Tamales, Kittens, and Lizards, Oh My!

That’s not how it goes, I know.

This is the absolute last day you will read about my adventures in Florida— promise. Dad and the rest of my family left for home yesterday, and mom and I are headed home via auto train today! I must admit that I’m quite excited to be going back to New York, even though Florida has been awesome. T-minus 20 days until it’s time for Boston!!!


Sharing the marvelous Florida finale on Katie‘s blog!

My awesome 10-year-old cousin, Amy, asked me every day this weekend: “Did you do your moves and grooves today?” She’s now my youngest blog-reader (to my knowledge), and this is a little shout-out to her and our countless games of 2048 on my phone.

photo 1

Watching the favorites vlog


When do most people like to go to the beach? When it’s hot and sunny, right? Well, my family likes to hit the waves when the sky looks like this:


So ominous

The last thing we wanted after a grueling, hot day at Universal Studios was more sun. These clouds were pretty intense, but once the lightning cleared, we swam in the ocean while it was raining. At one point, we were the only ones in the water, which was both concerning and awesome. Moves: fighting the waves and running back and forth from the car to the ocean. 😀

Afterwards, the beach hunger monster hit us hard, so we went to dinner at a waterfront restaurant called Milliken’s Reef. Mom and I shared the crab cakes and broiled scallops. So delicious!


We went home to celebrate Uncle G’s birthday with some ice cream cake!


I don’t like Chips Ahoy, but this ice cream cake was pretty darn good to someone who’s not a huge fan of chocolate. Happy birthday, Uncle G!


The healthy family and I started the day off with some outdoor (HOT) stretching, a little bit of kung fu, and indoor core work. I’m serious about the kung fu. They taught me some basic kicks and jumps, and I basically felt like Mulan. Later in the afternoon, we went to the Mall at Millennia, where my mom and aunt shopped. Meanwhile, in the Microsoft store…

microsoft store

Attempt at advertising + #operationbeautiful note

Who thinks someone will actually visit my blog after seeing that? Because I don’t think I would visit a website someone wrote about on a Microsoft tablet. Too sketchy. I do hope someone believes that #operationbeautiful note!

After eating fantastic Thai food for dinner with our other family friends, we went to Downtown Disney for a lovely nighttime stroll.


Mom, Dad, and I went to a wonderful (and wonderfully early) morning Mass before dropping off Dad at the airport. Then we took our guests to the final attraction of their Florida vacation— the Orlando Farmers’ Market! I had just eaten breakfast before we went, but when there are free samples and your family wants you to share tamales with them, you gotta eat.


Tamales + fresh pineapple mango juice (so good)

I’ll consider it one huge brunch.

Oh, we also found free kittens.


Uncle G should be called the cat whisperer.

These were the only cats I’ve ever met that made my heart melt. And no, we did not take one home, because although they were free and absolutely adorable, the cost of raising them is through the roof. College tuition says no.

Mom would also not be a fan. She resents cats for reasons of the past.

I did the most intense moves I’ve done in a while yesterday, and it was so fun! I did Lori and Michelle’s latest workout. Eventually, the sad time came to drop off my cousin and her parents at the airport…and then there were two. Mom and I have been wrapping up household cleaning and maintenance, which is like the depressing part of movies when all the fun is over and everyone has to go home.

In other news, a lizard made its way into our house. Eeeeeeek! Mom and I had our back door wide open to take in the patio furniture. I guess a lizard was inside the screen covering the patio (that is meant for blocking out wildlife……), and it decided it wanted some AC. We didn’t want to kill it, but Mom ended up smacking it too hard with a broom in an attempt to hold it down for a second. Poor fella.


I took this picture of a lizard inside the screen covering on Saturday. This very well might have been the one that came in. Eerie, eh?

So that’s our odd weekend for ya! Swimming in the ocean while it’s down-pouring, holding kittens, and chasing lizards.

New York, here we come!

So tell me:

What did you do this weekend?

Are you a cat person?

What is the craziest creature that has been inside your house? 


23 thoughts on “Tamales, Kittens, and Lizards, Oh My!

  1. I am still so jealous of your awesome Florida vacation. My family has gone to Florida every year; until now! Ugh. I have missed it so much. To answer your question, this weekend I spent a lot of time at the pool and working in my garden with the madre. Also, I am most definitely a cat person… and that’s why I DON’T have unwanted critters in the house! Hahah.

  2. I hate sunny days and actually prefer days where it’s omnious and dark and windy and fresh! 🙂 You went to the beach at the PERFECT time, my friend!

  3. A snake behind our sofa. I probably sound like a lunatic in the middle of the jungle with our “encounters” with various species . I swear I’m not though 😉 .
    Aaahhh I would love to learn kung fu at some stage – I think many humans can attest to having a Mulan dream inside of them!? There is an invitation to join an Aikido school in my hands… but I’m not sure if it’s something I’d want to get into. While it seems like a good skill to master as a form of self defence; it appears (emphasis on appears) as though it would be dull. To end this sudden rambling spurt: I have no idea what a tamale is! Care to enlighten my fuelled curiosity?
    Gahhh that ice cream cake *drool* .

    • Oh my goodness, that’s terrifying! Mom and I don’t do snakes. At all.
      Tamales are a steamed or boiled Latin American dish that’s like a huge cornmeal/masa dumpling with some sort of meat inside usually. I don’t know if that’s completely accurate, but all I know is that it’s filling and delicious!

  4. I LOVE 2048! I actually stayed up wayyy too late last night playing, but I finally made it 8192! Also, that picture of you at the beach is stunning. You have such beautiful smile. My family and I live in Los Angeles where lizards are plentiful, and we have had this issue multiple times. You would think I would be used to it by now… NOPE! Have a great day Alison! 🙂

  5. I need to find free kittens! The distance between Florida and Minnesota is a little much…
    Vacations are amazing, but I know I love the feeling of coming home. =) And so cute about your cousin.

  6. Lol you make me laugh 😊
    I hate cats!!!!!!!! Not only am I allergic I think they are scary looking!!( don’t hate on me crazy cat lovers) Dogs all the way!! However, those kittens look pretty darn adorable!
    And get this!!! We had a chipmunk in our house last week!! He came through our porch when the doors were open! It ran so fast I’m not sure if it was Alvin or not 😉 #hashtag #cheezeballllll🙈🙈🙈
    Have a safe trip back home!!!!!!!😘

  7. Awe we were twinning from a far this weekend, I also went to the farmers market and was starstruck by veggie heaven. I love your dress BTW~ it’s so summery and pretty. I wish it were warm enough to wear dresses here in IL – sigh, lol. I am deff NOT a cat person…!Only because I am super allergic, so I have a good reason 😉 The craziest were the 1 of many scorpions I found back in AZ. Gives me the skeeves just thinking about it. I am glad to see you are spending time with the family and rejuvenating your spirit. Family time fixes almost anything ❤

  8. I’m a DOG’s person, 100%! Cats are cute and all but too independent. Dogs always cuddle with you whenever you want and need to, cats are out and about all the time, and so bitchy at times!
    I actually moved in with my boyfriend on Saturday, spontaneously! Only until Friday though, because my floor gets renovated and I don’t want to live in a construction area. So exciting (and annoying).
    I always am sooo hungry after an adventurous day at the beach or an aqua fun park. You are moving the whole time but somehow don’t realise until you’re starving like hell at the end of the day! 😀

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