Behind the Scenes #27: I Hurt Myself Doing Yoga


Thanks for being the hostess with the mostest, Amanda!

1) Yep. I hurt myself doing yoga. You would think I’ve learned to be more cautious with exercise after that time I hurt myself doing burpees, but nah. I like to live life on the edge (pretty literally). I was in side crow on the left side— my bad side— and I tried to balance myself out by leaning forward more, but I leaned too far forward. It basically looked like this:


{A picture from this post}

Except this time I couldn’t save myself and I hit my cheekbone pretty hard. It’s only slightly red, so it doesn’t look like I got into a fight. Darn.

2) I was doing this yoga video, and HOLA, it is challenging! The lady can stay in downward dog for an eternity. Sometimes I had to just chill back in child’s pose for a bit while she kept going. It’s a good one though!

3) I got half of my lunch at Panera Bread yesterday because my mom and I were about to go shopping for a few hours, but I was on the verge of getting “hangry”, so I grabbed this Thai Chicken flatbread sandwich:

photo 1

I forgot how good the food can be at Panera! Or maybe my hunger was just the right sauce 😉

(The other half of my lunch/snack/guatever was eaten when I got home.)

4) I also went out to dinner with my dance friend, Susie! She’s a foodie kinda gal as well, so she understands the unnecessary-yet-so-necessary struggle when deciding on what to order.

photo 2

After some intense deliberations, I decided on this roasted beet and goat cheese sandwich with artichokes and arugula on ciabatta. Mmmmm, good choice.

5) While we’re on the topic of food, can I just say that the goodness of dried figs with Greek yogurt is taken down a notch when the brand of yogurt is not either Fage or Chobani? Well, I just said it. It’s true.

6) I think I’m finally getting psyched for college now! It’s probably because I got a dry erase/cork board yesterday. Once you get one of those, the real excitement starts to kick in, am I right?

7) The number seven reminds me…Today, August 7th, is my very first blog anniversary! Ahh! My introduction post from exactly one year ago makes me laugh and cringe at the same time.

I feel like I should have a more formal blog post dedicated to the special occasion, but I think I’ll have to do that some other day at this point. Anyway, I’ll quickly say right now: Oh my goodness, I love you all and your support for this tiny blog of mine makes me smile like crazy! THANK YOU!



Minions in honor of Amanda’s love for them.

8) I think I’m just going to end on lucky number 8 today (is 8 even a lucky number in anything?). I hope you all have a wonderful day!

So tell me:

Have you ever hurt yourself doing yoga?

What’s your favorite yogurt brand? 



15 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes #27: I Hurt Myself Doing Yoga

  1. Best advice? NEVER EVER do yoga in a tight space. I flipped over and hurt myself really bad on my shin against the bedframe–it was bleeding and I could see the bone. my left shin was numb and I had a race tomorrow morning.

  2. Aww! Well August 7th is a darn good day, then — my blog world would definitely be a little less bright without you in it, so thank ya for always bringing a little joy to my day with your posts 🙂

    And if it makes you feel any better, I was sporting a headache for probably the first week that I was trying to learn how to do a headstand. I’m actually kind of surprised that I didn’t break something important 😆

    • *sniff* You’re so awesome, Amanda! I remember I FREAKED out when I saw that you— one of my favorite bloggers ever— commented on one of my posts. Still kinda starstruck 😉
      I just practiced headstands! At a wall…or else I actually think I would have broken something important.

  3. In honour of your anniversary, I’ll use one of your words: meep, yoga is deadlier than I could have ever dreamed possible 😯 ! I was going to conclude the injury to just being “you” – but then I read Linda’s comment..jeepers.
    Mmmmhm that beet sandwich does sound like a good choice, and yes – perusing a menu requires much thought..I often conjure up the flavors on my taste buds to determine what exactly I’m in the mood for 😀 .

  4. Fage or chobani are the only yogurts I’ll eat!!! Fage is my number one!! You wouldn’t think there would be that bf of a difference but there really is!
    Dry erase board…you’re set for college now! 👍😉
    Hope your bruise heals up real quick!
    Have a great day!! I think I’m going to need to get some panera ASAP! Mmm

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