Beautiful Weather, Beautiful People


I’ve missed you all as much as I’ve missed overnight oats!! That’s a whole heck of a lot of missing, guys. You’re special.

I know I posted weekly workouts on Sunday, but I actually want to talk to you about life and what’s been happening these past five days! I mentioned last week that I would be going on a weekend retreat with the Catholic center, and retreat we did.

The site was a summer camp in New Hampshire, and I’ve never felt so rugged and one with nature in my life. Can you tell I’m a city girl? (<— never thought I’d say that, but it’s true I guess.) My Girl Scout roommate was laughing at me when I told her about my experiences. She said I missed out on childhood.

Daddy long legs everywhere, sleeping in the freezing cold cabins, only using hand sanitizer to wash our hands, and SPIDERS IN THE SHOWER.

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What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

On the positive side, the stars in the night sky made me giddy with joy because we don’t see those where I live in New York. I was seriously giggling like a child and I could have looked at the sky all night. This view wasn’t too shabby either.

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The weather was utterly perfect during the day throughout the weekend.

We were also fed mighty well thanks to Catholic center staff member, Fran, and her husband Doug! Can we take a moment to appreciate the provision of banana pancakes and peanut butter? Amen.

picstitch copy 3

Aside from living camp life and eating delicious food, the actual core of the retreat was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. We prayed by ourselves, with each other, for each other, and for our loved ones. We adored, praised, and worshipped Christ our Lord. We reflected in the beauty of nature, and we reconciled ourselves to God.


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Hi, PJ!

Seriously, I don’t think I’ve cried as much in one day as I did on Saturday. Listening to my friends speak about their journeys of faith and just being in the presence of amazing people who love God so passionately melted my heart and made me pour out waterfalls of tears.

I think I saved at least two bathroom trips thanks to all the tears that came out of me.

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As wonderful as it was to get away from “reality”, it was still a tiring experience. I was (literally) sick and exhausted coming back from the retreat. So worth it though.

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Creds to the cool kid, Liz

Thank you a million times over to all the people who worked behind the scenes to make the retreat such an incredible experience! I can’t wait for the spring retreat 🙂

Back on campus…

Monday night involved a swanky-ish Rose Banquet for all the freshmen in the College of Health and Rehab Sciences (Sargent College) of Boston University. The food was fantastic and the company was even better. <— I am grateful to say that that seems to be the theme lately!

picstitch copy 2

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And yes, I did eat that whole chocolate cake, and it was pretty divine. I guess I can no longer say that I don’t like chocolate.

Lastly, some miscellaneous notes on life:

  • I wore rain boots for the first time in my life yesterday.
  • I like having dance parties with my roomie.
  • I really need to do my nails.
  • I am an apple and banana hoarder in my dorm. Welcome, fruit flies! Sorry, roomie.
  • I despise statistics.
  • Do any of you have questions to ask me about ANYTHING? College, food, fitness, faith, fashion, anything else that starts with and “f”?
    • I’m thinking about doing a Q&A if anyone is interested, so comment or shoot me an email if you have any inquiries!

I hope you are all having a great week so far. We’re halfway to the weekend, y’all!

So tell me:

Do you have any questions for me? 

Do you like camp life?

Three fun things you’ve done recently!


13 thoughts on “Beautiful Weather, Beautiful People

  1. I read your blog regularly but I still don’t know what subject it is that you study! LOL!
    I was on lots of camp holidays with my family when I was younger and have gotten sick of it. I haven’t been camping for 4 years, and before that 2 day camping trip I haven’t been for… even more years. I don’t really miss it. It’s too uncomfortable, cold, loud at night, no real bathroom etc.

  2. This is super random but is that camp Bernadette? I went there with my Girl Scout troop many years ago!!! It looks so familiar and it was in NH too! If not just ignore me 🙈😉
    Statistics😭😭😭😭 im taking macro economics now and I’ve had a math meltdown every other day😤😖😖Ahhh lol
    Anywho looks like a great time and as always love you girl!

  3. Right before freshman year started I went on a retreat into the wilderness like that but it actually ended up terribly. Someone at an earlier stop took my backpack off by mistake and left it (so I lost all my stuff), AND we were in the aftermath of a hurricane. Glad that your experience was a good one, and I’m glad that you guys had good food!

  4. That camp really does look like an amazing experience. I’ve been to a few Catholic retreats in my time, and I literally can’t deal with how much joy I feel each time… Glad to hear that you had such an amazing experience 🙂 And while I’m not sure I could do it for more than 3 or 4 days at a time, I really do love camping. There’s just something about roughin’ it out in nature that brings so much peace.

  5. i’m so excited to go on my christian group’s retreat this fall! gonna be amazing 🙂 i couldn’t go last year and was bummed (my first year i was apart of a different group whose retreat i went on.. it was just meh) so i’m stoked for this year!

    glad to hear you had a good time! but retreats, while refreshing, always also seem to be exhausting in a good way. hope you catch up on rest this week!

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