WIAW: The Big Green Salad


We’re back to a house of three since my cousins left yesterday. That will become a house of two in just 12 days when I leave for Boston. !!!!!

But for now, I’m just embracing the time I have with my family and friends, as well as a big fridge and kitchen in which I can make whatever I want. I’m wondering if my roommate will be okay with me keeping overnight oats in our micro-fridge (microwave + fridge). She might want to abandon me and file a complaint if I don’t warn her of what it is exactly.

Anyway, here’s what I’ve been eating at home this past week!


Partying with Jenn!


Big Greek yogurt mess with chia, cinnamon, nutmeg, sliced banana, leftover waffles, and almond butter

Other than this breakfast, I’ve been having the usual: overnight oats, more peach oatmeal smoothies, and cookie dough cereal. Nothin’ new to see!

My snacks have been on the sweeter side this week. Amanda’s recipes have been my kryptonite evidently…


Banana bread mug cake


Oatmeal cookie dough smoothie + spinach

I’ve found that the quickest way for me to get my veggie intake for lunch or dinner is with a big, simple salad. I put double the serving size of greens into a giant bowl and toss it with olive oil, freshly cracked black pepper, and honey. My family calls it the “Alison salad”, but I call it being too lazy to be creative.


Salad + wheat toast + soft boiled eggs


Salad + udon noodles + scrambled eggs


Salad + rice and curry with shrimp, bamboo shoots, and mushrooms

Apparently, I like my salads on the left, so that’s where it shall be forever and always.

I’ve had some meals without the “Alison salad” too:


Tuna, brie, spinach panini + white peach


Chicken, havarti, spinach, mustard panini + satueed zucchini (my less-lazy vegetable)


Onion and garlic English muffin-bagel with avocado, smoked salmon, and pepper

That last meal was my favorite. Avocado + smoked salmon go together like peanut butter + jelly. The fancy English muffin made it THAT much better also. Do you think I’ll be the most popular person on my dorm floor if I make this for everyone? It’ll be my ice breaker!

As for desserts, I’ve been having lots of peanut butter cookie banana chia pudding and coconut banana bread with a glass o’ milk. Gahhhhh.

banana coco bread


I hope you all have a fabulous day!

So tell me:

What is your favorite easy way to eat veggies?

How did you get to know people in your college dorm? 

My orientation student leader told us she met people by offering them trail mix. Sounds like my kinda party.

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