Rain, Rain, Go Away


So you know how we had a “10 out of 10” day on Sunday? Well….we finally got a “bad” day yesterday, which I have decided to rank a 4 out of 10. Meep.

It was still a fun day spent with family and friends, but the moody Florida weather killed some of our evening plans. We did get to experience a close (almost too close) thunderstorm though! So close that I thought the thunder actually cut through my soul.

The day started with a good ol’ oatmeal cookie dough smoothie that I hadn’t had in a while since I never wanted to wake up any of the guests with the obnoxious blender.


Daliza and I stayed home with my little cousins while the other adults picked up my dad from the airport (I’m so happy he’s here now!). I made them waffles and scrambled eggs, and I got a taste (literally) of what it’s like the be the human garbage disposal. They didn’t finish some of their waffles and eggs so I ate them to prevent wasting the food. Domesticity at best.

Mom took me to get the iPhone 5S since my contract was ready for an upgrade! The guy at the store was super nice, but he was pushing really hard for us to buy a case and screen protector from them. He was young and trying to be all smooth and funny, but my mom sweet-talked her way out of his sweet-talking salesmanship. $40 case? Nah. I got this nice purple one from Ross for $6.


Once that business was finished, I made a quick lunch to-go as we headed to a town called Celebration. It’s a little town owned by Disney (they’re ruling the world) with boutique shops and restaurants. It’s scary clean. Scary cute. Scary perfect.


Salad with chicken and avocado toast


We were there for a grand total of 30 minutes (which involved eating ice cream for some of us) before becoming bored. Our plans were to go to Downtown Disney for the rest of the evening, but it started pouring she we were almost there. So we detoured to Universal CityWalk, but then it started storming there too.


We huddled under a hut for a little while before the lightning started getting closer and the thunder started cracking through the air more loudly. Once it felt like a lightning bolt nearly hit the hut, we ran inside the hotel. What to do? Eat dinner at Emeril’s Tchoup Chop.




Hawaiian style snapper

Everything was quite tasty! No dessert for me yesterday though. I’ve had ice cream every day of this trip so far, so I decided to take a brief break. Brief is the key word 😉

And that was basically it for the day. The ladies did shop at Ross for a bit on the way home. I decided to spend more money there than at the outlet mall today. I’m not into the designer stuff because I lose things, and losing a $12 pair of sunglasses is a lot better than losing a $200 pair of sunglasses. Word? Word.

I just want to say that I’m thankful for absolutely everything and everyone throughout this vacation. It has been filled with more blessings than I can ever deserve. I’m so spoiled, I have no idea what I’m going to do with myself in college. The friends and the family are really what have make this trip so special. I can’t believe I’m still here for another 2 weeks! I promise I won’t be just posting recaps every single day. I’ll get to more meaningful, conversational things soon!

Hope you all have a great day!

So tell me:

What did you eat for breakfast yesterday?

Are you suspicious of Disney like I am?

Do you like to spend a lot of money on clothes? 


16 thoughts on “Rain, Rain, Go Away

  1. Your cookie dough smoothie is brilliant. I always face the struggle of wanting a smoothie but wanting to be polite to my family members! I’m so glad you ate that extra food. You wouldn’t want ANY to go to waste. You’re bettering the world for us all 😉 And Disney owns a town? Whatttt? On an off note, rainy weather can be scary, but your pictures make me want it to rain so I can sit with a cozy blanket and a book! Bliss!

  2. I think I’m okay with Disney taking over the world… there are worse things out there. And I’m sooooooo jealous of your new phone! I’m still rockin’ the 4 (not even the 4s), and it’s barely hanging on to life. I’m due for an update in a couple of months, so I’m really hoping the 6 comes out soon so I can be the first one to get one of those!

  3. Oh man, when I was up in North Carolina, I only experienced two days of rain! They were some pretty heavy thunderstorms. It was beautiful to see, because I rarely see them in Arizona!

    I would love to go to Downtown Disney right now. I love Disney, my oh my.

    I spent a buck load of money on clothes during my trip. Oops. At least they’re cute and that’s all that matters, right? 😉

  4. I just looked up celebration Florida! Creepers jeepers. I always get suspicious when things are too perfect. Doesn’t seem right. I think Disney should stick to Disney!!
    I used to love the idea of buying fancy designer labels but now that I’m a student and have to pay for a lot of my own stuff…not so much. Plus why would you want to pay a crazy amount of money for a purse or something when you could use that money to buy tons more less expensive stuff…or for food! Bc truth be told food shopping is the best🙌 food>any other shopping
    Have a great day! Here’s too sunny skies for you and your family today!😘

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