Productive Weekend


Productive weekends are almost as awesome as do-nothing weekends. Although, I’m still on summer break, so there’s no real differentiation between the weekend and weekdays…


Productivity is marvelous!

On Friday, I took an active rest day, but I still managed to tire myself out with errands, chores, and cooking. I just want to be a house mom, that’s really it. I feel like I could do those kinds of things all day, every day and be alright. I mean, I don’t have kids, so that’s a probably a major factor in why I’m so zealous about it at the present moment.

Some highlights:

photo 1 copy

Eating lunch on a yoga mat on the floor while watching cooking channels on YouTube.

I wasn’t feeling too civilized, so I just called it casual Friday.

Headstanding! I got the beginner version finally thanks to Erin @ The Almond Eater’s tips.

It took me a while to figure out that it’s a good idea to warm up your core before doing a headstand/handstand, so an 8 minute ab tabata did the trick beforehand.


Making Kylie’s peanut butter cookie banana chia seed pudding.

This is so good. And healthy! I even got an extra workout because I was too lazy to take out and clean the food processor to make oat flour, so I used this ancient, manual crusher-ma-bob.


I wouldn’t say it became oat flour, but more like oat bran. Oh well. Texture! Fiber! Digestion!

photo 2 copy

Ice cream and a long walk with Jeannine and Veronica at the local creamery (we missed you, Je’lyn!).

P.S. I had Cap’n Crunchberry ice cream and it was awesome.

We also had Indian food, compliments of Groupon (it’s back in action!). I ♥ the saucy richness of Indian food…and nan!


My cousins, aunt and uncle also arrived yesterday! They’re here for a couple days only, but I always love spending time with them.

angela and joseph 1

More company also means more food at my mom’s bed and breakfast.

aug grill

Grilled everything + more + a little bit more. Thanks, Mom!

I had fun making Jessica’s whole wheat banana bread with cinnamon coconut streusel for dessert, but I had an even better time eating it. 😀

banana coco bread

I can’t wait to have more.

Re-reading this post, it doesn’t seem like I was any more productive that usual, but I promise that I did more than make food and eat it. The rest of the weekend was dedicated to cleaning (I even volunteered to vacuum, what?) and college preparations.

Buying college books: Dad said it’s like the Mafia. All the book companies want is money (LOTS of it), but you can make deals with other sites and people to spend less. Thank God for Amazon.

Dorms: I’ve just started to think about how to decorate my dorm room, and I already give up. Let’s face it, my room is just not going to look like the coveted Pinterest dorm rooms.



Too much effort.

Color scheme? I’ve lived in a baby pink room for the past 10 years; color isn’t my main priority at this time in my life. The most I’m doing is making a photo collage on a rectangular poster board. Done and done.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

So tell me:

Something fun you did this weekend!

Are you very interested in room/home decor?

Have you cooked anything delicious recently? 


22 thoughts on “Productive Weekend

  1. 1. That is one really nice-looking dorm.
    2. Who helped videotape that tripod stand? I like that you pointed your toes, haha 🙂

  2. You leave me spellbound with your zeal for house keeping 🙂 !! So I can’t say I cooked anything at.all (leave alone delicious) but I have consumed tons of delicious food. Oh I need to invite you for supper one night; my Mum’s naan is just mind-blowingly gooood.
    Give me an unlimited budget and I’ll probably go wild in having fun home decorating 😉 .
    Cap’n Crunchberry ice cream exists 😯 !?

  3. You’re right. The weekend and weekdays are totally the same during the summer. There’s no difference, except for when you know your parents work that day or not.
    And, I’ve been into making egg, cheese, and vegan sausage burritos…it’s so good!
    I still have to try Kylie’s chia seed pudding. I bookmarked it when she posted it but I haven’t gotten the chance to make it.

  4. I only have to get one college book…I can’t imagine having to get enough for 4 or 5 classes! And seriously girl, so much amazing food! This weekend has been pretty sad for me on the food front since we just got back and there it literally nothing in the fridge. We’re going grocery shopping today so I can finally make some real food!

  5. Looks like a productive weekend to me!
    I spent the weekend at the beach but I don’t know what it is, the older I get I can’t seem to veg out for hours like I used. Isn’t supposed to be the opposite?!🙈
    My first year dorming I had these grand plans of having a dorm room from pottery barn teen…yea that didn’t happen! I love pretty spaces and interior design but I don’t like actually doing the work?! #lazy lol
    Have a great day Alison! Save me some of the delicious banana bread🙋🙋🙋

  6. Woo! Lookit you and your awesome headstand! Mine’s been coming along as well, which I very much attribute to shedding some of the fear that I had about breaking my neck. It’s aaaaaall in the head… and core 😉

    And I love home decor, but I seriously get so overwhelmed by all the gorgeous styles out there that I end up not knowing what to choose and just kind of get stuck admiring the prettiness.

  7. That banana bread looked awesome on Instagram yesterday and even better today. YUM! I need to find some brown bananas to make myself a loaf… I’m envious that you’re going up to Boston soon, I miss by BU years!!!

  8. I have no idea how I’m going to decorate my room. My roommate and I are going for a black and white theme so I guess we’ll see how it turns out.

  9. I have those same measuring cups! I am the same with you on the whole dorm decorating. For a split second a few weeks ago, I wanted to go all out and decorate, but now…. there’s just no way I could handle doing that! I’m too lazy. Your weekend looks very productive. 🙂 I want to try that cinnamon streusel!

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