This is Why I Love Working Out


That’s how I feel about yesterday! It was tiring and busy, but incredibly joyful and blessed all the same.

My day started with breakfast and some moves outside since it was a picture perfect day. I did this arm workout from PurelyTwins and it burned my shoulders and core! I love that it was short and sweet too, because I was anxious to get this over with:

#ALSicebucketchallenge (<— click on the link to learn more)

That woke me up for sure! My uncle that I nominated thinks I didn’t pour enough ice water onto myself though. He said my bowl “ain’t no bucket. That’s more like a soda fountain cup.” I’m expecting him to stand under an ice cold waterfall now.

I air-dried pretty quickly while I got to work baking Jenn’s fluffy flax, fruit, and veggie bread (zucchini banana walnut bread)! It looks like chocolate, but it’s just dark because of the whole wheat flour. It’s not burnt either, I promise.

zucchini bread

End slice while it’s still warm and crispy with sunflower seed butter— a life necessity

After lunching and munching, moving and grooving, Mom and I tackled the next house project on our list: removing all the carpets from our rooms. Guys, I felt like I ran a half marathon (or something strenuous like that since I’ve never run that far in my life) after the 3.5 hours of cutting, ripping, rolling, carrying, and stair climbing. That stuff was a full body workout! So much respect for contractors.

This, my friends, is exactly the reason why I love working out. I can help my mom move heavy furniture, carry things up and down the stairs, and fold up huge pieces of splintered foam for hours. I felt every part of my body working yesterday, but I felt strong!

I also credit the large amount of nut butter I ate in an effort to keep my energy up but…The point is that I love to work out because it helps me kick butt at daily life. We can be great servants of God through very ordinary deeds.

I’ll step off my soapbox now.

When we finished all the work, I listened to “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” since it was going through my head all afternoon. Then we showered and collapsed in the living room, where our beds are currently located.

photo 1 copy 6

I’m only smiling because I was overtired and giddy as heck. Mom even said, “You must be drunk.” I assure you I drank nothing but water and a peanut butter banana smoothie. But seriously, I was just so happy to be spending quality time with my mom and to be exhausted in a good way!

After chatting for a while with limp bodies, we pried ourselves from the mattresses to go eat dinner a la Groupon.

picstitch copy

We went to one of our favorite Korean restaurants and ordered a lot of food (all the things on the left besides the sushi on top came with our meals— they’re Korean side dishes!) because we needed to use the full value of the Groupon and we were so dang hungry. We shared all the side dishes, a tuna-yellowtail-salmon roll, broiled eel, and bibimbap. That crispy rice on the bottom of the bibimbap is GOLD. The eel was also amazing.

We cleaned up every single plate. The owner of the restaurant seemed kinda scared yet thankful when we stacked up all our dishes continuously.

I was full, but not too full for some more apple pie a la mode when I got home! 😀

{Mom is already fast asleep as I’m finishing this post. Knocked out!}

Hope you all have an awesome day!

So tell me:

Why do you love working out?

Have you ever eaten Korean food? 


22 thoughts on “This is Why I Love Working Out

  1. You’re so enthusiastic about working out and so vibrant with life–man i wish I could dorm a ywar with youm we could do insanity and yoga and help each other with inversions : )

  2. Please don’t take offense to this, but I always get Korean/Chinese/Japanese food mixed up; I don’t know what originated where and who started this or that, it’s all food to me! I have had authentic Japanese once (Hibachi is the way to go!) and Chinese multiple times, but I haven’t actively sought out Korean cuisine. Or maybe I have, I don’t know! My uneducated American is showing… O.o

    • I do not take offense at all! There are tons of Asian cuisines, so I totally understand getting them mixed up (I still get them confused myself!). Japanese is my favorite (I ♥ sushi), but Korean is in a very close second because they have so many flavorful traditional dishes. Japanese and Korean are similar, and Chinese cuisine is a little bit different from the two. I’m Chinese though!

  3. There’s a Korean place near me where your BBQ your own meat and veggies and it’s is the bomb…dot com! Did I really just say that?🙈 #cringing #whyamihashtagging. I’m such a tool lol🙈🙈🙈
    I agree with you! I think one of the best things about being physically fit (and it’s always overlooked) is that fact that i can run without feeling like I’m dying and lift things without feeling like I’m going to get a hernia.😳😉
    Have a good one Alison!

  4. UGH. I should’ve read your post like an hour ago – I just made plain zucchini bread but I totally would’ve made the one you did!! Dang. Next time 😉 since I’ll have so many zucchini from my garden I wont know what to do, lol!

  5. Sounds like a busy and rewarding day! Haha you should have listened to “Ill make a man out of you” WHILE removing the carpets… that would have given you some extra motivation for sure!
    Also- that bread looks amazing. Is there anything that doesn’t taste good when freshly baked and slathered with nut/seed butter?!

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  7. That walnut bread looks amazing! I have always been a fan of darker breads that are not burnt- though I do have a weird favor toward burnt bread.

    “We can be great servants of God through very ordinary deeds.”

    That really stuck with me. Thank you for writing that! Also, thanks for getting Mulan stuck in my head. 😉 Although, if I am going to have a song stuck in my head, I am glad it is from Disney!

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