Current First World Problems

Happy Friday!

I’d like to share with you all my first world problems as of today:

1) I’m exhausted from vacationing too much.

Before you punch me in the face for saying that vacation is wearing me out… I went to Universal Studios again yesterday since my cousin really wanted my company while she and her parents went. It was SO fun (especially since they were kind enough to treat me to an express pass!), but I was dead meat before I even got out of bed.

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It was HOT too. I have enough vitamin D from the blazing sun to last me through winter. And of course, it didn’t rain here in Florida on the one day we walked outside for 7 hours. Clouds, where you at?!

2) I had to close my eyes on some of the rides.

I LOVE roller coasters that have steep drops and rickety turns, but put me in one of those motion picture simulators, and I will want to barf. Motion + moving visuals = green Alison.

Ok, it’s not that bad, but it’s bad enough that I have to close my eyes for the whole ride sometimes.

3) I’ve been having too much ice cream.

I’m kind of kidding, kind of not. I love the stuff, and I really could have it every day probably, but there comes a point at which I gotta chill out (no pun intended) and think about my sugar consumption. That being said, there is no guarantee I will restrain myself from more ice cream in the next 5 days.


Earl Grey Lavender + Apple Crumble ice cream from Diagon Alley. I do not regret this.

4) I almost cried while foam rolling yesterday.

I did some pistol squats for the first time in a long time two days ago. That resulted in sore legs and glutes, so I rolled them out with the Grid yesterday and whimpered in the process. It’s a good thing I had that ice cream to make me feel better.

5) I have pavement sealer stuck on my feet.

I helped my mom paint some “Wet-Look” pavement sealer onto the driveway a couple days ago (it helps protect the driveway from wearing down and gives it a shiny look). Since I was wearing flip-flops, some of it splashed on my feet. Showering has failed to wash it all off due to it’s waterproof quality, so now I have “wet-look” toes. Or just flakes of dried sealer on them.

Beach-ready feet! 😉

Even though I am complaining about all my first-world problems in this post, I’m actually so happy and blessed. Being with family in such a wonderful place has been a blast. God is good!


“Because he himself was tested through what he suffered, he is able to help those who are being tested.” — Hebrews 2:18

…Not that any of my problems fall under the category of suffering. 🙂

So tell me:

What are some of your problems lately?

Do you like motion simulator rides?

Ice cream: Can you ever have too much?


12 thoughts on “Current First World Problems

  1. I love roller coaster rides! It sounds like you had a wonderful time vacationing, but now you want to settle down and rest.

  2. Motion stimulator rides are THE WORST!!!!!!!! I get so sick on them!! Even 3D movies make me queasy!
    And anything that goes round in circles (no carousel or tea cups for me🙅)
    Ok well this is going to sound insane but I’m already stressing about school and how I’m going to manage my time (aka not be able to wake up at 10 and browse blogs and relax all day with no schedule!) I wish there was a happy medium between full out strss mode and full out veg mode🙈
    Have a great weekend Alison and enjoy your last days in Florida!!

  3. I have been exhausted from vacationing. I feel like such a spoiled brat complaining about it. I’ve also had trouble with Instagram not working. That’s SUCH a first world problem. Also, I don’t want to apply for college. That’s such a privilege and first world problem, so I feel terrible saying it. Anyways, this is such a hilarious post! I hope you have some post vacation relaxing time !

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