. Sorry, roomie.




5 min. row + “Warmup” WOD + upper body strength + yoga + volleyball

Upper body strength included vertical rows, bicep curls, Arnold presses, lat pull-downs, and tricep dips.

This was my first day playing intramural volleyball with some people from the Catholic center! I had a lot of fun even though we were kinda really had a rough time the first two games. But we won the third game, so that’s all we are going to think about!


10 min. adaptive motion trainer + HIIT power workout from Lori and Michelle

This was rough to get through, and I feel like I should have taken another rest day, but it was still a good one!


Rest {lots of walking}

Looking back on this week, it appears to be a lighter week of workouts, but school and activities kept me on my toes.

I hope you all have a magnificent Sunday! Get some fresh air, eat something delicious, and thank the Lord for His great blessings!

So tell me:

What are you up to today?

Gym, choir, church, fundraising stuff, and STUDYING!


What was your favorite workout of the week?