Virtual Breakfast Date

Good morning, friends!

I hope you’ve all had a joyful if not restful weekend! Happy belated Thanksgiving to my Canadian homies!

I did not get to type up a post all weekend, so I thought it would be nice to catch up with you all over breakfast. A virtual breakfast date instead of a virtual coffee date because oatmeal >>> coffee. Just because it has peanut butter.

This is what I’m eating to break the fast!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Oatmeal + vanilla protein powder + cinnamon + banana + peanut butter (+ some roasted salted almonds!)

If we were having breakfast together this morning…

1) I would tell you that I went hiking in the rain with the Catholic Women’s group on Saturday! It was wonderful in every way except for the fact that it was raining and I did not bring a raincoat with me to college. What was I even thinking not bringing a raincoat to Boston? Brain fart at its finest. Luckily the rain was not torrential, so us sweatshirt folks escaped being dripping wet and were instead just soaking wet. 😀

10606197_10205062185177994_5324701296156713869_n 10483987_10205062186938038_5502745035207591065_n

I haven’t gotten pneumonia yet, dad! 

2) I would tell you that some of the best times I had this weekend with my friends included just chilling out, talking about life, baking and eating banana bread, watching Grease, and playing the terrible yet hilarious game Cards Against Humanity.

picstitch copy

Baking some BOMB banana bread with Cori!

I’ve eaten the equivalent of about 1/2 of a whole loaf this weekend.

3) I would tell you that the majority of my dorm tissue consumption goes towards killing fruit flies. I blame myself for leaving so many bananas and apples on my desk, but dang it, there are two more fruit flies for every one I kill. I’ve finally come to the genius realization that I should put my fruit in the fridge and that I should not throw out any pieces of banana/peel in the trash can in my room. I go to college— I can figure out those kinds of things now. 😉

4) I would tell you that I went apple picking for the first time ever yesterday! I don’t know how I’ve lived in New York for 10 years and not gone apple picking, but the time finally came, and it was a blast!

picstitch picstitch-2 copy

I failed by not wearing flannel, but my friends did a good job of reppin’ the plaid. We got a ton of apples, climbed trees (and did not fall out), and ate the heaven-sent cinnamon sugar cider donuts.


I swear I could have finished all six of those babies, but I restrained myself to two so that I could eat real food for lunch later. But man, those donuts are what dreams are made of.

5) I would tell you that apples fresh from the tree are also the epitome of fall bliss. My workout buddy Albert exemplifies that.


6) I would tell you that yesterday could have been National Apple Picking Day instead of Columbus Day because EVERYONE EVERYWHERE went apple picking! It also could have been brussels-sprouts-for-dinner day as I saw so many people posting on Instagram that they were making my favorite vegetable for dinner last night. I was jealous.

7) I would tell you that I gotta go to my psych lecture NOW!

Have a lovely day, folks!

So tell me:

Have you ever gone apple picking?

What did you do this weekend?

What’s your favorite fall produce?


24 thoughts on “Virtual Breakfast Date

  1. Fabulous having brekkie with you Ali 🙂 ! Even though I would never be able to choose between oatmeal and coffee myself…
    Ahh I want to go apple picking! More than that I want those donuts..hmmhm they sound delicious – even without involving chocolate. I just about returned from a mini vacay yesterday evening; so yes my weekend was a blast! Exhausting yet incredible. And recalling it is making my heart ache at the peeps I had to bid goodbye to ❤ .

  2. I’m sorry but I lost all my train of thought when I saw those donuts. Oh.em.gee they look freaking amazing. And I actually went apple picking for the first time a couple of weeks ago, which was a complete fail on my part since I only just discovered that I can’t eat raw apples anymore. Womp, womp. At least there’s always homemade applesauce and other baked apple treats to enjoy 🙂

  3. Although I can’t say that oatmeal > coffee, those apple cider donuts look amazing!! Never had some and now I want to go apple picking. Pretty sure my chances of that in LA are like nil though haha.

  4. If we were having breakfast together I would tell you that this post genuinley made me smile and I wish with all my might we could be friends ‘in-real life’, gah this distance thing KILLS me! This weekend I was low-key and ran a lot of “real life errands” (dentist, tires on my car, blahhh). My favorite fall produce is PUMPKIN. Then apples 🙂 ❤

  5. I loved this!! One day we will have a real breakfast date though😊👯
    Looks like a great weekend! And I went apple picking too! Haven’t been since I was like 5!! I’m not a donut fan either but fresh apple cider donuts are amazing and makes up for freezing my buns off apple picking 😉
    Havea great week Alison!!

  6. I’ve never played Cards Against Humnaity but I really want to! I’ve heard it’s a blast! Also, banana bread = my weakness! So delicious and I have been known to devour a ton of it in a small amount of time as well! 😉 And YAY for first time apple picking – isn’t it a great fall activity?!

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  8. I’ve never gone apple picking either! Well, except for in the orchard behind my grandpa’s house, haha. But those donuts? OMG. Must make. I’ve actually been planning on making a recipe for apple cider doughnuts I got in my magazine! Finally catching up on your blog today – I’m so behind on reading!!

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