Family Influence on Fitness


Okay, even though she bullies me to tears sometimes, I am having Daliza withdrawals. She left with her family yesterday, and I can’t say “I guess so” without getting slightly emotional. I’ll see her back in New York soon, but she’s like my sister, and I want her to come back!

Thankfully, I still have my cousin, aunt, uncle, and parents here. {What am I gonna do with myself in college?} We all had a chill day yesterday, which I loved.

I slept in and came downstairs for another one of my peanut butter banana brown rice bowls (those are too good). I made Daliza some hot mango-peach-banana oatmeal on her last morning with us, since she never had my hot oats before.

Daliza: Hates pizza and pasta. Loves oatmeal.


Daliza’s family came over for a short time and then we said goodbye to all of them. Afterwards, my uncle, cousin, and I were in the mood to get in some stretching and core work. Random?


{Thanks for the picture, Uncle G!}

Stunned that I can still do that after a couple weeks without truly stretching

My uncle, aunt, and cousin are super healthy and fit people that are as passionate about exercise and healthy eating as I am. They do wushu kung fu together as a family, and they are legit. Amy (my cousin, pictured above) also dances and can do things like aerials, L-sits, and one handed handstands on the wall. TEACH ME.

The best part about hanging out with them is that I can gush over all things fitness without feeling like that health nut that no one really wants to listen to. (<— I hate ending on a preposition, but the proper sentence sounded snobby.)


Look at all that fruit.

{photo credit to Uncle G again}

My immediate family is definitely interested in healthy living, so I can talk to them about it often, but these relatives bring it to a whole new level. I believe that having close family members that are passionate about— or at least interested in— fitness and health makes obtaining a healthy lifestyle much more fun and enjoyable.

This family appreciates every bit of movement they can get, even if that means walking farther or using the stairs instead of the escalator. That kinda makes me want to jump for joy. But they also know the importance of rest and treating yourself, which relieves me. I’m not about to give up ice cream. No no no.

We all went to Universal CityWalk in the evening for dinner, and we chose a Mexican restaurant called Antojito’s.



The food was really tasty (especially the guac)! I came in famished and left filled to the brim.


But not filled enough to decline frozen yogurt. 🙂

It’s all about balance, moving often, and eating frozen desserts.

So tell me:

Is your family into health and fitness?

Do you find it easier/harder when they are/are not interested in health and fitness?



26 thoughts on “Family Influence on Fitness

  1. Love the fit family notion! My family is on and off with it- moreso the fitness side than the healthy eating side- saying that though- My mum and my sister are intuitive eaters to a T- I’d take that over being strict about their choices!

  2. Replace Daliza with Davida and you’ll be golden! My family is into a very different type of healthy living aka tracking calories on FitBits and Diet everything. Takes me EVERYTHING to not comment and share my opinion but it’s better if I just stay out of it and lead by example 😉

  3. Wow, looking at your pictures looks like looking at some parts of MY own life! For one, we’re both asians, for two, HEY YOU CAN DO THE SPLITS TOO!! and three, MENCHIES! ❤ 🙂

  4. My family isn’t really all that into fitness, but as far as health goes, my mom especially has been making an effort to change the whole family’s diet. My dad is diabetic but he’s stubborn, so it’s a little harder to get him to cooperate. 😉
    It’s definitely much nicer having the family’s support, no question about it! But I’m glad there are things we disagree on, because if my diet was always 100% clean I would probably be hospitalized and miserable by now.

    I couldn’t give up chocolate. Or coffee. Or banana bread. ❤

    • That’s great that your mom is taking that initiative for the whole family! It took a while and a lecture by a pro at Boston University to get my dad to finally eat more veggies, but we all love plants now. 100% clean is totally not a way to live. We all need a little sugar and extra carbs in our lives 🙂

  5. My family is not really into fitness. Some of my cousins are but that’s about it. My uncle is a runner like me though, which is awesome.
    You’re so lucky your family is into that stuff. It makes me feel like the health freak in the family. Lol

  6. Your family is seriously so cute. When your family is supportive of your fitness, it makes it 100x easier. Having a support team is SO important. And girl, your split looks great. That picture is seriously adorable. You’ll have to hang it in your room xx

  7. Lucky you to have such a fit family (hashtag fitfam lol) Mine is not like that. My father likes to bicycle, but my mum doesn’t do any sport which I don’t like at all. My brother plays hockey but none of them is so into fitness as I am. It would be great to be able to talk to them about fitness etc in more detail but it’s also fine as it is now. Since I don’t live at home anymore there’s no problem at all.
    Btw. Is that spot on your shin still from that bench burpee accident??

    • My mom isn’t a sports person either, but she likes to go on long walks and eat lots of veggies, which is great. I’m still the biggest fitness nut just as you are, but I think we end up finding our routine. Hopefully we can just be a good example for others!
      Yes that pesky wound is still healing!

  8. I feel the exact same way with my family. They understand my crazy love for all things fitness and healthy food. It’s the only time I don’t feel judged for one of my passions. I call that unconditional love 🙂 aw…I’m getting homesick now. I miss my mom so much! Dinner looks phenomenal. As always! I am motivated by how consistent you are with balance in your life lovely lady. You have overcome so much and truly practice what you preach. Which is….LIVING! I adore you, that is all. 🙂

  9. My family is into fitness but my dad is into nutrition AND fitness so we bond over new healthy foods and he likes coming to whole foods and trader joes (or any food store😉) and doesn’t mind hanging with me while I spend some time (hours) looking at everything 🙂
    But it’s a lot more difficult with the rest of my family especially on holidays and they think I eat “weird food”
    And I firmly agree with your philosphy! Balance, move, and eat frozen desserts! 🙂

  10. Great pics, you look so happy! And no, for many years my family was NOT into health and fitness, it was hard. When I was still pretty young (15?) I decided to diverge and start cooking my own meals and going out of my way to create exercise routines. It was tough doing things in my own way outside of the family schedule, but what can I say… everything paid off in the end! I wouldn’t be into food in the healthy way that I am now if it wasn’t for that switch – and my family wouldn’t be so inspired to make a change either! Lovely photos 🙂 Hope you are well. Tash x

    • My journey went similarly, Tashiana! I went a little too far (overexercising and eating too little) towards the beginning, but that whole experience has brought me to a much happier, more balanced place now. That’s so awesome that you’ve inspired your family to take on a healthier lifestyle!

  11. My family isn’t super interested in health and fitness, but they’re good in that they’re respectful of my interests and let me do my own thing. I do have to say that they’ve come around a little bit since I started getting really into blogging, though. They never understood if at first, but now they get a little excited by things like quinoa and kabocha 😉 And I’m sure it would be easier if they were into it, but at least I still have the blogging community 😀

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  13. That is SO COOL your family is so fit! My family isn’t exactly into fitness, but they’re started to since I got into it! My dad just ran his first 5k and it at his lowest weight since his 20’s 😀

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