Goodbye, New York

Oh, hello!!

I have two confessions:

1) I said I wasn’t going to post in a while after Friday, but I forgot that I could write up a blog post this weekend to schedule for today. So here I am!

2) I didn’t make peach cobbler on Thursday like I said I would. I made it on Friday. But time does not dictate the pure deliciousness of peach cobbler, so whenever I made it/ate it/swooned at it, it was all good.

peach cobbler

I knew I needed to make peach cobbler before summer ended and before I went off to college. We finished it within a 1.5 days because it’s the dessert of all desserts (in my opinion). If you’re not sure what peach cobbler is, it’s stewed peaches beneath a biscuit-like dough that’s crispy on the outside and doughy on the inside. I need to stop right there before I become sad that it’s all gone.

I shared with everyone, don’t worry. It wasn’t easy to share, but I did. 😉

I used this recipe (cutting down the sugar by half for both the batter and the peaches), and although it’s not like the cobbler my aunt made that I first fell in love with, it’s still so delicious and satisfying. A la mode of course!

The sad, inevitable time came to say goodbye to my last two friends that were still in New York this weekend, so we had a three-part celebration for going off to college. Part 1 on Thursday night was ice cream and a walk (the default friend activity).


Daliza and Mike were the last two!

Part 2 on Friday night was going to the diner and then to the park in the dark to pass around a soccer ball, attempt rollerblading, and play “Ninja”. It was humbling getting on those roller skates, especially since I used to be a figure skater! I almost fell on my face approximately 12 times. It’s also humbling kicking a soccer ball around two soccer players. It’s a good thing we were best friends before they witnessed my poor foot-eye coordination.


I shared some waffle fries with Daliza. They made me smile.

via Daliza’s Instagram

Part 3 on Sunday was basically just chatting for a bit and saying, “see ya soon!” Why are we not emotional?

Besides soccer and rollerblading on Friday, my moves included handstand practice and a 16-minute arm workout from PurelyTwins (I’m just obsessed with their workouts). Holy moly, that one is a shoulder smoker during the workout, but my lats were actually more sore the next day!

On Saturday, I ran 3 slow miles with walking rests and some bodyweight exercises in between each mile. Oof. Endurance on a scale of 1-10 is like a 5. Something to work towards!

My last dinner at a restaurant in New York for a while involved Turkish food (…thanks to Groupon 😀 )! The food really hit the spot. We had an appetizer plate to share that was so big that we had to take some home as leftovers, and I ordered the grilled salmon for my entree. Everything was so tasty!

turkish meze

I think I finally see the resemblance between my parents and myself

Sunday morning started with a beautiful 4 mile walk with the ‘rents at our favorite trail (so much shade + a lake view!).


Like the ambiguity as to which college I’m attending?

Finally, last night ended with a family prayer and watching Food Network. Loveeeeee.


A marvelous weekend, I’d say!

This weekend was the best way to say farewell to the Big Apple and hello to Beantown! Hope you all have a wonderful week! I’ll be popping in for WIAW 🙂

So tell me:

How did you treat yourself this weekend?

Three things you did this weekend!


18 thoughts on “Goodbye, New York

  1. I’ve never made or tried peach cobbler – I think I’m missing out big time!!
    Turkish food is amazing! I love everything about it, especially the huge portions.
    I like you cute floral dress 🙂
    Good luck with moving!

  2. Mmmmm peach cobbler ❤ at the old summer camp I used to go to we'd make it by throwing a bunch of peaches, flour, sugar, and oats into a big pot on the campfire and dig in with our hands.. the BEST peach cobbler! Good luck with everything!! My cousin left yesterday and it's so weird to not have her at home anymore!

  3. Question: where are lats situated in the body?
    This was handsdown a marvelous farewell weekend. Eeee, how pumped are you feeling 😀 ?!
    That floral dress on you: stunning 🙂 . My “weekend” started today; the past one having been a complete wind storm along with extreme chills meant taking a rain check on any fun plans.

    • I believe “lats” is an abbreviation for latissimus dorsi, which are your shoulder blades/upper back! I’m pretty pumped to be i Boston, I must say! Exhausted, but so excited!
      Aw I’m sorry to hear about the bum weather. Hope you had some time to do fun activities these past couple of days!

  4. That peach cobbler😍 way to go out with a bang👍👍
    I treated myself to fro yo and a pedicure…now that the summer is over and I’ll only get to wear sandals for a little while longer🙈 lol I know I make so much sense!😜
    Anywho, hope you have a great trip up to bahston (my fake Boston accent 😉
    Have a good one Alison 😘

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