Behind the Scenes #31: First Week at Boston University


I’m going to be so cliché that it hurts right now, but I’ve missed you all so much!!! I feel like there are a million things I want to say and even more photos to dump on your faces, but I’ll try to hold my horses and tell you about my week in an organized fashion. Thus, I’m going to do this in a list format since lists are easier to manage and read.

Here are some of things and thoughts from my first week at college!

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Mooooooving in!

1) FYSOP was incredibleI mentioned in another post that I was not actually in classes last week (classes start tomorrow!), but I was participating in a First-Year Student Outreach Program (FYSOP). I was in the “Hunger” issue area, so we harvested fruits and veggies at a farm, helped sort and label things at a food bank, and prepared food at a soup kitchen. Throughout all the on-site volunteer work, lectures, and educational sessions, I’ve learned so much more about the Hunger issue than I could have imagined.

The best part of all was making great friends within my group. We were the “Morgan Free…Range Chickens.” Nothing short of amazing, I think.

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{Photo creds to Patrick}

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{Photo creds to Cassandra}

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{Photo creds to Grace}

2) The food is quite delicious here.

It’s very easy to find healthy options in the dining halls, and I love that Boston University is serious about sustainability and knowing where the food comes from. Come back on Wednesday to check out some of my eats at college! 🙂

P.S. I finally found the big bowl of both regular AND natural peanut butter in the dining hall today. My culinary life in college is complete.

3) After three days last week, I figured out the shower situation.

Showering in the dorms was making me a little anxious before I arrived, but I think I have a system of sorts that allows me to shower efficiently and travel in the hallways without flashing anyone (so far).

4) Homesickness is subsiding. 

The transition was definitely weird during the first few days of being in college alone, but after such a fantastic week with FYSOP, I’ve adjusted well. Mom and Dad have also been here for the past couple of days for Labor Day weekend, which surely helps too!

Now for when I need sanity and a shoulder to cry on during exam weeks….

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My dorm!

5) A spoonful of peanut butter is my best friend.

Not literally. I made friends, I swear! But when it comes to that midnight snack monster right before I hit the hay, I turn to my trustee peanut butter jar in the mini fridge to tame the beast.

{What the heck with that dramatic sentence?^^^}

6) The FitRec center is awesome!

Last Thursday, I stepped into the fitness and recreation center for the first time a little after we finished dinner, and I decided to just work out while I was already there and gross after being out all day. I don’t really give a darn about dudes at the gym, so I just went for the weight room.

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It was the first time I lifted weights in a longggggg time, and it was SO FUN. I did 5 minutes on the stair master and Jessie’s full body weights workout, which made me decently sore the next day and even more sore two days later. DOMS! I’m pumped to be able to go to such a great fitness center.

Other moves: 

  • Saturday: 3 min. on cross trainer (I was already pretty warm from walking a mile from my dorm to the FitRec!) + 10 shoulder tap pushups + 20 single arm DB swings + 8 min ab tabata + 3 rounds of 500m row and 10 burpees
  • Sunday: 2.8 mile run around the Charles River!

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I’m taking yoga as a credit class this semester, so I’m looking forward to that too!

7) The weather has been beautiful lately.

Boston, you’re gorgeous. Please be merciful this winter.

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8) I realize how much I value my alone time.

The first few days of FYSOP involved meeting tons of new people, socializing, chanting together, playing games, etc. All I wanted to do after long days of doing just that was sit in my room by myself, read blogs, and eat oatmeal. I skipped a Student Activities night last week in favor of organizing my room and listening to Tori Kelly in my dorm.

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Don’t get me wrong, I loveeee meeting new people and hanging out with my friends; I had a ridiculously fun time with them. However, my introversion calls me to just chill by myself sometimes. No open door, no texting, just me time. Like, “leave me alone, dangit” time.

9) I miss reading blogs!

Gahh! I want to read so many blog posts, but there just isn’t any time! I read a lot on my phone when I could last week, but I also wanted to make sure I was in the moment and talking to my friends. I just truly miss commenting and taking my time reading all the great posts out there.

10) I’m ready for classes.

I hope, at least. I am so excited and thankful to be learning about the world in such an amazing city. Not only will I be learning in the classroom, but I will be (and have already been) learning through the different experiences and people I encounter every day. So blessed!

Okay, I’m done, I’m done. But FYI, that was only about a quarter of what I want to tell you all. So many adventures, so little time!

Have a blessed Labor/Labour Day, all you who are celebrating!

So tell me:

What are some things going on in YOUR life?

