Trying New Things…Like Horror Movies

Hello hello!

{“I don’t know why you say goodbye, I say hello!”}

That’s a Beatles song, right? If not, I’m embarrassed…as I often am.

On the topic of embarrassment, I went with maybe 20 of my Catholic friends to go see the horror movie on Friday night about a possessed doll, Anabelle. It was against my better judgement, but I covered my eyes with my jacket for approximately 75% of the movie. And I was still terrified. Heck, I was terrified by the previews! Because you see, my level of movie fear starts at The Little Mermaid, okay? Ursula is no joke.

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Luckily, a few of my friends were on the same boat as me, so we covered our faces in fear together. Comically commentating a horror movie is also a good way of getting through it (thanks, Adrienne).

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Before the movie started, hence our smiles.

In happier news, we got nachos and tacos beforehand! I was ravenous by the time we sat down to eat, so I restrained myself to a few nachos (which were pretty awesome) before completely demolishing my fish tacos + honey ale cornbread like a champ.


Saturday involved some studying, a meeting, a workout, laundry and then more food and friends. We went to North End for dinner and desserts, and then I was semi-coerced into watching an episode of American Horror Story. I watched more horror things on Friday and Saturday than I had watched in the entire span of my life prior to that. My friends are so inspiring.

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I had gelato though, so all was okay.

Also, guess who I FaceTimed that night!


What are you doing with your fingers?

DALIZA!!! I miss that honorary child of our Asian family.

In other news, the weather was glorious yesterday with not a cloud in the sky. I went to church, ate lunch with friends, studied, and did some more FaceTiming with my parents. I joined bro Ben for dinner and dessert before we had our virtual family reunion.

picstitch copy Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Sushi, hot pot, and pumpkin (!!!) froyo with grape nuts (what are those even?), mochi, graham cracker crumbs, and Reese’s pieces

I like to think that ice cream and frozen yogurt are all-year-round desserts. Can I get an mhmm?


I know Katie would agree with me 🙂 Linking up on her blog today!

Alrighty, I’m gonna sign off now so that I can either a) sleep, or b) squeeze in some more homework. Life choices…

I hope you all have a fabulous day!

So tell me:

Do you like horror movies?

One thing you did this weekend!

What are your favorite froyo toppings?


17 thoughts on “Trying New Things…Like Horror Movies

  1. I’m pretty obsessed with horror movies haha. During the month of October my roommate and I vowed to only watch movies that are scary. Annabelle is definitely on our list! It’s the prequel to The Conjuring which is one of the best scary movies I’ve seen in a while… I highly recommend it if you haven’t seen it! Especially after seeing Annabelle.

  2. Daliza!! Hahaa that wonderful crazy soul..and that’s gathered just from the few “encounters” with her on your blog 😀 .
    Horrors, ohmygoose; how do correctly express my sentiments on them. Hmm..I think it turns all sorts of fun when you’re in a crowd as you were, but I admit I am a solid wimp. The scariest I’ve ventured was a looong time back with [if memory serves me right] “Orphan”.

  3. Lol what a weekend!!! I like scary and suspense movies but horror?! 🙈🙈🙈🙈
    I’ll stick to Romantic comedies so I can sleep at night!
    Looks like a great weekend though and im getting hungry looking at all these meals! 😍
    Hmm not much to report on this weekend for me but I did go to a Fordham football game with my bro and some friends and spent the majority of the time under tents with 3 layers a poncho and a steady supply of warm beverages!! Life of the party over here🙋😉
    Have a great week Alison!!

  4. I’m the BIGGEST wimp when it comes to horror movies. The last one I saw was actually The Ring in 2002, after which I swore off horror movies for good because I wasn’t able to sleep normally for like 2 weeks 😆 I can’t even watch horror movie previews because my imagination starts running away with me…

  5. Hmmm I like horror movies if they have a good plot. If they’re just supposed to scare you randomly, no thanks. I went apple-picking in the dreary weather and then made apple crisp – so those balance out. And what AREN’T my favorite froyo toppings? Put it allllll on there 🙂
    Seeing high school friends and family (even if over a screen) at college is so nice! Glad you got some FaceTime with them. Have a lovely week!

  6. I used to LOVE horror movies but somewhere along the line – I just had to stop watching them. They started becoming waaaaay too intense for me and I just prefer books/movies/entertainment that is more uplifting 🙂

    Also – that fro-yo looks DELICIOUS! A perfect fall treat.

  7. horror movies = not my thang. haha one was more than enough for a lifetime!

    that froyo looks amazing and now i want mochi. gonna have to make a froyo run this weekend!

  8. Don’t get me started on horror movies. I flinched in the Ring and never watched another one again. Niki on the other hand- she thrives on this stuff. She just told me to watch thr human centipede or something. I refuse to google it.

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