Behind the Scenes #28: My Strange Addiction


With my headstand/handstand buddy, Amanda!

1) Another reason to love Thinking Out Loud: I don’t have to think of an intro. The DREADED INTRO.

2) I’ve been using a weekly planner to get back into the groove of physically writing down reminders, rather than typing them on my phone. There’s something about putting a pen to paper and making an actual checkmark that makes me feel so official and accomplished.


Bonus points if I’m using a retractable ballpoint pen.

3) I did 300 double unders on Tuesday, and heyyyyoooo that stuff is harder than it sounds. I also did it after some fun moves inside that involved pushups, triceps dips, and super lame toes to bar (those were also a struggle), so my arms were noodly. It was fun though! It was drizzling too, which added serenity to a rather difficult jump rope experience.

4) Shoulders are sore from said moves.

5) Along with jumping rope and swimming at the beach in the rain, I’ve added ultimate frisbee to the list.

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 10.21.03 PM

6) I could stalk Kath’s old blog posts and Cait’s Instagram posts ALL DAY because of their delicious-looking food and clean photography. It’s “my strange addiction.”

7) I tried hemming one of my shirts for a whole hour the other day, and it looked like a 5-year-old did it. Actually, a 5-year-old could have probably done a better job. My mother laughed at it with me, and we decided to take out the thread completely and just let it hang without the thread, because anything would look better than my sewing job.



8) My friend gatherings with Jeannine, Je’lyn, and Veronica seem to always revolve around ice cream. I’m going to agree with Jeannine with her statement, “I’m not opposed to ice cream.” Just putting that out there, but I think y’all knew that.


9) Waterworks started flowing when my parents were talking about how my brother probably won’t be living at home for good ever again. We were just dancing to Pokemon songs in front of a video camera, like, YESTERDAY.

But this conversation was literally yesterday.

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 10.07.34 PM

I couldn’t resist making the song reference.

10) Packing, collaging, babysitting, and Mass for the Assumption on the agenda today! Hope you all have a beautiful day.

So tell me:

What is one of your “strange addictions”?

Have you ever played outside in the rain?

Are you a manual or electronic planner kinda person?


14 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes #28: My Strange Addiction

  1. Hah I am ALSO addicted to looking at food photos, so I’m right there with you 😉

    And nothing beats a paper planner! I have tons of them all over my house so they’re not entirely helpful (since none of them contain everything) but they’re so satisfying!

  2. I’ve essentially given up on writing introductions for my posts, since they always sound forced, contrived, and/or overly cheerful. OK, so forced and contrived have basically the same meaning, but you get the gist of what I am saying…Instead, I prefer to simply launch into whatever topic I may be discussing that day. The only time I enjoy sewing is when I have to sew the ribbons and elastics onto my pointe shoes–otherwise, I avoid this particular activity at all costs. Even though I have an iPhone, I write all my important appointments, classes, babysitting jobs, etc…on our huge family calender, since I prefer this to putting it on my phone. After all, my phone could crash or lose its data, while the calender probably won’t get torn up, burned in a fire, or soaked in water. Well, anything is possible, but I prefer not to rely on my phone for EVERYTHING. Good luck with all your college-related activities–I hope you have a wonderful first year at Boston University!! I am sure you will thrive there and impress everyone with your wit and intelligence 🙂

  3. I don’t think I’d be able to get through my days if I didn’t physically write things down. I have a planner, to-do lists, a blogging editorial calendar, a whiteboard, post-its… the works 😉 Is it weird that I don’t use any electronic planners at all?

  4. When my brother moved out I had that same realization 😦 and then he got married and hit really hit me!!! Seriously I feel like it was yesterday I was setting up his army men with him around the house!
    I’m definitely a manual planner/lister! I’m actually a little OCD and makes lists for just about everything!
    And omg I could stalk caitsplate ig for hours!
    Have a great day Alison!

  5. So um I didn’t know that song was called Fancy and I’ve been wondering for days. lol at me. I’m kind of in that “nothing to do” stage right now and I’m going to enjoy it all until school starts. Nothing wrong with that! As for planning, I don’t do electronic OR physical.. it’s all in my head. And then I tend to forget most of it 😉

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