Notes on College {Chapter 2}

Good morning, folks!

Sooo I didn’t actually get to pre-schedule any posts this weekend and I greatly apologize. Life happened, and life is still happening, but I’m squeezing in this post because I love blogging and all of you and…yay!

I’m excited for the events that are happening this week, especially because there’s a weekend retreat to New Hampshire with the Catholic center coming up! Only an essay, lab, a few assignments, and a psych test to power through until then. Meep.

I haven’t really updated you all on what went on last week, so I’m going to recap some highlights in the style of notes again! Second edition = “Chapter 2.” #nerd


  • Flash cards— easy and efficient for studying; pain in the butt to make. If this is the stack I have for only two chapters, I’m going to need a whole forest to sustain my studying needs for the rest of the year.

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Social Life

  • I attended the first Catholic women’s group meeting of the year last Wednesday and the two hostesses provided an epic taco night. Good food, great company, and joyful conversation made for the perfect evening!
    • (I missed lobster night in the dining halls for it, and I do not regret it.)

picstitch copy

  • Embarrassing moment of the month: My stomach made the weirdest, LOUDEST sound during a silent prayer time in the tiny chapel, so everyone definitely knew it was me.
    • I actually prayed to God: “I deserved that humbling mortification.” 
  • Hooray for Bible study!
    • (I’m obsessed with the Catholic center activities, but you probably figured that out.)


Didn’t quite get everyone in the picture (sorry, Christina!), but these ladies are incredible.

  • These are my friends PJ and Ben. They took selfies on my phone when I wasn’t around, and now I’d like to show the world how creepy cool they are.


You’re on the blog now, PJ.


picstitch copy 9

  • Soon I’ll tell you guys how I liked the Arctic Zero that I received last week! I, uh, finished three of the pints by myself already if that says anything.

Hope you all have a rockin’ Tuesday! Happy fall, by the way 🙂

So tell me:

Did/Do you use flash cards to study?

Is there a place at which you’ve been spending a great deal of time?

What’s the best thing you’ve eaten in the past week?

That egg + cheese sandwich on a whole wheat English muffin at the top left of the food collage hit the spot, I must say.


9 thoughts on “Notes on College {Chapter 2}

  1. I know it’s been a while since I last commented, but I am so glad to hear that you’ve been enjoying college so far! For my anatomy/physiology class last spring semester, I used flashcards ALL the time to study for quizzes and exams, going through them multiple times until I could answer nearly all of them right after reading the question. Then I would reverse them Jeopardy-style and try to match the answer with the question. I used other study methods as well, of course, but the flashcards were certainly helpful. I hope you enjoy the rest of your week 🙂

  2. Flash cards are definately a pain in the buttocks to make but I convince myself that I’m actually retaining some of the knowledge while making them so score!!! Plus my OCD loves them;) 🙈 and anything to procrastinate real hardcore reading/studying the actual book is two thumbs up in my book👍👍😋
    Ive been spending a whole lot of time at coffee shops getting work done Bc I get way to distracted at home!!
    Have a great rest of the week pal! I wish I could run up there and supply you with all the greek yogurt 🙌☺️😘

  3. Are people always asking if they’ll be “on the blog”?! That happens to me wayyy too much, lol 🙂 finally catching up on DM&G! I’ve missed hearing about your life! Looks like college is going great for you 🙂 And seriously, that dorm food. #winning

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