WIAW: Florida to New York

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your kind, thoughtful, and inspiring responses to yesterday’s post. You’re all the best!

Home sweet home!

I kid you not, I could not stop smiling when we were driving closer to my house here in New York. It’s so good to be back!

I was also probably smiling because I could finally get off my butt after 20+ hours. I thought I was going to explode like TNT at one point. Oh, and there were some train passengers that we’re pretty sure kept passing gas, and since mom and I were in one of the smaller, enclosed cabins, it was a little {VERY}  hard to breathe. Not cool. Nevertheless, I am very thankful for safe and swift travels overall!

My moves before we left for the autotrain station: Jess’ quick bodyweight countdown workout! Push-ups have gotten harder… 😉

There are some food items I want to share with you from this past week— from both Florida and New York— that never made it on the blog until now!


Sharing the noms on Jenn‘s blog!


Florida breakfast: overnight oats in a sunflower seed butter jar (plus a little more peanut butter because there wasn’t enough sunflower seed butter left at the bottom 😀 )


NY breakfast: more of Kath’s peach dough boy smoothie (plus peanut butter blended in!)


Florida lunch: “Asian tacos” aka Daliza’s leftover corn tortillas and carrots + Chinese takeout leftovers 


Florida lunch: Mom’s udon noodles with tofu and eggs + side salad


Last Florida lunch: Sushi at Amura!…


…with doodles on the side


Delaware lunch (from Virginia autotrain station to NY): split a turkey-brie-apple-mustard sandwich and bistro salad with momma


Delaware treat: Cinnabon sans frosting split with mom


Florida + NY snacks: All Dried Up Snacks from Orlando Farmers’ Market! The naked onion rings are the best!


Florida dinner: toast with avocado, spring mix, scrambled eggs, and ketchup


NY dinner: big salad + toast with almond butter + scrambled eggs with ketchup


Florida dessert: Lucky Charms!!! This made me so happy.

When we were in Florida, I made Daliza and my family members the same breakfast as me almost every day, so that basically doubled the rate of nut butter consumption (not to mention the random spoonfuls, smoothies, and peanut butter sandwiches). We went through a large, Costco-sized peanut butter jar, a whole sunflower seed butter jar, and then another regular Publix peanut butter jar in just three weeks. Champs!

I have some errands and appointments today, and I’m actually pretty pumped to be on some sort of schedule again. I already visited Daliza, went on a short run/walk with Mike, and went grocery shopping last night!

{Story time: Daliza was coincidentally at the grocery store with her cousin when I went, but apparently I walked by without seeing her. So she snuck up behind me and squeezed my sides, which caused me to let out a wild, loud scream in the middle of the produce section. THANK YOU SO MUCH, DALIZA.}

That’s all for now, folks! Hope you have a beautiful day!

So tell me:

What was your favorite snack this past week?

Do you like Cinnabons?

Do your friends like to scare you to death?


23 thoughts on “WIAW: Florida to New York

  1. Welcome home!!!! So many delicious eats!
    Ok let’s get down to business…
    I’m messy yogurt bowls with nut butter, fruit, and some sort of carby deliciousness (muffin, graham crackers, cereal)
    Love cinnabuns!!! Although Pillsbury makes some tasty ones too! Me and my brother would make them sometimes on Saturday mornings and finish the whole tin😳
    I wish I had a bff to scare the crap out of me!! Lol you and Daliza are lucky to have eachother!

  2. I spy Lucky Charms! 😀 Yesssss! If I didn’t currently have a stomach ache from eating way too much chocolate granola, I’d be all over those. As it stands, I’ll be jealous tomorrow 😛 And I didn’t get a chance to comment on your last post, but I just wanted to say that I’m SO happy for you, girlie, and I can relate so much to that kind of mindset. My body is a lot different now than how it used to be, yet I feel happier and healthier than ever. It’s basically kind of awesome 😀

  3. Sunflower butter is the absolute bomb! There needs to be more appreciation for that besides all the almond and peanut butters out there.

  4. You know what’s the best part about reading your WIAW these days [other than the glorious food you showcase of course]? The fact that I no longer feel a tug of curiosity when spotting sunflower seed butter 😀 .Worth the waste. Okay, almost.
    Aaaahh Cinnabon! Brings back memories of a whirlwind holiday in the Cape; chocolate cinnabon for dinner..yes 🙂 .
    Haahaha Daliza is such a cracker 😀 ! We need a Daliza in my city.

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