Did you have trouble transitioning when you first went to college?

How have you been movin’ and groovin’?


29 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes #31: First Week at Boston University

  1. Aghh! It’s so crazy to see you enjoying Boston. I live just outside the city and my aunt lives right in Cambridge! If you’re ever looking for a cute little Italian cafe experience, check out Caffé Vittoria! They have really good desserts and mango sorbet. *swoon* also, Squeaky Beaker in East Cambridge has really nice staff and delicious sandwiches. Their avocado + hummus +veggie sandwich = perfect. Haha sorry for going all Massachusetts pride on you – i’m just excited! 🙂 Have fun at your first day of classes.

  2. Boston is gorgeous. You’re practically bursting with excitement woman! Love it 🙂 . Hmm so this is college..
    I would totally be the same way with needing some real alone time amidst the constant socializing.
    Finding the peanut butter must be like hitting the jackpot..even though you went prepared -more than- adequately 😉 .

  3. So happy for ya girl!!!! I can’t wait to hear more😊
    I’m the same way as you! As much as I like to be sociable and have fun I really need some time to myself to recoup, get my thoughts together, and recharge!
    I’m just enjoying the last few days of freedom before school starts😭
    Have a great day off and good luck tomorrow! Love you girl💗

  4. AH it is so cool you are having so much fun! I just moved into my dorm on Saturday for my first year of university, and it is so overwhelming! Exciting and awesome, but I definitely understand what you are saying about needing to be on your own after a full day of socializing and running around. I’m super jealous of your dining hall, though. We have pretty decent options, but the only peanut butter is plain kraft in plastic compartments. YUCK. Good thing I have four jars in my dorm. 😉 Good luck!!

  5. Ahhhh this post makes me so excited 🙂 I am applying to BU for grad school and that picture of the city with the river and bridge just makes me swooooon 🙂 I’m visiting in October and I CAN’T wait!

  6. College looks like such fun! Three more years and I’ll be joining in 😉
    Believe it or not, this post actually makes me look forward to my own future uni experiences. Keep it up, girl! 🙂

  7. Oh wow, what a beautiful city- if this is the excitement you have and classes haven;t even started…well- it’s gonna elevate! Can’t wait to see if your dorm food was better than mine haha

    (it won;t be hard…our best cafeteria was called Lake Effect Cafe. We called it Sh!t effect cafe.)

  8. I feel like I’m reliving my frosh week (the week before classes start as a freshman) through you! Except mine involved quite bit less charitable work….then again the drinking age is 18 in Montreal so you can imagine what a shitshow that was. You look like you’re having an amazing time girly! I’m so happy for you that you’re making friends! Also alone time is so necessary. It’s okay to step away from the madness and do you for a little while 🙂

  9. I miss reading blogs so much! Man, oh man – how life has changed for us! I love your dorm and adore your little set up. I say invest in a good planner (Vera Bradley is my go to for college) and savor your alone time. Only try to accomplish ONE TASK AT A TIME. Otherwise you’ll turn into a hot mess of anxiety trying to tackle all of your assignments and deadlines in one setting. Been there, done that, don’t do it. You’ll always have time, just get used to prioritizing your assignments, I always do difficult first. I hope my little tricks helped lovely. So much love for you!

    • We’re both going through hectic, yet exciting and beautiful times in our lives! Yes, I am already learning that I get SUPER frazzled and anxious when I’m trying to do a million things at once. It’s important to remember to breathe and take things one at a time. Ain’t nobody got time for multi-tasking (ironically).
      Thanks so much for your advice, girl! I know it’s coming from a very valid source 😉 Sending you love, Ashley! ♥

  10. You seem like you’re enjoying it so much!!! It sure sounds like it’s going great for you 🙂 I love meeting new people but I TOTALLY understand how you need your alone time. #twins. Do you have a Mac? I’ve been seriously thinking about getting one because my laptop is on its last life. And DANG you’re killin’ the workouts! I want to get into weight stuff buuut I usually just run. haha 😉

  11. What an exciting time!! I was in your shoes last year & I totally understand what it feels like. For me, having a team helped me not focus on being homesick due to being busy. I totally agree with you on the alone time though. I love socializing and hanging out with people, but sometimes it is just a lot! So don’t be afraid to sit back and relax sometimes 🙂 College is amazing & I am sure that you are already seeing that. Oh and blogging becomes a lot harder, but it’s ok to blog a little less. You have to find a routine that works. I struggled with blogging last year due to being busy all the time.. but I eventually figured it out. Have fun!

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