House Project Weekend


Despite the weekend posting, I haven’t been updating you on what’s been moving and grooving over here the past few days. It’s been hectic, but marvelous-hectic.


Linking up with Mrs. Marvelous herself— Katie!


We’re starting all the way from Thursday this time! Thursday is like the new addition to the weekend, right? Anticipation for Friday?

Moves: A lower body workout with pistol squats, Bulgarian split squats, sumo squats, and elevated bridges. I used light weights, but my legs were still trembling! Totally not used to anything but bodyweight…

photo 1 copy 3

How I feel at the bottom of a pistol squat

I babysat for a few hours, during which I walked down memory lane (aka Sesame Street), picked up chicken nugget pieces, and chased around this cute little munchkin.

photo 2 copy 2

Later, mom and I went to church, and then I got crafty.


My aunt gave me the nice frame, which came with a code for a free collage that I could create online, and I made the pink poster myself. Mom said my poster was “crusty” due to the good ol’ Elmer’s glue. I say it’s rustic!


This past Friday could also be known as “move ALL THE THINGS day” in our house. Not only was I finally starting to pack clothes and books for college, but mom and I moved all the furniture and objects from the rooms upstairs to the main floor. This happened because mom is renovating the rooms with some new floors and painted walls. The current 12-year-old stained carpets and scraped walls just aren’t that cute anymore.

photo 3

Sorry the panda pillow pet is mooning you

In the process of getting something from the top shelf of my closet, I bonked my head really hard on the edge of the door post. I have a hard head, but I stepped up quite quickly and forcefully, so it hurt pretty badly. There’s a tender bump on my skull, but now I have an excuse if I start acting giddy and loopy!

photo 4

Ice ice baby

Some walking and fresh air helped!

photo 5

My quads were toast from my workout the day before, so walking down the stairs at the park was the hardest part of my day. Going down is deceivingly difficult with sore legs! It was even more comfortable walking uphill than walking on a level path.


More furniture moving and treasure-finding while organizing our things {treasures = a bunch of cookbooks}!

Moves: unscrewing things from the walls (serious arm workout with those stubborn screws!), moving furniture, pushups, and an 8-minute ab tabata

After I ran some errands, mom and I went to choose the new paint color for the walls. We got a color called “Beach House,” so I’m hoping it feels tropical in here when I get back from chilly Boston. 😉

photo 2 copy 3

I went out to dinner with my friends that night and we had some awesome laughs and conversations. I had a monster Thai Chicken salad that was drowned in sauce, so the dressing was completely unnecessary.

photo 1 copy 4

We had a fun night!


7 hours of painting.


Paint in my hair, paint in my eyelashes, paint in my underwear.

A break was taken to nourish ourselves, buy extra paint brushes, and detour to buy ice cream for the apple pie we bought from a church fundraiser. Painting all day is tiring, so I’d say this was a well-deserved treat!


Although, I still would have had it whether I painted all day or not.

Now that our rooms are all filled with paint fumes, we’re having a slumber party in the basement! I think the fumes already started affecting me though, because I was extra giggly last night. Or maybe it’s my head still.

Hope y’all have a great Monday!

So tell me:

One thing you did this weekend!

Have you done any house projects recently?

What were your moves this weekend?


26 thoughts on “House Project Weekend

  1. It’s so cool you’re moving to Boston so soon! I live about 20 minutes outside of Boston and go there pretty much every weekend during the school year 🙂 Maybe i’ll see you around 😀
    P.S. That apple pie looks so good right about now.

  2. Let’s blame the giggly-ness on both bumping your head & paint fumes. I even think you deserve an extra slice of pie for all the hardwork you put in over the weekend 🙂 Haha

  3. My first thought when I saw “Bulgarian” squats? Oh I haven’t had those chocolate Bulgarian nougat candies in ages 😀 .
    You must be even more fun to be around with a bump on the noggin’ and lungs filled with paint making you high!
    I went hiking through the nearby forest with Mum Sunday 🙂 .

  4. Sounds like a productive weekend, Alison! You’re getting a good workout moving furniture.
    When does school start for you? My sister starts Irvine in the beginning of October, which is pretty late.

  5. Painting is freaking exhausting! Sometimes I get hit with a random urge to repaint one of my rooms, and then I remember the last time I did it and put that idea on the back burner 😆 I did help my mom go through some old stuff that’s been hanging out in the basement and closets this weekend, though. It’s always fun to look through things and find treasures that you haven’t seen for years and years.

  6. Since moving into our new house we’ve been painting everything! I can’t stand paint smell. My mom had to sleep with me one night after she painted her room, haha! That Thai salad looks so yummy! I always order my dressing on the side – I never need it all!

  7. With our new move, I find something to do every day! This weekend was about trying to get our office/study in order and get the junk out of the dining room!

  8. Wow lots of moving and grooving this weekend! I also bumped my head HARD on what else…the refridgerator🙈🙈🙈
    I was seeing stars 🙎😰 I hardly ever cry when I get hurt but man there were tears!
    I visited my brother and his wife for dinner this weekend ….and then slept over which I’m sure they loved:)
    Have a great Monday Alison!

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